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I have returned, well I returned on the 12/03/07 but I have been too lazy to post before now, I am back to work now so it’s back till reality again :( This might me a really long post as I started it last Friday so it about two weeks of rubbish rolled together.

First and most important I just booked the double photo shoot for Asylum, I know I hate having my photo taken and I cant smile or be expected to be coherent in the presence of Jensen/Jared but I want a souvenir to show that I was actually there, and I will try for the single photo sessions as well, I am glad so many were available on pre-order as I don’t fancy queuing for it in the early hours of the morning :).
EDT:  Idiot that I am I forgot the link for the wings, here it is drool.... 

seriously the most gorgeous wings ever!
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This is the post that hotmail ate, hopefully it will work this time, I checked and I did send it to the right address, maybe the problem was this end or the contents of the message, lets hope I have more luck the second time.

Spoilery rambling on Lost, Supernatural, Bones, Greys Anatomy etc )
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It’s been a few days since my last post so time for another ramble, obviously it is once again the weekend so I have had time to watch Supernatural twice, I can not express how much I love our show and our boys!

Spoilery discussion of Supernatural, Heroes, Bones, Lost )
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Can’t believe it Wednesday (oops now Thursday) and I still haven’t done my review of In My Time of Dying, well I have watched it twice now and I think I can just about be coherent about it.

Dont click in if you dont want spoilers for S2 Supernatural, Prison Break and many other shows )
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I have been so bad at updating lately, I seem to be in a phase where I cant be arsed typing, I can think of things to put in a post all day long but by the time I think about actually posting it I have to go to bed, so sorry if I missed any major post on my flist and I haven’t commented, rest assured I have probably read everything just not got round to commenting.

Ok we got Mini Impala, Prison Break S2, Bones S2, Supernatural (shock), Hammond :( and general rambling )
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I am seriously freaking out now, I just saw the announcement that Jensen doing the Starfury convention, not the same convention as Jared NNNNNOOOO *why God why* This is really evil, if they are going to be in the country they have to be here at the same time.

Even worse Starfury is also covering Prison Break and they have T-Bag who I adore. Now I don’t know what to do as I have booked my tickets for Asylum and Starfury is only like a week later but as much as I love Jared and Smallville (there guest are not so good) I love Jensen and Prison Break more *wants to go pretty* this is really bad, what do I do. I don’t even know if I can get leave for either as the person who covers me son in law has chosen that month to get married in the Caribbean but they don’t know date yet ARRRGGGHHH *Cries* JENSEN!!!!!!!

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Thursday nights are totally TV heaven, VM, GA, Without a Trace and Bones all in the same night, I would have tried and squeezed in House as well but thats possibly pushing it.

Veronica Mars was good; it was very funny this week. I still dont quite get the enter freak out over this show, its is good and I like all the characters but I wouldnt ship any of them, Buffy it certainly aint.

Have to admit I only vaguely paid attention to Without a Trace, I still followed it and it seemed as good as ever, just some episodes catch my attention more than others.

Greys Anatomy was fab, I was in tears at various parts. The poor couple who had the pole going through them (still trying to figure out where I know the woman from) I think I could ship Meredith/Derek and I just adore Christina.

I think I actually like this more than ER now, its like the heyday of ER where I loved all the characters and they mattered. ER now isnt the same as when we had gorgeous Doug Ross (I miss Mr Clooney), Mark Green, Carol Hathaway (I was a total Doug/Carol shipper), John Carter before the whole Africa thing. ER now is still good and I like the characters and the season ender was great but its never been the same.

Bones ahh I am so glad your back, season 2 premier was just fab, I really like the new boss (took me minute to figure out she is Walts mum from Lost) and is it me or was the UST heating up between Bones/Booth. I love this show so much and DB was so HOT as normal, cant wait to see how it progresses.

I have now see two episodes of House and I adore it, I am so going to track it down on DVD, not sure what season I am watching but it doesnt seem to matter!
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I was actually good last night, I did course work for a few hours and managed to complete another assessment. I hope I’m not making these pages to simple, I must check them over to see if I can add anything.

Only two more assessment to go (although the last one is a scary mother) and then I can submit the whole thing *Yeah!!!* Now the question is do I do more tonight as mother no doubt will be watching Deal or No Deal and see if I can get started on the next assessment after I wash my hair (probably wont happen) or do I kick back and read lots of Wincest and RPS, hhmm who’s got bets on Wincest*grin*.

Pictures of my dogs and the usual )
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I’m taking a wee break before I put my filling in order and have a look at archiving (soo exciting). I don’t think I have update since like Tuesday which is an age for me. I forgot to say before no Top Gear for 5 weeks, which sucks all to hell, stupid world cup.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family but there are times I want to strangle every single one of them. I got no peace at all this weekend, if they weren’t nipping at each other, they were speaking to me, hovering behind my chair or wondering in and out, then my sister was down with her mental dog both days. I am now as a result behind on my F-List, I just wish they would either leave me in peace or go out some days. I would just sit up the stairs on my big computer but then I would get bitched at for being anti-social. Maybe I am, so what, I can be perfectly happy with my own company especially as I spend all day surrounded by people at work. All I ask is a bit a peace so I can read my wincest, trying to read it with people talking and wondering about just gave me a cracker of a headache come Sunday night.

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Eeeeeehhhhhhh its Friday and I only have to endure a 2 day week next week as we have Monday and Tuesday of as public holidays then I get to take Friday off to go get my second root treatment *cries*. I foresee far too much time spent on the computer over the coming days, lets see how many fanfics I can read in that time *bg*

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I'm still far too hyper over yesterdays fantastic announcement, I spent the whole of last night grinning like an idiot, squeeing to myself and doing the happy dance whenever I was on my own, soo happy in case you cant guess.

Even better was that every channel I watched last night had the advert for the Supernatural DVD, I still think they would sell a lot more if they used the fan girl favourite "Dads on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days" *uh* how anyone could resist that is beyond me.

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Before I start on the inevitable Supernatural squeeing can I have a little tiny Doctor Who rant, I am really trying to like this series but some weeks it is sooo hard and I do honestly like David Tennant, I no longer want to stab him with sharp pointy things but this is so far away from the Doctor
Who I feel in love with. This series seems to have people very divided, did that happen last time cause mainly I just remember everyone loving it or should that be everyone at Time and Chips loved it. I know lots of people love it (I think most of them just fancy DT or are traditional *bla* Doctor Who fans) and then there's the people like me, I will admit it, I wasn't a Doctor Who fan before Chris, I was intrigued but I wasn't overly excited when it came back but Chris and Billie changed all that me.

Now most weeks it hardly holds my attention and that makes me sad. Some people seem to prefer David to Chris WTF, I know Chris isn't your typical Doctor Who and David is more so (which makes all the Whovians sooo happy) but I don't like typical, I fell for this show cause of the charisma of Chris and the relationship between him and Rose, I cant just watch a show that has pretty faces in it, I need to feel something for the characters and right now I don't, not even much for Rose cause she has been rather
annoying. I know my best friend is so much more in DT and is delighted with the new series but I swear some times I am watching a different show than everyone else. OK rant over, I will say it again maybe Saturdays show can prove me wrong, I really do want to love this series as much as the last but currently not happening.

OK click on the below cut for Supernatural, The OC and slight Greys Anatomy which might be spoilery as I don't know if its been on in the UK )
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So I gave in and after three weeks of fucking toothache I went to the dentist today, good thing I took today and tomorrow off, can you say lie in, bad thing dentist are fucking sadists. I went in the dentist at 15:20 and didn’t get out till about 17:05 but only spent a total of about 20 minutes in the chair, I had to wait for about 40 minutes before they took me in for that awful injection, hurt like hell then stuck me back out to the waiting room for about another damned 30 minutes and then when they finally called me back the sterilising machine wasn’t working so guess where I ended up again, I amazed I was still numb when I finally got in the chair, then the fun started where she drilled my fucking painful molar and proceeded to stick things in and the final dressing tastes foul, and yeah I have to go back in month for the dreaded root treatment, why the hell didn’t she just do it in the first place. I don’t know what will hurt me the RT or the damn bill. Anyway now that the damn anaesthetic has worn off the pain seems to have gone, notice I say seems I don’t trust my bloody teeth but if it can keep of the pain till I have to go back then I say yeah.

Of course there is the news that’s if I wasn’t in so much pain etc would have had me bouncing off the wall, Chris might be in a new programme, yeah Chris in a 6 part episode of the prisoner, why does that sound so HOT when I have never see the prisoner, but Ecclescaks in anything is Absolutely Fantastic sqqquuueee!!! This so better happen now, only bad thing is it is a sky one production and we all know what idiot sky one are and what they do to decent programmes, Fucking bury them at 04:00 in the morning, which is my viewing schedule of choice but trust me to have a job where I have to get up at 05:40, I know I can survive on a little sleep but even I need my max of 4 hours a night :).

Ok Thursday TV rock, Charmed sucked but hey that’s normal, haven’t watched ER yet but Without A Trace and Bones rocked, hhhmmm DB in white shirt and a vest, oh that reminds me there’s an Angel repeat on Sci-Fi but then Supernatural is on at 00:05 I and I think it is Shadow, might have nip and change the sky and drool over hot brother angst, that reminds me I need to check what time it is in America so I can figure out when the torrent will be up for the season finale tonight. I so cant wait but I don’t want it to be over, I still cant find out if it is 1 or 2 hours, and TBTB seriously better bring this show back or there going to get there own special hell. Oh and look at icon Deans so pretty with eyeliner, almost as good as the strawberry lip-gloss, oh the issues this show has given me yeah.

Now did I have anything else to right about, I have gone a bit mad on spending, I have ordered what I hope is a Dean style brown leather jacket and two brown leather bags, I also need to locate a burgundy dressy leather bag to wear with my coat for on the odd occasions like today where I get to go out in public when its not for work, I think I will check Wincest, surely someone must have re-written that scene from Salvation by now, its been almost a week come on people and where’s my damn icon from that scene huh, I know its not just me that waiting for it!


Apr. 20th, 2006 11:50 pm
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i just wanted the latest episode of bones and could they be any cuter, i feel a new ship coming on. i just love brennan *spelling ?* and booth, it shouldnt be allowed to look so hot while bruised and battered, DB in that blue t-shirt and denim jacket was just so hot and the dancing and singing OMG, I heart them so much, he is soo protective of her and the whole jealousy thing and she blew off her date to sit with him *sigh*, the way he rescued her, I'll say it again i love them.

oh and afterwards i watched route 666 again, i know obsessed but those boys have lips that are just obscene, they both look like there wearing lipgloss and that car the impala is a fanfic writers dream - so perfect for slash and hot mansex, now i must go to bed and watch more supernatural, hopefully the torrent will be up when i get home from work tommorrow and i will have the new episode to watch tommorrow night squeee.


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