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Result! I have been paid early.  

I went and bought some DVD's to celebrate, I got the first 6 seasons on ER :) I have been feeling nostalgic after the last episode and they were only £9.99 each, I also managed to season Season 4 of Doctor Who, its finally come down to £39.99! I do love :)

Right, seeing as I spent three and half hours in the hairdressers, getting clipped and dipped yesterday, I need to top up my colour conserve shampoo so I best do that.  I have also made my hair appointments for the rest of the year so my hair wont be in state it was before yesterday :D

I didnt mention how much I loved this weeks Supernatural did I, It was completely awesome.  I started on Castle last night, it was really good until I feel asleep LOL, I will finish it tonight, I caught up with Lost on Sky1 as well, my brain hurts.

Not really much else happening just now, have spent the day hanging out watching TV, now to not blow all my wages, need money for flights etc :D
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Wow there's a lot of info relating to Asylum3 today, all of it very useful but its making me slight panicky about the Friday. 

My flight doesn't get in till
15:30 on Friday, registration will already be open by that time, we are hoping to get our Autographs in the Friday session and then there doing the J2 photo shoots, not to mention the Wine Reception.  Is it wrong to be relieved that J2 aren't doing the Wine Reception, it would have just been an absolute cattle market, probably still will be LOL. 

So I need to get from the Airport to check us in, drop off stuff, get registered and pick up our pack, make sure everything thing is there. Get in line for autos, get my J2 photo shot done and then get changed in time for the wine reception, I may be dead by this point already.  I really wish I was flying in on Thursday, am sorely tempted to get a flight but then I have nowhere to stay, my roomie is short on cash as well and cant pay for another night when she isn't even going to be there. 

I dont want to start the weekend off stressed but thats probably going to happen anyways :)  I do love [ profile] asylum_con  as I dont have to trawl through the Rogue Events forum for all the news, thank god there not selling the J2 photo shot and Jared autos till April, now wouldnt be a good time.

One of fav obsessions HANDBAGS! )

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Seriously I shouldn't be allowed on sites that sell shoes, I got home really cute Silver leather pumps today, there an half size so they actually fit for once :)

Then I saw these last night, had to have, great fun buying shoes from Amazon.
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*giggle snort* that my dears is just wrong, the example text makes me laugh even more LOL.  I could think of some dirtier ones though :)

Am still tempted by this

Doubt I would use it much but it is pretty and would possible be good for cons *cough* Asylum2008 *cough* and other such events.

I have been utterly lazy today, sat in my PJs watching Live Earth which has been pretty fab, anything that has Damien Rice, David Gray, Snow Patrol and the Foo Fighters on one bill is good, plus John Barrowman and David Ten Inch sorry Tennant and the god Chris Moyles floating about is good.

I missed parts as I was distracted by three hours of Kipling bags, I have a results have 4 news bags, a purse and may be getting a bag for my birthday.  I am a bag lady I dont deny it, also have an addiction to luggage which is expensive.

I am wondering if I should share my knowledge of Sams Supernatural knife with the rest of fandom, would any of  [community profile] spnfencentral be interested, I went to a lot of effort finding (almost a whole damn year) it so I feel the need to share.

I received my Glasgow bus tickets yesterday :)  and I watched JK Rowlings interview last night and the behind the scenes for HP5 today, if I get any more excited about HP7 I may burst. 

So just a warning to the Scottish Fen Posse Party you may have to subdue me when it hits midnight, I will probably be very gittery and annoying till I get my grubby paws on it!
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I have returned, well I returned on the 12/03/07 but I have been too lazy to post before now, I am back to work now so it’s back till reality again :( This might me a really long post as I started it last Friday so it about two weeks of rubbish rolled together.

First and most important I just booked the double photo shoot for Asylum, I know I hate having my photo taken and I cant smile or be expected to be coherent in the presence of Jensen/Jared but I want a souvenir to show that I was actually there, and I will try for the single photo sessions as well, I am glad so many were available on pre-order as I don’t fancy queuing for it in the early hours of the morning :).
EDT:  Idiot that I am I forgot the link for the wings, here it is drool.... 

seriously the most gorgeous wings ever!


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