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Result! I have been paid early.  

I went and bought some DVD's to celebrate, I got the first 6 seasons on ER :) I have been feeling nostalgic after the last episode and they were only £9.99 each, I also managed to season Season 4 of Doctor Who, its finally come down to £39.99! I do love :)

Right, seeing as I spent three and half hours in the hairdressers, getting clipped and dipped yesterday, I need to top up my colour conserve shampoo so I best do that.  I have also made my hair appointments for the rest of the year so my hair wont be in state it was before yesterday :D

I didnt mention how much I loved this weeks Supernatural did I, It was completely awesome.  I started on Castle last night, it was really good until I feel asleep LOL, I will finish it tonight, I caught up with Lost on Sky1 as well, my brain hurts.

Not really much else happening just now, have spent the day hanging out watching TV, now to not blow all my wages, need money for flights etc :D
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Can’t believe it Wednesday (oops now Thursday) and I still haven’t done my review of In My Time of Dying, well I have watched it twice now and I think I can just about be coherent about it.

Dont click in if you dont want spoilers for S2 Supernatural, Prison Break and many other shows )
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I am seriously freaking out now, I just saw the announcement that Jensen doing the Starfury convention, not the same convention as Jared NNNNNOOOO *why God why* This is really evil, if they are going to be in the country they have to be here at the same time.

Even worse Starfury is also covering Prison Break and they have T-Bag who I adore. Now I don’t know what to do as I have booked my tickets for Asylum and Starfury is only like a week later but as much as I love Jared and Smallville (there guest are not so good) I love Jensen and Prison Break more *wants to go pretty* this is really bad, what do I do. I don’t even know if I can get leave for either as the person who covers me son in law has chosen that month to get married in the Caribbean but they don’t know date yet ARRRGGGHHH *Cries* JENSEN!!!!!!!

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I'm still far too hyper over yesterdays fantastic announcement, I spent the whole of last night grinning like an idiot, squeeing to myself and doing the happy dance whenever I was on my own, soo happy in case you cant guess.

Even better was that every channel I watched last night had the advert for the Supernatural DVD, I still think they would sell a lot more if they used the fan girl favourite "Dads on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days" *uh* how anyone could resist that is beyond me.

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