Jan. 20th, 2009

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Seriously I remember when I used to carry over 8 days leave to the next year and when I had enough leave to take a two week holidays to make cards, then again that was before I started travelling all over creation LOL.

Its only 20/01/09 and I already have 22 of my 29.5 days planned WTF!  My boss laughed at me when I sent him the email with dates last weeks, what I'm an organised girl, and thats being sparing with it.

So far this year I need 2 days for John Barrowman in Glasgow with BB, I have just booked our hotel.  [livejournal.com profile] wenchpixie  I will be solo for the Friday evening so am open to any plans.  Also I was thinking, I know we discussed planning a trip to Glasgow once I got some leave, I do have a long weekend in April which would work.

I am taking 3 days for Asylum, this is why I booked my flights tonight as it means I can get down on Friday and then home on Monday with Tuesday to recover.  I would have loved to travel with the rest of you girls but I just cant afford the extra days, even if the flight wasn't cheap.

I need most likely 4 days for Take That in Coventry with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] cenea , am very much looking forward to Birmingham/Coventry and the swishy hospitality tickets :)  I wont get home till most likely 22:00 on the Thursday so Friday is out, unless I can get an earlier train/bus, will probably book my flights once you sort out the hotel dear.

Vancouver \0/ I am planning on taking a full 10 days, depending on the flight times etc. I might not get home till late Wednesday and if Dallas was anything to go by I will need the extra days to get over the jet lag LOL, its flexible though.

I have planned for MPH09 :) have pre-booked the same three days off as last year but that's open to change.

This leaves me with about 7.5 days for the rest of year, 3 of those I could take to make up the Christmas holidays.  Meaning I have 4 days spare :I I like to have spare days for medical/dentist appointments and emergency.  So much for the idea of just having a week off to do nothing LOL.

My only concern is that I may have to miss out on other things because of this, I wish I had more leave for the year.  Now all I need to hope is that there will be no issues with this leave, H my work colleague isn't off on any of these days so I don't see how it could be.


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