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I think the word of today is fraught!

I knew today was going to be mad at work, Thursday is the second planning meeting of the week, my work colleague who normally does all the planning and work control stuff is off to London till Tuesday.  Meaning I am doing both jobs, one of which I don't do often making it more stressful than normal.  Otherwise I would have booked today off, no other cover so I had to work.

Add to that it being the 16TH OF APRIL, more specifically the day all Asylum attendees exploded.  I managed to use up my entire phone battery attempting to get on-line on my phone and checking my messages/twitter/googlemail.  I sent our email for Friday Autos but hadn't heard anything by home time, might have been a mistake using work email but I had no other access to email until lunch time which just wasn't going to work.  Has anyone heard yet?

Eventually got J2 photo shoot \0/, got it during the second load.  It was really hard waiting for someone else to get them, I think I prefer being in control and knowing exactly what's going rather than relying on someone else.  I almost cant believe it actually happening,

I didn't get Jared, that mainly because I decided I didn't need Jared as I am happy with my Dallas photo shoot.  Then when we were having J2 issues I decided maybe I should get a Jared one but then they sold out.  Its cool though as I don't really need one, if I decide I really want one I can get one it at Asylum3 or I may just get one at Vancouver, you can never have too many Jared pictures right.  I did get a Jared Autograph tonight, I am planning to get him to sign my Dallas photo shoots :) some of the others can sign the group one as well.

As a results of all these things I still have a stack of work on my desk I would normally have sailed through.  Meaning tomorrow probably isn't going to be any easier, good job it Friday!  I am going to watch ER and unwind :Do
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Best thing about gale force winds, high ups occasionally organise lifts for the girls. 

I could easily have walked up to the bus, then again would I really refuse a lift when there's 60 mile an hour winds and its pissing rain, it makes the 10 minute walk a lot more hazardous. 

Um no don't think so, it saved my legs anyway :)

I am currently watching fringe, is it wrong I found the giant slug cold virus things cute :)

Supernatural Friday tomorrow \0/

I may have a slight addiction to twitter, and as a result spend too much money getting my phone on-line.

Today I received my Top Gear: Great Adventures Vol 2  dvd:)

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I set a new record today, by 08:02 this morning I had officially done all my work for the day, granted I started at 07:45 when I got to my desk but still ITS BLOODY RIDICULOUS!  I spent the rest of the day filing, clearing out rubbish in prep for office move and archiving.  In other words being bored out my tiny mind.

Can I say how much I LOVE public transport, earlier this week I managed to get wet INSIDE THE BUS, when it wasn't even raining outside, I didn't notice until I was woken up by it dripping on my head.  The same bus them very nearly died on the run way coming into work, we were coasting and very nearly conked out half way over the road, blocking everyone coming in and anyone trying to get out.  It was amusing, don't really mind if it breaks down on the way to work.  Even better yesterday we had a different bus driver who decided it was a good idea to go past about 06:15 when no one was actually out yet and then leave us standing in the cold until 06:50 when he decided to come back in.  As I said I love public transport or maybe its just he home to work travel scheme that has this problem :D

I am having shoe issues again, the boots that I replaced just after Asylum have started to leak, they are comfy but obviously not up to the daily trek to DFR.  May have to go back to wearing Doc Martins, I spied lovely purple metallic ones online, the only reason I stopped wearing them was they stopped the funky designs.  There not the smartest looking things for work but seeing as half the work force wear safety boots it don't really matter.

I have emailed the Scottish fen posse regarding October so

[personal profile] wenchpixie, [profile] smeckles90, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [personal profile] mara_sho if you don't get emails let me know, as I have mucked up :)


I want to offer *hugs* to the members of my flist who are having a hard time or have been dealing with fandom wank, everywhere I look someone seems to be getting attacked for there opinion and I hate it.  I am sorry I haven't commented on most people post, I seem to be having issues keeping up with my flist and pretty much everything.

 I am sure I had other things to say, I will be back if I remember.

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This is probably going to be brief as I dont have the energy to type out one of my normal rambling posts.  I have emails I need to reply to but cant be bothered.

Went back to work on Monday and had the day from hell, it started well whey my computer died, supposidely it happened when I went on leave and instead of getting it fixed they left it for me to come back to, cheers dude.  

So I put a call into the ever helpful IT team who a day and half later replaced it but didnt install my programs properly so I am still not working properly.  Monday morning also choose to be the day when they wanted 300 off work orders pulled out the filling, now I have issues with filling which is why there was piles of unorganised work orders on top of the filling cabinet meaning it took till Tuesday morning to finish getting the work orders.  

I did get thanked for it and sweeties so yay but now everyone is going why isnt the filling done, well I hate it, its totally boring and plus I ran out of space so now I have to archive which I hate even more.  So now I am trying put it all in order before anyone asks any more questions.  Also my printer has been eating things.

But now thankfully I have my computer back and have been spreading pictures of Jensen from the con and trying to turn as many people as possible. Trying to explain to people today at lunch what I was doing in Coventry, "no its not a play or a film, its a freaking fan convention with the god Jensen Ackles" I showed them pics and the con booklet so I think they get it.

I am hoping when I have time to skive at work to type up a full Asylum report, need to get my memories down for the record.

I watched the finale of Heroes OMG eek *cries* sorry thats about all I can manage.

I am going to go and lurk and attempt to catch up on downloads.

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AAAARRRRGGGHHHH I swear every one and every thing is going out of there way to try and piss me off lately.

Started yesterday with my darling family, I was all geared up to spend a chilled out day on LJ overloading on Wincest and rps and generally squeeing to myself but no, first of my little sis arrived with her psychotic dog when means there’s no peace what so ever and then they decided to all sit in my sitting room and chat, trying to include me in the conversation when all I wanted to do was tune them out, god have you ever heard of alone time, seriously.

follow me for major ranting and rambling, I did warn you )
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Hey its been days since I've updated, every night i came home with intent of updating but then got sucking in by wincest, tv, course work etc but now everyones gone to bed and i have just treated my self to a user pic upgrade so i feel good, I've just been paid and tommorrows friday, it could only get better if i got to back to my own office and supernatural was already up for download. this post may get rather randoms as i have various issues to cover.

first i have had a sucky week as teeth as still trying to kill me and my new office isnt good, its a horrible open plan office with lots of people who have nothing to do with my job therefore dont speak to me. all i can hear is there conversations and obviously when I'm on the phone to Lorraine etc they can hear me which might freak them out :) that and there is no radio so i am going insane, i have come so close to sticking my ear phones in and listening to my Ipod, that and this job was normally covered in a few hours a day so I'm stuck there all freaking day and i am going to go out of my mind with boredom. i miss my friends upsite but they email me constantly and lorraine is always on the phone, usually by the time i hang up my hand is killing me but at least it is fun, more fun than the 10 minute walk to the bus every night. i really hope i get a office on my own of with my new line mangager who at least seems cool and i know the guys from the operations side so thats something. and tommorrow i get to trek to PFR to learn how to cover that so i can get dropped in it on monday, why do i always get stuck with the shit. anyway who cares about work.

I have watched some SQUEE worthy stuff since i last updated, i got around to watching doctor who again but unfortunatly i feel asleep before the end and havent got around to watching it again, see if it was Chris there is no way i would fall asleep, that and as someone says about the whole ten/rose relationship there is no passion there at all, with nine/rose it was there the whole time, in every look, every time they held hands but there is not intensity with ten. at least i will get ASH on saturday, eeehhhh cant wait.

i watched the latest episode of supernatural before this, the vampires were disapointing, teeth were awful and really not sexy enough, i loved the episode, there were some great sam/dean slashy moments and as much as i love daddy winchester i so want it to just be the boys together athough it does mean great slash about the boy sneaking around with the father next door, i know i have a problem but is so hot. the next episode looks amazing and i so hope its a 2 hour finale, what am i going to do then :(

speaking of hotness i finally watched Solaris on sunday, NEKKID George, must get on dvd so i can freeze frame Georges ass, he looked soooo good in this film, and it was strange in a good way. oh oh and did anyone watch smallville, OMG 4 James Marsters i nearly had a heartache, there will so be slash fiction written about that, smallville has now been corrupted for thanks to all the Clark/Lex manips going around, i can so see it which is bad.

oh i watched the first episode of medium which was ok, i know it improves as i have seen later episodes. i love sci-fi just now the repeats of early Angel where he looks GOOD, that and buffy just now is season 3 and we just got Angel chained up again, i so have a kink for DB beaten up and restrained. speaking of Bones was good tonight, when bones was rummaging about in Booths belt for the cuffs i wanted to Squee so load, i love them. thursday nights so rock and we have Without A Trace again, i love sky, havent watched ER yet though but it is so not fun without George so who cares.

oh and i watched or kinda watched prison break this week, i have no idea and those brothers as so not as hot as the winchesters but wentworth miller does look good, sounded every better on the radio.

right i think i can squeeze in some wincest before bed, then over the weekend i am going to see if can reach my limit of 105 icons eehhhhh. before i go will people please stop writing wincest that has original characters or where it AU and i have to read a whole book worth before we get to Sam/Dean and i have a confession Daddy wincest doesnt squick me nearly as much as it should, dont get me wrong i dont go looking for it but i can understand it from Deans side anyway, havent seen any Sam stuff yet an i so dont want to. i wonder if supernatural has been on in america, yet lets see any screen caps i can drool over or reviews, knowing my luck no, i will say it again thursdays so kick ass although fridays are better as i can stay in front of the computer as late as i want reading inappropriate material that makes me so happy
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ok yesterday sucked, i had toothache again and felt like hell then got the phone call i had been dreading, i have to move to DFR on monday, not the best day to tell me and as a result i felt like i could cry or scream all day long but now that out of system, the main reason i dont want to go as you are stuck down there on your own and i will miss working with Lorraine, when you have worked with the same person for 5 years its hard, we are always on the same page, in the same opinion about things and can pretty much read each others mind which can be scary, i really dont want to loose that friendship so hopefully we will all meet up once a week for lunch, we have a training session on wednesday so i will see everyone then. i will still be working with mainsaver so hopefully we will all keep in touch.

i keep trying to tell myself it isnt as bad as all that and i may actually like DFR but seeing as i have been there before i know some people but the office i have to work in for the minute has no radio and no-one every really bothered to speak to me but hopefully that will change, anyway its the weekend and apart from still having the same headache/sore neck toothache i feel good. i have just finished downloading the new episode of supernatural and am going to burn it and watch it later, cant wait for my boys and vampires, more sam and dean goodness yeah, mmmmm eye contact.

there also doctor who which i am trying to adjust to and BB has got me whole collection of nine comics SQQUUEE, i was going to track it down but thankfully i dont have to, your a star BB.

I'm sure i will have to post again later after watching doctor who, his hair looks better in this episode and i really prefer the scottish accent but i will hold off on any more comments until i have watched it, i think this is another weekend where i will not venture outside which means there is no need to leave my PJs, i feel the need to play with my photoshop tonight so i might make some more inappropriate icons etc, i went through all 104 pages of screen caps for the new episode of supernatural, hhmm that was fun, there are so many that i could corrupt :) if theres always one way to cure my bad mood, depression etc its wincest which i am just going to check out now before the parentals come back


Apr. 20th, 2006 08:52 pm
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Ah can i say i miss buffy, i wanted parts 1 and 2 of becoming over the last few days and even when buffy and god Josh was having a bad day it kicks most programs ass, i so wish there was more and DB as Angel guh need i say more, now where the hell is my buffy scythe, orb of thesula and vampire book, and can I say how much i love Willow, she is just too cute. I was trying to watch buffy kill angel waaahhh and my parents who so dont get these things are asking stupid questions, like what that thing behind him, did she just kill him and is this when angel splits, so insensitive OMG.

did anyone see totally Doctor Who, i only caught the end but David Tennant is soo fuzy and its not even cute fuzy, not chris fuzy is such a different story hhmmmm.

I'm currently watching charmed and can i say its so lost the point, no leo and the whole billie thing, dont know if it works, I'm just killing time till Bones hhhmm DB in suit and hot cars yeah and hopefully the torrent for the new supernatural wont be too long, vampires and my boys cant be anything but good, i just saw the new episode pics for the season finale and hurt dean shouldnt look so good, and sam with the gun pointed at his dad squee, only a few more episode to go and then i wont have hot boys to look forward to, at least there is always hot wincest and fanart to look at, Jensen/Jared art too gorgeous to be legal.

oh and its been so much fun having lorraine back in the office, we have been having random conversations as always and were heading for tea and for some reason discussing cheesy peas and cheesy peeps which is alway funny, and the other women we work with said that sometimes she thinks we are talking in our own language which i suppose to some people we are but as lorraine says we have 5 years of short hand and way too much in common the fall back on, I will so miss her when i have to drag my ass off to DFR to work, will definately have to keep in touch by phone, email and meet for lunch.

i watched the end of Scarecrow again last night and Dean "lets shag ass out of here" can be taken in so many ways and cracks me up, this show is just so slashtastic.

i am taking a night off as for the last few nights i have been doing course work, up until about midnight last night, damn frames to finish the assessment but at least that 7 out of 10 done so i am just going to surf the net and chill out


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