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I'm bored...where is everyone? 

I survived all my courses last week, have a long weekend to look very forward to and of course Easter eggs and far too much chocolate.

Highlight of last week was Sports relief, specifically the gorgeous Richard Hammond and the wonderfully funny Top Ground Gear Force, as [personal profile] openskies can testify I was pretty much in hysterics by the end, in between turning into puddles of goo. 

Speaking of why is there no animated icons of Jezza rescuing Hamster from the cement yet, I wants NOW!

I am currently working on my plan of finding folks to attend MPH08 with, have been posting on Hammond Heaven, must go about friending more TG fans on LJ.

This is a very pointless update, I am just bored and wondering what everyone is doing.

Why is it so long till new Supernatural, the Legacy pictures are all very yummy though.
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Richard Hammond is hosting a brand new chat show!


With a mix of celebrity guests, music and audience involvement

This show will take place on Wednesday 20th February 2008
The venue is the ITV London Studios on the South Bank
The nearest station is Waterloo
The doors open at 7.00pm

Tickets are limited so apply quickly.

The minimum age for the show is 16 years

tickets available from here

Ohhh I want to go....I haven't registered yet as I don't know if I could even make it or afford it. 

Also there's the thing that I have no one to go with and as good as I am at travelling alone traversing London solo isn't something I want to attempt. 

There's probably very little chance of getting tickets if I do register but I would hate to get them and cheat someone who can go out of the chance. 

I am hoping this is just the first of the series that is supposed to replace Richard and Judy (YESS!!!) so there will be more chances, that and I was one of the few people who loved the 5 O'clock Show.

It wont be the same as watching Top Gear (which there is even less chance off) but its a good start.

I wonder if the boys will be doing any motor shows this year as that I would kill for.
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OMG I have just died and gone to heaven!

Richard Hammond is driving a gorgeous American classic muscle car, a Dodge Charger while wearing a black leather jacket *makes grabby hands towards all three*.

I'll be in my bunk!
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Today is totally made of win :)

I have officially finished work till the 3rd of October :)

we went for Christmas lunch today I won something in raffle :)

I got a letter which I think means my student loan is paid of :)

I am feeling all Christmas and chilled :)

and best of all today is Richard Hammond Birthday!  So Happy Birthday to the lovely man that can make me ridiculously happy whenever he is on the TV (especially with his two daft mates)

Look he is sooo cute :D

I am going to bed to either watch Dexter or possibly Top Gear, I will be up sometime tomorrow, yay I get to turn off all my alarms :)
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Right this probably wont mean anything to anyone on my flist but one of my fav tv presenter Richard Hammond has been seriously hurt filming for Top Gear. He needs to be OK, prays that he is OK.

I know I shouldnt freak out about celebrities and generally I dont but seriously I love this guy. He is so cute and funny and I watch random programmes just cause he is in them. I have been freaking out since I read he was injured and was close to tears. Its the words critical that freaks me. Ok I am going to go back to checking the text and waiting for better news.

Please dont take away hamster, I would never be able to enjoy Top Gear again *CRIES*.


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