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How's everyone this fine Sunday, why is the weekend almost over already.

I haven't been on LJ much recently, well I have been but I haven't been commenting, I blame it on the fact that I am slowing working my way through every Sam/Gene fic on The Collator's Den. I have also spent most the weekend trying to locate LoM Screen Caps, I have found some but I think I have been spoilt by my other fandoms such as Supernatural and Merlin, where for every episode theres a zip of amazing quality caps for me to drool over.  Sadly all the LoM I have found arent availble anymore, there are ones on Sundive so I am slowing saving them one by one. 

I may be a sadist but I am condisering downloading LoM US to see if its as bad as I expect, but I honestly dont know if I can stand watching Harvey Kietel playing my Gene Genie :( I may be close to the UK version yet to actually do anything but spit and hiss at the screen. 

Has anyone who love the original watched the US remake, if so what did you think?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Leverage, I haven't seen a bad comment about this show anywhere.  Its just so much fun every week but along the way they make you fall in love with the characters.  Its sassy and smart while incredibly funny, I adore Hardison, Eliot and Parker especially :)

I have watched the first episode of The Doll House and I definatley enjoyed it, I am intrigued as to what they will do with the rest of the season, just having Joss back on the tv pretty much means I will stick with it.

I could talk about the past week at work and our Team Building Event or how one of the guys thought that I was a Country fan as Jim Beaver supposedly looks like a country star LOL but its not nearly as interssting as fandom stuff.

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Merlin fans on my flist I need your help!

I have wanted a thumb ring for sometime, I know our Bradley James wears one, and as the part of Arthur, not sure whether its his ring that they incorporated in the show or vice versa.  I have spent all afternoon trying to find decent pictures of his hands so I can see his ring, I have come to the conclusion that there are two rings, one he wears on his thumb and one that he wears during The Poisened Chalace which looks like two band with gold in the middle.  Do we know if its two rings or have they just moved it on to his thumb.  Can anyone remember in which episodes and even better which scene we can see the rings closely, yeah I may be a tad obsessed, and LOL.

Continuing the obsession while I was searching for pics I came across a Colin Morgan signed pic and even better one signed by Colin and Bradley :D I snapped them up immediately so no one else could snag them, I got it from Special Signings who are UACC registered and I have dealt with previously.  I will post pics when I get them.  I also decided it was a good idea to get them before the show starts anywhere else and explodes even more than it has.
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This weekend was good.

Not only did we get Jensen *grins* but Merlin's finale was beyond awesome, I may have seen it about 4 times now, during every episode I swing between thinking what a great actor Colin Morgan is to how pretty he is, Bradley is just hot but I cant take my eyes off Colin. 

Merlin, Top Gear and Christmas, now thats a good combination :) )
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I know I am late, but better late that never.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [ profile] siluria  I had a blast meeting you at MPH08, hopefully we will get hang out again before next year :)

Now for a very important announcement!!!!


Another season of the adorable Colin Morgan, the gorgeous Bradley James and the OTP Merlin/Arthur, there are times I love you BBC :D This is the best news in ages

Now I just have to make it through Saturdays Finale, I predict tears, squeeing and swearing when we get a god damn cliff hanger.

I finished my Christmas cards yesterday, am having a night off tonight before I start on the wrapping, writing cards and decorations LOL.

Am looking forward to watching the second episode of Leverage, will probably have to save it for tomorrow night.

Still not feeling 100%, keep planning an early night but it never really works.


Dec. 6th, 2008 10:13 pm
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X-Factor - does include lots of ranting, you were warned! )

Now I am going to watch Merlin, looking at Colin Morgan always makes me happier :D
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I am listening to John Barrowman's latest CD, I was hoping Angel was my Angel as in Sarah McLachlan's "In The Arms Of The Angel".  I love that it is :) 

John this goes to show how much I love (please sing this at you gig in May :)) you as every time anyone but Sarah sings this song I want to murder them, well Damien Rice could do it as well and maybe Rufus Wainwright but that is because these people along with Jeff Buckley can actually convey the adequate amount of emotion required for this song, when its sung properly it should be breath taking, yes it has been know to make my cry but that's not bad thing, being front row at a Sarah gig will do that to you. 

Music that moves me will always be my favourite, I want to connect with it and to make me feel something, even if its just happy.  They used Angel on Strictly last week and I was swearing at the TV as the women kept missing parts of the song, please don't mess with this song, I keep expecting it to appear on X-Factor next, if anyone other than Diana sings it I may want to kill some.

I was weak and bought a Permanent account today, maybe be slightly overdrawn shortly as a result but its so totally worth it, I now have 80 extra icons to play with :) I so know what I am doing tomorrow, the only question is whether I can drag myself away from icons and Merlin etc to make my cards, I have also read every piece of Merlin RPS, thanks [personal profile] euraylie  I don't think I will be escaping this fandom any time soon :) Its a great distraction when there's no Supernatural and as I have two weeks holidays coming up shortly I know how most of that time will be spent.

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Fringe 1X09 )

Twilight )

I like everyone else booked our Mischa Collis photoshoots for Asylum 3 \0/

I have been an awful flister, I haven't commented on anything, I'm blaming the distracting Merlin/Arthur fan fiction that is just too good.  I don't know what I am going to do in a few weeks when there's no Merlin to look forward to on a Saturday.  Now damn it BBC announce a second series, I get enough of this grief with Supernatural etc.

I plan to start making my Christmas cards tomorrow, have been told I take over the sitting room as normal so I will be able to work on them all weekend.  Then I need to start on the flash e cards, people can still sign up for card here, some people will be getting anyway whether they sign up or not LOL.  Its sad that I dont really feel all that festive yet, hopefully making cards will help with that.  I nned to get presents wrapped and sent off.

Also on a techie note, Firefox has decided it doenst like .JPG, it wont save them with there original filename, I get a stupid error message.  I have to shorten it as much as possible before it will save.  Anyone had this, I also think I have virus issues again, Avast keeps telling me theres hidden rootkits and a virus in the boot but everytime I scan the boot it finds nothing?

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Can I just say first of seriously X-Factor WTF!!!! As much as I like Daniel, he is a sweet guy he just isnt X-Factor, that's two weeks now in a row he could have gone instead of someone decent.  Seriously if this keeps happening and my favourite Diana goes I will not be impressed.

I have been to the hairdressers for the first time since July, I HAVE COLOUR!!!! the first words out of my hairdressers mouth when I walked in was "god you need your hair coloured" to which I replied "I KNOW" and when she asked what we were doing I told her I wanted it as short as possible with as much colour as possible, she just laughed but she got my point. 

She also proceeded to try and steal my shoes and try to exchange two haircuts for my handbag, to which she was told nope as that purple leather handbag was a bugger to hold of.  I now am back to my normal bob haircut which is red at the front going to black at the sides, and to get rid of some of the black around my face I have two little side fringe things which I have never had before but is cute.

I havent watched Merlin yet but am planning on doing that very shortly.

This time next week it will be MPH08 and TOP GEAR LIVE day!!!!! eck I need to check out my bags etc for the flight and make sure I have all my info, I must also contact people to get mobiles etc :) 

Right I am sure I had things to actually say but Merlin is calling :) Oh which reminds me I need to record Something For The Weekend for a does of Bradley James and Colin Morgan also know as Arthur and Merlin :)
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Just because I cant stop watching it and I like to share, here's my fav of all the Merlin/Arthur fan vids. It is just gorgeous, I know that probably all the Merthur fans on my flist have probably seen it, sure you wont mind seeing it again. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, give it a watch and maybe you might just fall for my new ship.

It Crush by staticradar

Seriously every time Arthur gives that look from The Gates Of Avalon it kills me *sigh*

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As I am made of fail, this is late.  But in my defence I didnt forget, my computer decided to overheat and be totally sucky, when I did get online I got a bit distracted by my current favourite wizard and his prince *ducks head*.  Better late that never right.  I shall attempt to do post later on such things as Top Gear \0/ Supernatural and most likely Merlin LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [personal profile] kitty_cat89 

Hope you had a awesome day with lots of lovely pressies :D
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Dear LJ and firefox, please be stopping making my very pretty LJ fugly :(

I have had issues with videos yesterday and now half my icons arent loading, I am getting the annoying "Image Hosted by Photobucket" instead, these tend to go away after a few days, yet in IE its fine.  Which is really annoying as I hate IE.

Our weather is today is mental again, started yesterday with the usual gale force winds and hale stones big enough to leave bruises OUCH!! This morning I surprised to open the door and find snow, even better it was by the time I walked up the road entirely frozen snow, making the walk twice as long and twice as difficult.  By home time we again has 80 MPH winds and torrential rain which makes my life so much fun on the ten minute walk to the bus stop.  As we always say "If you don't like the weather, wait about 15 minutes and its bound to change"  I think I need a hat :(

Have booked to go see Quantum Of Solace on Friday with my Dad, Daniel Craig nom nom!

I am going to go and read Merlin/Arthur fic now and continue to watch Autumn Watch and see what I have to download :)
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Well this weekend so far has been rather successful :) well apart from nearly killing my laptop by knocking it off the chair and whacking it off the table (knocking the battery out at a strange angle) but thankfully my baby is OK.  I have commented on everyone's journal and I have just ordered my copy of Ten Inch Hero, google translate is a wonderful thing, even if I did find the English version of the Swedish site afterwards, it was kinda fun figuring out how to order in a language I cant understand a word of LOL.  I also ordered The Christmas Cottage last night.

Have been trying to catch up with Heroes, am now onto episode 4 and its hurting my brain.  Still need to catch up with Pushing Daisies and Dexter, as well as try to get into Fringe.  I also want to watch Greek but I may just wait for a DVD to come out.

Supernatural was once again hilarious, there was too many class scenes to comment on, I totally wanted to hug both boys by the end, well a little bit more than usual.  And can Bobby be any more awesome :)

I shall hopefully be having an Indian shortly, am looking forward to my Madras.  Then setting down to Merlin which no doubt I will have to watch twice because of the non stop talking in our house.  Then Strictly and X-Factor.  I do love Saturday TV when its actually good.

I spied a new toy today that I may invest in sometime in the future.  I have an Archos 705 which I adore, they will be releasing the Archos 7 soon, and it looks gorgeous and there's a mention of it going up to 500GB, plus HD content.  Its like upgrading from my Ipod to my Ipod video, I will only be able to resist for so long but I hate having to buy all new accessories and add-ons, but its so shiny and sexy :D

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] faninohio 

Hope your having a wonderful day hun, and I hope the coming year is filled with every thing you wish for and more.

I have been very negligent in my commenting on my flist, I have been busy sorting out Christmas shopping and work has been slightly unsettled so that's my excuse, that and *cough* Merlin *cough* I am planning on going to bed early and catching up on Dexter, hopefully over the weekend I will catch up with you guys. 

I still need to set aside a weekend to make my Christmas cards, have been debating whether I will make them but I always end up doing it, not sure if I will be doing the card list this year.

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Just a quick fly by post to wish the ever so lovely [ profile] deliciousmelody  a very wonderful and Happy Birthday.

Have a great day hun, with plenty of TG fun!

On a side note I have a serious problem/addiction.  I have now read every single bit of fanfiction on [ profile] merlinxarthur  :( now I need more, why isn;t there more, guess that's always a problem when fandom is only 5 minutes old, also the standard of the fic is amazing.  I think there was only one that wasnt stunning, and by any fandom standards is was good.  Also I have been eating Daves Burning Nuts for the last two days, man these are good and live up to the name.  There actually hot enough for me so god help people who arent a fan of the burn LOL.

Hee HSM3 was just on Film 2008, yes I am that sad and I so don't care.


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