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Well this weekend so far has been rather successful :) well apart from nearly killing my laptop by knocking it off the chair and whacking it off the table (knocking the battery out at a strange angle) but thankfully my baby is OK.  I have commented on everyone's journal and I have just ordered my copy of Ten Inch Hero, google translate is a wonderful thing, even if I did find the English version of the Swedish site afterwards, it was kinda fun figuring out how to order in a language I cant understand a word of LOL.  I also ordered The Christmas Cottage last night.

Have been trying to catch up with Heroes, am now onto episode 4 and its hurting my brain.  Still need to catch up with Pushing Daisies and Dexter, as well as try to get into Fringe.  I also want to watch Greek but I may just wait for a DVD to come out.

Supernatural was once again hilarious, there was too many class scenes to comment on, I totally wanted to hug both boys by the end, well a little bit more than usual.  And can Bobby be any more awesome :)

I shall hopefully be having an Indian shortly, am looking forward to my Madras.  Then setting down to Merlin which no doubt I will have to watch twice because of the non stop talking in our house.  Then Strictly and X-Factor.  I do love Saturday TV when its actually good.

I spied a new toy today that I may invest in sometime in the future.  I have an Archos 705 which I adore, they will be releasing the Archos 7 soon, and it looks gorgeous and there's a mention of it going up to 500GB, plus HD content.  Its like upgrading from my Ipod to my Ipod video, I will only be able to resist for so long but I hate having to buy all new accessories and add-ons, but its so shiny and sexy :D

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Hope everyone is having a lovely Good Friday.

As you can see I am not partaking in the strike, I have a paid account and my not posting really wont change anything.

I have so far managed to actually be productive.  Got up earlier than normal when I don't have to, I was actually dressed by about 12:00 :)

I finally managed to clean out my bedroom, I got all the craft stuff put away that has been loitering since Christmas.  Cleared out my drawers, got all my travel stuff organised and found the floor after I tidied all the bags, DVDs and books. 

Next thing is to clear my computer desk so I can find it again, you can tell my father has been there, paper all over the place.

So what is everyone up to today?

I cant remember if I mentioned that I got the money back that Student Loan Company owed me, well I have been using it to buy sensible things like clothes and travelling stuff like packing cubes.  I also bought the most awesome Laptop Sleeve and charger bag by Built NY.  The laptop sleeve is now like a sleeping bag for my laptop and keeps it safe and snugly and the Charger Bag is just the best idea, I no longer have to have chargers rattling around the bottom of my bag when I go off.  You can see it all here, mines are the stripy ones, trying to stop myself from buying the Laptop Bag.

I should say something about Torchwood but I would just go on about THAT SCENE and make nonsensical noises.  I also haven't commented on the fact that I watched the Golden Compass, but apart from saying its EXTREMLY ANNOYING it wouldn't go well.

OK its quiet so I am going back to lurking on Hammond Heaven.
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Wow three posts in one day...anyone might think I had nothing else to do :D

I had been considering buy a new laptop recently but have decided that's stupid, I haven't even had this one for a year and I have a three year warranty plus its little and pretty and white and I do love it when its not being an evil little shit. 

So instead of treating myself to a shiny new pretty toy, I decided to my toy more shiny and pretty.  I went and bought a laptop skin, there are so many out there and I may end up buying more as there are at least two others I love.  I finally went for one from garskins as they do one specific for my make of laptop so no fun with scissors which never ends well.

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I was actually good last night, I did course work for a few hours and managed to complete another assessment. I hope I’m not making these pages to simple, I must check them over to see if I can add anything.

Only two more assessment to go (although the last one is a scary mother) and then I can submit the whole thing *Yeah!!!* Now the question is do I do more tonight as mother no doubt will be watching Deal or No Deal and see if I can get started on the next assessment after I wash my hair (probably wont happen) or do I kick back and read lots of Wincest and RPS, hhmm who’s got bets on Wincest*grin*.

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