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This weekend was good.

Not only did we get Jensen *grins* but Merlin's finale was beyond awesome, I may have seen it about 4 times now, during every episode I swing between thinking what a great actor Colin Morgan is to how pretty he is, Bradley is just hot but I cant take my eyes off Colin. 

Merlin, Top Gear and Christmas, now thats a good combination :) )
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Well this weekend so far has been rather successful :) well apart from nearly killing my laptop by knocking it off the chair and whacking it off the table (knocking the battery out at a strange angle) but thankfully my baby is OK.  I have commented on everyone's journal and I have just ordered my copy of Ten Inch Hero, google translate is a wonderful thing, even if I did find the English version of the Swedish site afterwards, it was kinda fun figuring out how to order in a language I cant understand a word of LOL.  I also ordered The Christmas Cottage last night.

Have been trying to catch up with Heroes, am now onto episode 4 and its hurting my brain.  Still need to catch up with Pushing Daisies and Dexter, as well as try to get into Fringe.  I also want to watch Greek but I may just wait for a DVD to come out.

Supernatural was once again hilarious, there was too many class scenes to comment on, I totally wanted to hug both boys by the end, well a little bit more than usual.  And can Bobby be any more awesome :)

I shall hopefully be having an Indian shortly, am looking forward to my Madras.  Then setting down to Merlin which no doubt I will have to watch twice because of the non stop talking in our house.  Then Strictly and X-Factor.  I do love Saturday TV when its actually good.

I spied a new toy today that I may invest in sometime in the future.  I have an Archos 705 which I adore, they will be releasing the Archos 7 soon, and it looks gorgeous and there's a mention of it going up to 500GB, plus HD content.  Its like upgrading from my Ipod to my Ipod video, I will only be able to resist for so long but I hate having to buy all new accessories and add-ons, but its so shiny and sexy :D

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I don't think I need to say anything about the new old Jensen pictures posted today expect, OH MY GOD THERE HOT!!! 

I have to share this for the benefit of all Jensen fans on my flist and for those who haven't had the pleasure yet :)

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I am still trying to defrost from being stuck outside in a false alarm fire drill, I always panic when these things go off, I waited hoping it would stop but when I heard movement I followed everyone else outside, stupidly forgetting to take my jacket. Good job it hadn’t started raining by then anyway.

I completely forget last time I posted but I now have my very own office at work, very cushy it is too and I am now enjoying listening to cds, I have to track down a radio but I can sing along now which is something I so missed. I will have to personalise the office some more, I can also do whatever I like all day, don’t have suit anybody else and I can type whatever shit I like without feeling there are people looking of my shoulder, Its great!!!!!!

I wonder if I copy a rake of MP3 onto my USB stick if they will work on my awful Windows 2000 pc in the office, it doesn’t seem to like a lot of the files I already put on a cd. I always have my Ipod if I get really bored of the cds, till I can get a radio anyway.

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I have been a very bad LJER as I have been trying to sort out some coding issues in my final web designer assignment, I haven’t had much time for Wincest or RPS and I know I am missing out :( I promise I will try and catch up with my flist and actually post comments and return to my favourite thread on the SPN board once I get the code beat into shape.

I am still enjoying Smallville, currently watching season 4 on DVD, Season 5 on sky (thanks to E4 I am catching the eps I missed when my skybox was replaced). I also got the first three seasons on DVD for about £70, bargain! My Supernatural part 2 DVD arrived at the weekend as well, I know I should have cancelled it as I am getting the American set with all the extras but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Its not as bad as Buffy which I have in so many formats its scary, I only ever do this with shows I completely love.

Prison Break etc eeeeehhhhhh )
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I have been a very bad and not posted for far too long. I have still been suffering with the heat and it was the torture time of the month so I wasn’t really having fun at all, I have polycystic ovaries which translates to my life being a total nightmare for a week every month, this time was even worse that normal and I just wanted to curl up and die. All better now though and more than willing to return to fangirling everything in sight.

You know the drill, follow me for birthday fic, Supernatural and Asylum discussions and general ramblings )


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