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Wow three posts in one day...anyone might think I had nothing else to do :D

I had been considering buy a new laptop recently but have decided that's stupid, I haven't even had this one for a year and I have a three year warranty plus its little and pretty and white and I do love it when its not being an evil little shit. 

So instead of treating myself to a shiny new pretty toy, I decided to my toy more shiny and pretty.  I went and bought a laptop skin, there are so many out there and I may end up buying more as there are at least two others I love.  I finally went for one from garskins as they do one specific for my make of laptop so no fun with scissors which never ends well.

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I HAVE RADIO, I now have my radio at work but more importantly I have a kick ass radio one reception, god Chris Moyle’s how I missed you baby!
I haven’t really squeed over my video Ipod since I got it, that’s because I hadn’t been able to utilise it fully as I was waiting for my fab ISkin Claro case to arrive, it’s now safely encased though and looks great. 
I have now transferred all my music, a whole lot of photos and loads of Supernatural episodes and the quality is great, I even watched one of the latest episodes of House coming home on the bus and it’s so handy. 
Its also means if I get behind on the things I have downloaded I can catch up on the bus on the way home or plug it into the TV and watch it that way. Are there any sites out there that have specific Ipod version torrents so I don’t have to convert it to the right format, not that it takes long but it would be easier?
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Right, I feel the need to post pointless pics of my christmas decs, apologies before hand as my digital camera is shit and I will be replacing it soon with a nice new better resolution one. Below you will find a selection of our christmas decs, this isnt even all of it, we take christmas seriously hee! 
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I have my wonderful new video ipod, I have copied all my music over and now i want to put on my episodes of Supernatural. What convertors do you use, I have downloaded ImToo 3GP 3.1.6 but I dont know if I like it or not.

I had problems getting any videos on the ipod, whats the best way to transfer it over.

Does anyone use there Ipod as there alarm, I think by setting a playlist I can wake up to music when I have it connected to speakers. Is this right. I cant take it to work till my cover comes home but I will get it all set up till then!
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Right darling flist I have finished all your cards, written them and they should hopefully we winging there way to you tomorrow, which is good as the last posting dates to USA and Canada is 11/12/06. They are all angel themed as well so I hope that is ok of with everyone.

The Christmas decorations have started going up so we now have a twinkly sparkly conservatory :) and will be working on the rest of the house over the next few days.

The most important thing I had to say was MY IPOD HAS COME, its sitting at home now waiting for me but of course I am stuck at work and these last few hours are going to drag. Dad and Mum phoned to tell me it had come with some other bits, I didn’t even recognise my dad on the phone, I answered it like normal as I though it was an internal work related call and he didn’t think it was me and I didn’t twig who it was till he said “Its Dad” he must have been using his phone voice.

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I went to see the new Bond last night, wow what a film and Daniel Craig is just delectable, just pure sex on legs. I knew before I went to see it he was going to hot but my god, he kind of reminds me of CE in a way, he is almost too rugged to be good looking, this is definitely a Bond I can get behind *hee*, he is violent, vulnerable, dark, charming, and a cocky smart ass. Sounds like someone else :)

Oh and the body *guh* he has a perfect arse! I hate to admit it but I was one of “you cant have a blonde bond” and when I saw the pictures I didn’t think he was good looking at all, especially as I am not a bond fan I just kind of dismissed it, they were always to slick and gimmicky for me. He was never in any real danger and always came away unscathed but I like my men bloody and damaged, I think I will have to look out for some more Daniel Craig films, his eyes are also the most gorgeous colour.

I have officially been paid *rubs hands together* now I get to go home tonight and order my lovely 80gb Video Ipod Frackles the Mettalipod :), I have already downloaded converters for DVDs and video files so I will be able to fill it with very pretty things.

I also need to place a shit load of other orders including cafepress and Kodak gallery. I still need to make the rest of my Christmas cards so I can get them sent out, I have officially received my first Christmas card, the lovely plastic Winchesters from [profile] anteka, my mother is very confused!

Speaking of Supernatural confusion, in the car on the way to the pictures my dad was listening to Creedance Clearwater revival or the singer from it anyway and I couldn’t resist, I was singing along and had to ask

Me: “Does this have Bad Moon Rising on it”

Dad: “Yeah I think so”

Me: “that song is evil”

Dad: Amused silence “I’ll put it on for you”

Me: “don’t you remember, this is the song from Supernatural where they get hit by the Mack truck, you asked me if they were dead”

Dad: after it stopped playing “do you want to hear it again”

Me “No, it makes me want to cry”

Dad: while patting my knee and smiling “Ok Laura”

Me: “You so don’t understand”

My family so are not on the same wave length at me!

Obviously I have been trying to catch up on my programmes this week, I have seen up to episode 9 of Heroes and it never disappoints, was there a new ep this week. I am still behind on downloading.


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