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This is the post that hotmail ate, hopefully it will work this time, I checked and I did send it to the right address, maybe the problem was this end or the contents of the message, lets hope I have more luck the second time.

Spoilery rambling on Lost, Supernatural, Bones, Greys Anatomy etc )
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I am going to astound you all now with the levels of my geekness. Right when I want to totally chill out, and I mean stop all the annoying thoughts flying round my head and sort of zone out into mellow calm I organize, more specifically I either put a trading card set into sleeves or catalogue my latest cd/dvd into storage (see that just sad isn’t it).

Shut up, I know I'm a geek, I also have an extensive comic collection (mainly Buffy/angel but I think I have a complete set of Space: Above and Beyond) on top of my huge trading card collection. The problem is Supernatural is making me reach all new levels of geekdom, previously I have resisted the lure of chase sets etc (expect for The God Joss Whedons Autograph Card from season seven *sniff*), I contemplated them with the various Buffy sets but am glad I with held due the amount of Buffy sets that have been released.

Well Supernatural has already made me buy the promo card, all three box loaders and the case loader. I will so totally have to have our boys autograph cards and I want the piecework cards, believe me the only reason I haven’t ordered these cards yet is there not on pre-order, this may be first set that I'm going to buy the chase sets, this isn’t good, I really don’t need to be any more geeky. It’s already made me buy a toy car and I’m working on the knife (totally owns my soul).

I have also discovered that’s is not good to take a bath *stupid busted shower* (with the heater running) after not eating much all day, as you end up passing out against the wall, waiting for the room to stop spinning, for the horrible yellow glowly lines to go away while trying to keep what little you have eaten down and for the hammers in your head to stop, so not fun.

Ok Spoilers vaguely for Supernatural and Greys Anatomy consider yourself warned )
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Seriously dude come on, I'm awake and sitting patiently at the computer, I havent been to sleep yet and can I find a torrent for Supernatural, no of course not.

Come on I just watched the end of season 2 of Greys Anatomy and I need serious cheering up(Denny *cries* totally wins over John), give me the fricken torrent.

Why is everything against me, two shows go on hiatus when I'm on leave so no downloading till I'm back at work (stupid sport hiatus or whatever) and now you wont give me my Supernatural. Of course I'm weak and I looked at some supernatural icons *thud* is all I can say, hurry up damn it!


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