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I have been so bad at updating lately, I seem to be in a phase where I cant be arsed typing, I can think of things to put in a post all day long but by the time I think about actually posting it I have to go to bed, so sorry if I missed any major post on my flist and I haven’t commented, rest assured I have probably read everything just not got round to commenting.

Ok we got Mini Impala, Prison Break S2, Bones S2, Supernatural (shock), Hammond :( and general rambling )
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Thursday nights are totally TV heaven, VM, GA, Without a Trace and Bones all in the same night, I would have tried and squeezed in House as well but thats possibly pushing it.

Veronica Mars was good; it was very funny this week. I still dont quite get the enter freak out over this show, its is good and I like all the characters but I wouldnt ship any of them, Buffy it certainly aint.

Have to admit I only vaguely paid attention to Without a Trace, I still followed it and it seemed as good as ever, just some episodes catch my attention more than others.

Greys Anatomy was fab, I was in tears at various parts. The poor couple who had the pole going through them (still trying to figure out where I know the woman from) I think I could ship Meredith/Derek and I just adore Christina.

I think I actually like this more than ER now, its like the heyday of ER where I loved all the characters and they mattered. ER now isnt the same as when we had gorgeous Doug Ross (I miss Mr Clooney), Mark Green, Carol Hathaway (I was a total Doug/Carol shipper), John Carter before the whole Africa thing. ER now is still good and I like the characters and the season ender was great but its never been the same.

Bones ahh I am so glad your back, season 2 premier was just fab, I really like the new boss (took me minute to figure out she is Walts mum from Lost) and is it me or was the UST heating up between Bones/Booth. I love this show so much and DB was so HOT as normal, cant wait to see how it progresses.

I have now see two episodes of House and I adore it, I am so going to track it down on DVD, not sure what season I am watching but it doesnt seem to matter!
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I swear our supernatural boys will be the death of me, obviously I couldn’t resist looking at the screen caps for the gag reel and a day in the life of J2. I so want my DVD now, I am trying to figure out if they know about RPS and Wincest are just toying with all us fan girls or if they genuinely cant help themselves and they think there being subtle.

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I am finally getting close to catching up on my flist, only about 220 entries back :) I have been meaning to update since last Sunday but I got kind of distracted by Prison Break. I caught the first 5 episodes on UK gold and then stole my brothers DVDs that he got for his birthday. I have now watched the first 13 episodes and it is just too good. I love the slash tones in it and the brotherly love is so cute but I don’t see my self getting into the fandom (it sounds scary from what I have heard) or new incest fanfic *yet anyway*.

How anyone can say they are hotter than my supernatural boys is beyond me and there relationship isn’t as strong as my boys. I love T-Bag, I know I'm not supposed to as he is a vile character but I can’t help it. He is just so evil and camp and obviously gay that I am destined to love him. I need to get the rest of the season now.

Wentworth Miller so isn’t my type but I can still appreciate that he is gorgeous to look at, still trying to convince my brother that Supernatural is better but he likes shows where you can kill off characters and still have enough of a cast to keep going, as I have said already only one person can die in SPN that so doesn’t work for him, cant explain to him about the Wincest thing and all the other reasons I love is so I will just give up now :(

I also discovered that living is repeating the first season of GA which totally rocks, Sundays are now my fav TV day. Still trying to get into Lost but according to bro the season really kicks off now so I might try and watch them while I am on leave.

minor discussion of Supernatural Spoiler )

I nearly forgot TOP GEARS BACK!!!!!! It was pure class on Sunday, I loved the caravan holiday, sooooo funny. I spent the first bit going where Richard and then he appeared yeah! and he argued with Jeremy about how American cars are better than European cars, obviously they are better on looks alone :) I think I may also love Pimp My Ride. The American one obviously, XXhibit (spelling ?) is just hilarious. I dont even like cars that much!


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