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The adventures of my sparkly chucks continue, I was at the hair dresser for the usual colour and cut yesterday, not long after I got into the shop she pounced on my shoes, she was stroking them at one point, if we had been the same shoe size I am pretty sure she would have tried to swipe them.

I discovered thanks to my brothers fiance that people check out my feet to see what shoes I'm wearing, her dad is on my bus to work everyday.  He came home and told her that I was wearing fancy shoes, silver sparkly ones.  He then reported the next day I was wearing purple ones.  I never realised anyone else paid attention to my feet. 

I do have a collection of unusual shoes, I got so bored with wearing black boring ones, I now collect different one.

I am still intending to post my Dallas Con photos, they are currently being uploaded (pokes [personal profile] wenchpixie, they still are right) to a online gallery.  I have spent most of today looking for photo frames online for my con photo shots etc.

I am right now waiting for Top Gear to start, hopefully it will distract me from what feels like the starting of toothache. Damn tooth has already had root canal treatment, I was told it would need a crown :(
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I am still behind on my flist, I haven't gotten any further with my Creation Con report (also known as the adventures of the sequined chucks).  Pictures are forth coming, that may be all you can hope for.

I had a very child like afternoon, I watch Charlottes Web ( *cries* never a good idea) and then eat Butterscotch Angel Delight for the first time in years, it was like being 7 again.   I then went and read Top Gear Slash so maybe not quite 7 *g**

To continue with the food theme, I think it really sucks that I have to order ALL my favourite foods (apart from takeaway) via the net. 

So far today I have ordered lots of Indian Snacks known as Namkeens from Spices Of India.   I then proceeded to order a load of Peperami Fire-sticks as those things are like gold dust up here, since I have been able to pick them up in Glasgow I am having major cravings. 

I then proceeded to hunt down Walkers Pickled Onion crisps which are difficult to find, I successfully located them on the MOST AWESOME SITE EVER: Chocolate Buttons!  It has made me really hungry, so many sweeties :)

I feel the need to share some of the awesome new Top Gear pics, no spoilers, even though most TG fans like myself have been devouring every little detail about the new series and all the pics. LOL click for full size as normal.

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I am still trying to decide which of my Dallas photos are worth posting, will be doing a con report eventually.  In the meantime heres my photo shoots and some of the Autographs.  These are totally my favs of all my photo shoots so far.

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Hey, I'm back, have been home for just over an hour and a half.  My is currently spinning, I think its about to fly off.  I will post coherent stuff tommorrow when I have actually slept, and you know I can see :) 

Just need to say best trip ever, I love everyone :) *iz now dead*
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Right folks, I am officially all packed.  Pretty sure I have everything, updated my Archos so I have entertainment. 

I am going to watch Moonlight and then bed as I am on the train at 06:22. 

I don't know how much I will be on the net in Dallas, I will be relying on the kindness of [personal profile] wenchpixie :D

Be good everyone, see you on the other side (hopefully with pics etc)
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I think I am pretty much organised for off, have packed my suitcase, need to sort out my carry on bag but that's easy enough :)

Have managed to text [personal profile] wenchpixie in USA, so I wont be stuck :)

Last call to [personal profile] mara_sho, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [profile] smeckles90, that if you guys even see this, haven't had a reply to text or lj messages so I am assuming that's a no, a girl could start to take this personally lol.  Cinema it is then :)  You all have my mobile if you change your mind!

Will be online tomorrow once I have finished the organising.

On an unrelated note, I won this off ebay :D
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Right need to do some serious organising over the weekend.  I am still at work on Monday and Tuesday so need to sort out all my paperwork for travelling and the packing needs to be done.

Picking out clothes for cons in hard, then having to factor in heat in Dallas.

I booked my extra autograph for Jared, well I did on the second attempt, kinda screwed up the first time lol.  I was tempted by a Fredric Lane photo shot but think I will make do with Jared and the group shot.

Getting very excited now, looking forward to having Wednesday in Glasgow.  If no one is about I may end up going to see Sex And The City.

Looking forward to hanging out with lovely [personal profile] wenchpixie et all, it just going to be awesome :D
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Just managed to book the Quality Central Hotel in Glasgow for £48 for 4th of June :) 

And even better I got my train for £13.80, now just got to order currency and some light weight trousers and I think thats me done \0/
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Feck.....the price of hotels in Glasgow in June have sky rocketed, I assume something is on.  I grudge having to pay over £100 for one night *grumbles*

That reminds me, are [personal profile] mara_sho, [profile] smeckles90 and [personal profile] kitty_cat89 available to hang out on the 4th of June?

 I will be down on my tod, before flying out on the next day.  Want to keep me company, and save me from a night of hotel tv *shudders*
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Right, John Barrowman has officially been announced for The Hub in the Showmasters Forum.  So far we have Tosh, Captain Jack and Paul Kasey who plays a lot of aliens in Torchwood and Doctor Who.  Is anyone interessted, I know [personal profile] openskies is :).

I booked my group shot for Asylum, couldn't pass it up really.  I am working on the theory that all those awesome people in one photo will out way whatever mess I look.

Right I am getting my Glasgow hotel and travel booked for June when I get paid, anyone available for hanging out on the 04/06/08.

I am sure I had other things to say but I am tired.
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I'm going to FORT WORTH with the lovely [personal profile] wenchpixie

have booked major things like flight and [personal profile] wenchpixie has sorted out the hotel.

I will most likely need to book a hotel in Glasgow for travelling down on the Wednesday, will organise that closer to the time. 

So so very excited!!!!

Now I need to finish getting organised for going off to John Barrowman tomorrow!   Cant wait to see the pretty in concert, we have covert operation planned for afterwards to obtain autographs.  BB wants to get her Captain Jack style coat signed, will have to locate shop that sells sharpies.

I emailed [personal profile] wenchpixie, [personal profile] mara_sho, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [profile] smeckles90 a while ago about meeting up this Friday.

I didn't hear back so I assume everyone is busy.  I will be around from tomorrow to early Saturday so holler at me if you see me as I ain't always that observant :)

EDT:  WE HAVE GOLD PACKAGES *SQUISHES [personal profile] wenchpixie*


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