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SUPERNATURAL SEASON 5!!!!!! I know everyone else has already done this but what the hell. I never doubted it for a minute, ask my Asylum roomie, I basically refused to believe even the possibility of cancellation as all the signs pointed to renewal.

Almost better news than Supernatural renewal is that ITV's Demons HAS BEEN CANCELLED :) Thanks to Phil refusing to do a second series, he looked at the reviews and realised it was bad for the career. I suffered through all 6 episodes basically just for Phil even though his character was pretty much a bastard, that was before my Life on Mars obsession kicked off, now that's dedication for you. Now I just have to wait for Ashes to Ashes to come back, ain't no Life on Mars but a girl has to take what she can get LOL.

I hate season finales, Leverage has gone and left me now, :( I have been trying to spread the love and was posting about it on a forum, everyone seems to think it sounds like Hustle, Hustle I have never watched but I know it does not have Christian Kane or Aldis Hodge or Parker!!!!! need I say more.

I have been buying crafty stuff today! I am going to make a scrapbook of my cons, gigs, fan girls experiences in general. It is what I had my large copper book made for so I may as well get on with it, I have had fun looking for photo corners, stickers, alphabets and journalling ideas.

I possibly had other things to say but I feel the call of fanfics :) mainly things that follow on from this picture :D

My current fav picture )

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How's everyone this fine Sunday, why is the weekend almost over already.

I haven't been on LJ much recently, well I have been but I haven't been commenting, I blame it on the fact that I am slowing working my way through every Sam/Gene fic on The Collator's Den. I have also spent most the weekend trying to locate LoM Screen Caps, I have found some but I think I have been spoilt by my other fandoms such as Supernatural and Merlin, where for every episode theres a zip of amazing quality caps for me to drool over.  Sadly all the LoM I have found arent availble anymore, there are ones on Sundive so I am slowing saving them one by one. 

I may be a sadist but I am condisering downloading LoM US to see if its as bad as I expect, but I honestly dont know if I can stand watching Harvey Kietel playing my Gene Genie :( I may be close to the UK version yet to actually do anything but spit and hiss at the screen. 

Has anyone who love the original watched the US remake, if so what did you think?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Leverage, I haven't seen a bad comment about this show anywhere.  Its just so much fun every week but along the way they make you fall in love with the characters.  Its sassy and smart while incredibly funny, I adore Hardison, Eliot and Parker especially :)

I have watched the first episode of The Doll House and I definatley enjoyed it, I am intrigued as to what they will do with the rest of the season, just having Joss back on the tv pretty much means I will stick with it.

I could talk about the past week at work and our Team Building Event or how one of the guys thought that I was a Country fan as Jim Beaver supposedly looks like a country star LOL but its not nearly as interssting as fandom stuff.

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May. 4th, 2006 01:28 am
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I'm up way too late as usual but i have taken tommorrow and friday off work as i have to go to the damn dentist again as my teeth are still trying to kill be but thats not till late afternoon so i can lay in and stay up late yeah, ok so what have i been doing since the last post, well as you can tell from my journal i went slightly overboard with the user pics down the side but there so pretty and i have so many i cant help it, i have sooo many slashy ones as well, isnt it great :) ok obviously i watched lost which as always was OMG but i need to watch it again before i comment as i was distracted by tooth ache and mother wittering, only cure for which was lost of wincest, which reminds me i just read the most awesome fanfic 1040 by keikokin which is a wincest/X-files cross over, OMFG mulder and Sam/Dean in the same room and Mulder would so think there hot, i loved it made my night. I am way too obsessed by wincest at the moment and reading it with my family around is always fun as i have a tendancy to tune everything out and my mother then gets nosey as to what i am doing so i always have to have other web pages open to flick to, ones that dont have anything slashy or NC17 on them hee hee. and yeah tommorrow is thursday which means i get to wait impatiently for the season finale of Supernatural *wimper* it better be two hours long and there better by so OMG brotherly love moments, can we get a god damned hug already and is it really selfish that i can live with the fact is Daddy Winchester dont make it, i know I'm a bad bad girl but my boys are too damned hot together, I'll say it again, its all the Krips fault, why do i love shows who have evil genuis at the helm, I have said it befor and i will say it again I'm a sadist, i love to inflict pain on myself, especially emotional pain that involves hot guys and sexual tension yeah, Supernatural fic has also given me new fanfic kinks, can you say Strawberry lipgloss and pvc boots and has phone sex even been so good in any other fandom, dont think so, thats why we call it our special hell, well if your going to go for Incest may as well do it properly.

I'm rambling again aint i, I have successfully got my little brother hooked on lost, so i have converted by sister and her boyfriend and by brother and her girlfriend yeah me, now he just has to hurry up and get throught season 1 so he can get us the rest of season 2 on dvd and i dont have to pay for it or download it, speaking of torrents much check for a few albums before i go watch more supernatural, cant decided if i want to watch season 2 of lost or firefly after current run of supernatural or just admit to my self that i am going to go back to the beginning AGAIN for like the fifth time in a row, it never gets old, is that bad, its like watching chris in doctor who, will never tire of it no matter how many times i see it. its like when i watch repeats of buffy and angel at every optunity and i either get you've seen this or is this a new, no its not a new one, No THERE WILL NEVER BE NEW ONES AGAIN, breathe and your point is.

oh yeah i can tell I'm coming up to the monthly week of hell, i can cry at anything just now so its really not a good idea to watch new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition every night at 18:00 as i blubber at that show at the best of times, its the same with animal shows, and my mother will always pick these time to speak to me when my voice is shaky and i sound ridicilous.

any i have ran out of things to type and have probably scared off countless people now, does anyone like the new layout, I am still debatining the colours but i love the flexible squares and the user pics are heaven. anyway night for now, i will no doubt post tommorrow after Bones etc EEEHHHHH!
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new layout, look look isnt it pretty, huge thanks to [profile] starsouls1013 for her great help with the codes for the header and to add the user pics down the side, it took me ages to decide on the colours but i think i am happy with it, i have loads more user pics i could add but i will hold off for now, dont want to scare anyone off. ok what do i have to say today, i watched the latest episode of supernatural last night for the third time in a row, good it hurts so good, i must read wincest now that i have finished tweeking my journal.

i had a cool squee moment today, on the way home i got stopped for a bag search for the second damn day in a row the cop was one of the nice old blokes so it was fine, he opened my bag and saw the permanent resident book Brokeback Mountain and i got "oh your not reading that are you" to which i replied " i certainly am, "is it any good", "yeah so good i've seen it 4 time", "4 times, is it a weepy" my only reply could be "you have no idea" i have been waiting for ages for someone to comment on this, it just surprised me it was this guy and not one of the women. talking of work can i say PFR sucked, generate was a nightmare and i had no clue what i was doing but hey whats new right. back to normal boring DFR tommorrow.

i have a slight freak last night when i saw the advert for new Top Gear EEEHHH, so much my mother thought there was something wrong with me, all i need to say is Hammond, as my brother says everytime he see new doctor who they should have just hired Hammond it would have been cheaper and yeah i love Hammond so it would work for me but hey ho. i am so looking forward to new lost tommorrow, i have now succedded in getting my little bro hooked on season one so he is going through the boxset now. TV so rocks just now, havent got round to watching this weeks medium yet cause there so much to do, cant decide what to watch when i go to my bed, i might watch Hell House mmmm Sammy in a towel, Dean ogling Sammy in towel, many slashly lines of dialogue, yep it wins over re-watching doctor who, it can wait until I am bored of my boys which means it can just wait. if anyone every reads this tosh please comment, its nice to know I'm writing this to more than just me :)


Apr. 30th, 2006 02:01 pm
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Hey its the weekend, isn’t it great, not that I've seen much of it as predicted I haven’t managed to drag myself away from the laptop, I went on complete icon overload and now have 80 odd of my 105 allowance, I might leave the rest for the next fandom that bits, I will admit it now that most of the icons are way slashy, there’s way to many supernatural ones, no wait that’s not possible and the rest are hot guys and shipperdom, I am still trying to track down one elusive supernatural one, I love addictions hee.

I better put in a cut here because people hate spoilers so

clicky me for new Supernaturl and Doctor Who Yeah )


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