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I'm home.....well more accurately I got home at 22:08 last night, by which point I was good for nothing.  I watched Supernatural this afternoon :D I cant really form any thoughts apart from I loved it, OUR BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!

I may comment further after a second watch, if not I will leave the in depth reviews to those more eloquent than I. 

I had a lovely time in Glasgow, had a great dinner with my fangirls, just wish I had more time to hang out with you all.  Hopefully in November for Jason Mann's gig.  Speaking off Scot rail, they have kindly decided to close the Inverness to Perth track for 9 days during the time of the Jason Mann's gig so it likes like to my City link bus time for me again.

The Damien Rice gig was STUNNING, I may even have to say my fav gig ever.  Without a doubt the loudest, he certainly has the rawr down.  I think this would surprise people who haven't listened to all of Damien Rices music. 

When we were sitting we were six rows back right in the the centre of the stage, I had a perfect view of Damien, he looked very dapper, he has cut his hair which I loved and was smartly dressed.  He had good banter, was funny, sweet and charming and the voice *sigh*  I could feel the base guitar in my chest, like my mate said it was like to shook your heart.  The music took my breath away and gave me goosebumps, I felt completely chilled and slightly euphoric by the end.  We got the train from central station and arrived after 19:30. 

I had received an email before I left saying the support act would be on at 20:00 and Damien Rice would be on at 21:00 so we were there in plenty of time.  We were a tad surprised when we got to the hall to hear music and someone singing.  They had obviously gone back to the original arrangement so the support act had started at 19:30, no long after we had sat down Miss Vyvienne Long announced this was her last song and that the people who hadn't turned up could stick it.  I felt sorry for her as it was pretty deserted, hopefully someone will have told her about the scheduling conflict.  We then had to endure the worst, pain inducing, my eyeballs are bleeding music at the most horrendous sound levels imaginable, to the point I could feel my brain liquefying.  Thankfully not  long after 20:30  the lovely Damien Rice appeared but half way through the first song he stopped saying.

"Is everyone late tonight, all I can see is security showing people to there seats.  I will be back in 5 once everyone is seated"

When he came back a lot more was in there seats but people were still arriving till about 22:00 which really is just rude and people getting up during the performance to get drinks etc. 

I just ignored them and concentrated on Damien, the stage was amazing as well, the lighting and sound affects were amazing.  We even had snow!  He does a very funny Scottish impression as well. 

The best bit was when he said they were finishing soon and we could move closer if we wanted, after a little hesitation we bolted to the stage and I got the front of the barrier directly in front of Damien Rice :D he did Blowers Daughter, Cannonball and Cheers Darling that I can remember, just amazing.  He didn't finish until about 23:30 and we stumbled back to the train.

The next day we had nothing planned so braved the underground and I followed BB around Kelvingrove Museum so she could look at the sharp and pointys.  I wandered around patiently but after looking at too many stuffed animals I found a seat and let her wander the rest of the place alone.  We then did the usual shop/eat/sleep thing until it was home time.

She braved the 2 hour bus trip, while I faced the 8 hour train ride, including the 4 hour train on the final leg where the lights went out every 10 minutes and the idiots on bored whooped EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Why is it that all the trains I get have SPECIAL people on them, whether they are just loud, obnoxious or drunk.

But apart from that trip was great, if you don't include the fact I got so wet on my lost wanderings on the Wednesday night my trousers still haven't dried out.

Oh and TOP GEARS BACK, ah my hamster how I have missed you (continues chant of cut your hair).

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Right, I'm organised, everything is packed and those things that need charged are charging.

I may have an early night once I catch up with my flist, I do have to be up again about 05:30.

Looking forward to seeing you all tommorrow, trying not to think about the 8 hour train journey with all its changes.

I will be availble on my mobile tommorrow if anyone needs me :)
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I received my train tickets for Glasgow in October today!  I have my Damien Rice tickets and the hotel is all booked so I am officially sorted :)

I have been listening to Damien Rice for the last week on the bus, just bliss.  I didnt realise I had 94 Damien Rice on my IPOD.  

Need to pin down BB to figure out what bus she is coming through on from Dundee hopefully on the 3rd and get her to book it, if she leaves me stuck in Glasgow by myself I wont be impressed to say the least.  

Still hoping to get together with my Scottish SPN Fen Posse, if you guys let me know how your fixed closer to the time or whatever, you all have my mobile etc and the email with the details, I wont pester you about till nearer the time I promise :)  Cant miss an opportunity when I dont get to Glasgow that often, will have to gear myself up for the 8 hour train journey once more!

I need to go and catch up with all you guys on my fist, also I am super jealous of those who are going to the chicago con, I would give nearly anything to make it to the states. 
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Thats just sounds whiney doesnt it, its true though, how do you guys get like 45 comments on one entry, obviously I am not interessting enough *sigh* nevermind.

Anyway being bored today at work mind wondered to other things, mainly Glasgow YAY!  Still clinging to the hope of Kane at some point but till then I know I am down in October.  Right my concert is on the 4th but as I wont get down till about 14:15 (when leaving at 06:23 again!) and the doors for the concert will probably open around 18.30, doesnt leave much time for hanging out with my Asylum girls.   

So I was thinking I might come down on the 3rd and then can have a whole day dedicated to fangirling if wanted.  This does mean I will probably be solo in a twin hotel room on the 3rd and the 5th, I was thinking of this hotel not quite sure where it is located but it seems central.  I need to know I can find it on my own as BB might not show up till Thursday, dont want to be stranded in Glasgow solo.

Anyway is the 3rd good for everyone, anyone got any preferrances for what we do etc.

I am going to go now and add to all your comments *grumble :)* and hide from the fandom wank.
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WHY, why, why, why, why, why did I NOT KNOW DAMIEN RICE IS GOING ON TOUR, and why is he only playing Edinburgh in Scotland and why are the tickets now £100 each *CRIES LOUDLY* this is not fair.  He is next on my list with Snowpatrol and Kane I WANT TICKETS!!!!!!

I'm going to go huff now in a corner!


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