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The day is nearly upon us, so its seems the best time to wish my lovely flist a Merry Christmas!

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I hope you all have a great day, filled with the things you want.  I will be around tomorrow, no doubt after eating too much food and having had enough family cheer :)

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I'm officially on holiday now till the 5th of January *happy sigh* I will be looking forward to sleeping in late, going to bed late and generally being surgically attached to my laptop :) this is the first time this year where I have holidays that I don't have anything to do or anywhere to go.

I am so super ridiculously excited about the Supernatural Convention that was announced for Vancouver, even more so as me and [ profile] wenchpixie  and [ profile] janglyjewels  are going, with I hope the rest of the sorority.  It doesn't even matter just now who the book for the convention.  I cant express how much and how long I have wanted to go to Vancouver, well any of Canada really.  I cant wait to see the city and hang out with my girls.  Now we just have to wait for some info on the con and you know tickets etc.

We finally have our Christmas Tree up and decorated, we did put the tree up last night and started decorating.  We had a slight problem though as its a new tree, its white with blue led lights our purple and multi-coloured tinsel just looked awful.  So after much face pulling and moaning we took off the tinsel and decided we really need silver tinsel or we would just have to use the decorations.  Thankfully we got some gorgeous thick silver tinsel and it looks amazing with all out glass decorations.  I should take pictures once I get my room decorated.  I am burning one of Yankee candles new Christmas ones, Red Apple Wreath, its very gorgeous and Christmassy.

I need to say thank you to [ profile] cenea , [ profile] charli_macboyd, [ profile] chocolatepeach, [ profile] deadflowerss  and [ profile] glorfinniel  for the lovely christmas cards, I still need to finish making my e-cards to send out to my flist, if I have your email be expecting something most likely fandom related soon, I will be sending some via private message as I think I am missing some email addresses.

Oh and I have a shiny new animated mood theme, it a lovely Merlin one courtesty of [ profile] wikked_angel_78 

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This weekend was good.

Not only did we get Jensen *grins* but Merlin's finale was beyond awesome, I may have seen it about 4 times now, during every episode I swing between thinking what a great actor Colin Morgan is to how pretty he is, Bradley is just hot but I cant take my eyes off Colin. 

Merlin, Top Gear and Christmas, now thats a good combination :) )
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I know I am late, but better late that never.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [ profile] siluria  I had a blast meeting you at MPH08, hopefully we will get hang out again before next year :)

Now for a very important announcement!!!!


Another season of the adorable Colin Morgan, the gorgeous Bradley James and the OTP Merlin/Arthur, there are times I love you BBC :D This is the best news in ages

Now I just have to make it through Saturdays Finale, I predict tears, squeeing and swearing when we get a god damn cliff hanger.

I finished my Christmas cards yesterday, am having a night off tonight before I start on the wrapping, writing cards and decorations LOL.

Am looking forward to watching the second episode of Leverage, will probably have to save it for tomorrow night.

Still not feeling 100%, keep planning an early night but it never really works.

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I have been very productive, since Saturday I have made over 35 Christmas cards, I think I need over 40 to cover my card list, with any luck I wont need all those but at work you never know who is going to give. 

As I haven't had my usual 2 week holiday in October to make them I don't have the same amount of time to spend on them, meaning I have had to make them much more simple. 

As a result I think there a lot more classy, they have come out lovely, quite sophisticated if I do say so myself. 

Now I plan to finish them tomorrow, then its time for wrapping and decorations.  It normally takes us a full week to decorate the house, I will probably leave my rooms till the weekend. 

I haven't brought out my Christmas jewellery or jumpers yet but I am certainly feeling more in the spirit now :)  I need to make gift tags I think, will need to work on that.

I am now feeling rather tired, I woke up this morning with a sore throat so I think I am in for the lurgy, will need to go to sleep early I think.
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I am listening to John Barrowman's latest CD, I was hoping Angel was my Angel as in Sarah McLachlan's "In The Arms Of The Angel".  I love that it is :) 

John this goes to show how much I love (please sing this at you gig in May :)) you as every time anyone but Sarah sings this song I want to murder them, well Damien Rice could do it as well and maybe Rufus Wainwright but that is because these people along with Jeff Buckley can actually convey the adequate amount of emotion required for this song, when its sung properly it should be breath taking, yes it has been know to make my cry but that's not bad thing, being front row at a Sarah gig will do that to you. 

Music that moves me will always be my favourite, I want to connect with it and to make me feel something, even if its just happy.  They used Angel on Strictly last week and I was swearing at the TV as the women kept missing parts of the song, please don't mess with this song, I keep expecting it to appear on X-Factor next, if anyone other than Diana sings it I may want to kill some.

I was weak and bought a Permanent account today, maybe be slightly overdrawn shortly as a result but its so totally worth it, I now have 80 extra icons to play with :) I so know what I am doing tomorrow, the only question is whether I can drag myself away from icons and Merlin etc to make my cards, I have also read every piece of Merlin RPS, thanks [personal profile] euraylie  I don't think I will be escaping this fandom any time soon :) Its a great distraction when there's no Supernatural and as I have two weeks holidays coming up shortly I know how most of that time will be spent.

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Fringe 1X09 )

Twilight )

I like everyone else booked our Mischa Collis photoshoots for Asylum 3 \0/

I have been an awful flister, I haven't commented on anything, I'm blaming the distracting Merlin/Arthur fan fiction that is just too good.  I don't know what I am going to do in a few weeks when there's no Merlin to look forward to on a Saturday.  Now damn it BBC announce a second series, I get enough of this grief with Supernatural etc.

I plan to start making my Christmas cards tomorrow, have been told I take over the sitting room as normal so I will be able to work on them all weekend.  Then I need to start on the flash e cards, people can still sign up for card here, some people will be getting anyway whether they sign up or not LOL.  Its sad that I dont really feel all that festive yet, hopefully making cards will help with that.  I nned to get presents wrapped and sent off.

Also on a techie note, Firefox has decided it doenst like .JPG, it wont save them with there original filename, I get a stupid error message.  I have to shorten it as much as possible before it will save.  Anyone had this, I also think I have virus issues again, Avast keeps telling me theres hidden rootkits and a virus in the boot but everytime I scan the boot it finds nothing?

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God I love holidays, I have done absolutely nothing productive at all expect spend money :D

Had a very nice Christmas, lovely dinner with family so that was good, watched far too many Christmas movies and specials.  I have yet to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, I had it on but wasn't really paying attention and then BB phoned so I paused it and never got back to it.

Brother and his girlfriend are off at Oldest brothers in Aberdeen so it lovely and peaceful, just me, Mum (who is currently addicted to her new DS Lite) and the dogs so we have been watching films etc, watched Waitress which I loved for reasons more than the obvious.

My laptop has been on constantly since before I went on hols, I am downloading the mother of all downloads, all 28.69 GB of Top Gear Season 1 - 8 (yes I am obsessed, I don't have a problem with this) and its now done 24.34 GB so I am getting closer.  Also the tv recording on my big computer works which is just too much fun.

But the best thing has been playing with my new baby, my main Christmas present of Archos 705!  I love my gadgets and as I coveted this one for a while, its just glorious :) it does everything I could possible want, the vid quality is amazing, musics sounds great, the surfing the web in your bed is fun and being able to record off my sky with the DVR station is just great.  I cant wait to take it on my next long journey (or even on the bus to work).  Now don't get me wrong I still love my Ipod but this basically means I don't need to take my laptop with me on any of the trips I already have planned for the next year (which I need to thing about organising, especially travel for Brighton in Feb).

As its Christmas I may also have treated myself to some nice toys I am waiting on now, I bought a lovely 23" Samsung HD TV for the good people at Duck.Co.Uk, they are damn cheap I tell you, about £150 cheaper than others are for the same TV in the sales.  To go with that I just got an HD DVD Player and as I have an entire cupboard of VHS I want to convert I bought the very handy Daewoo DRVT-40 DVD/VCR Combo which will transfer them to DVD without the nasty green lines I get when I try to cheat with my set up, I think I may need a scart switcher box as that will be 6 things connect to the telly, god I have a lot of wires and technology. 

I also got vouchers and treated myself to the Torchwood DVD set along with some stuff featuring Richard Hammond among other things.

So hows everyone else, now just to survive the New Year :(
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Is is official Christmas eve and I just wanted to wish all my lovely flist and everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful time and the season brings all you could wish for. Have an awesome New Year too.

Christmas Glitter Graphics

I am going to finish my wrapping and watch something else christmassy, I may or may not be buying new ornaments for next year :D
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Today is totally made of win :)

I have officially finished work till the 3rd of October :)

we went for Christmas lunch today I won something in raffle :)

I got a letter which I think means my student loan is paid of :)

I am feeling all Christmas and chilled :)

and best of all today is Richard Hammond Birthday!  So Happy Birthday to the lovely man that can make me ridiculously happy whenever he is on the TV (especially with his two daft mates)

Look he is sooo cute :D

I am going to bed to either watch Dexter or possibly Top Gear, I will be up sometime tomorrow, yay I get to turn off all my alarms :)
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Right guys I got the majority of my Christmas cards posted earlier in the week...was slightly more expensive than expected.

As all my cards are hand made they tend to be 3d which makes the envelope slightly bulkier.  They wouldn't go through the first slot so had to pay large letter post  for a lot of them, never mind though.  Have to send off [profile] hopeless_cynic and [profile] smeckles90 cards still but everyone else's should be arriving soon. 

I so far have got cards from [personal profile] frayen, which is gorgeous with our boys on it and lovely doctor who card from [profile] prawn658,  I have my lovely new white fibre optic tree up and it looks gorgeous with the purple led lights I got etc, now I just have to organise the rest of the decorations.  There will no doubt be pictures once I am finished.

Also finally got the TV card working on my new computer, now I can get it set up properly finally :)

I shall return to watching X-factor and making bitchy comments about the two acts I don't like lol.

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I have basically been off-line for the last two days...I have been busy making Christmas cards :) 

I have now made 30 which should do it, will need to make the big special ones for my family etc but I can do that sneakily upstairs.  Next thing it to update Christmas card list, which reminds me I still need address for at least [profile] smeckles90 and [profile] hopeless_cynic, that if you guys want cards of course.  I hopefully wont be to late in posting them, I will apologise now to anyone out with the UK as the might be late. 

Also there are people who I sent card to last year that I haven't really heard from, so unless I hear otherwise I wont be sending a card this year.

I have also ordered at least 5 Christmas jumpers, I can be festive the whole month of December.  I will get to writing the cards shortly and then its wrapping time, hoping to get my tree home shortly and get up decorations.

If you haven't signed up for cards yet, this years one is here : Christmas Cards
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I just want to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my friends out there.

I hope christmas brings you all you wish for and more.

Hopefully you will all have the christmas you want, and get to spend it with who ever you wish, I wished for Jensen and Jared but looks like I have to settle for my family!

Christmas Glitter Graphics

I will now go back to watching every christmas movie I can squeeze in, oh and I got my Steve Carlson christmas cd just in time for christmas :)
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Right, I feel the need to post pointless pics of my christmas decs, apologies before hand as my digital camera is shit and I will be replacing it soon with a nice new better resolution one. Below you will find a selection of our christmas decs, this isnt even all of it, we take christmas seriously hee! 
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We had our christmas night on friday and I have never laughed so much in my life, just great fun, I love my work mates.  I know have all my christmas decorations up in my rooms, the roof is done  in the sitting room and we just have to do the tree etc, I will post pics when it is all done.

I watched Supernatural and I really enjoyed it, the ending didnt surprise me at all, I am used to being left hanging by shows.  I have now watched episode 11 of Heroes and OMG, am I the only one getting the Peter/Nathan Broyay vibe.  I now need to go and write the rest of my christmas cards and wrap presents.

Ok I was tagged by [profile] tnt_dynamite but to be honest I was gonna do it anyway, I aint gonna bother tagging anyone but you are free to steal :) And its much more fun with pictures so here goes

List 10 Fictional Characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.


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