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Just a very quick message to wish a
Very Happy Birthday to the lovely
[personal profile] janglyjewels!

Hope your having a wonderful day hun, you deserve it :)

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Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] glorfinniel ! Hope your having a lovely day and are enjoying the shopping :)

I am so excited that were getting AJ and Travis at the Vancouver con, they were so awesome at Asylum08 and I was kinda hoping they might be back this year, my one regret was that I didn't get there photo op at the last Asylum but now I can have both for $50 :) that sounds like a good deal to me when there charging $40 for them individually \0/

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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] mara_sho , and happy birthday to [ profile] smeckles90 

Hope you both had/have an awesome birthday :)

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I know I am late, but better late that never.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [ profile] siluria  I had a blast meeting you at MPH08, hopefully we will get hang out again before next year :)

Now for a very important announcement!!!!


Another season of the adorable Colin Morgan, the gorgeous Bradley James and the OTP Merlin/Arthur, there are times I love you BBC :D This is the best news in ages

Now I just have to make it through Saturdays Finale, I predict tears, squeeing and swearing when we get a god damn cliff hanger.

I finished my Christmas cards yesterday, am having a night off tonight before I start on the wrapping, writing cards and decorations LOL.

Am looking forward to watching the second episode of Leverage, will probably have to save it for tomorrow night.

Still not feeling 100%, keep planning an early night but it never really works.

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As I am made of fail, this is late.  But in my defence I didnt forget, my computer decided to overheat and be totally sucky, when I did get online I got a bit distracted by my current favourite wizard and his prince *ducks head*.  Better late that never right.  I shall attempt to do post later on such things as Top Gear \0/ Supernatural and most likely Merlin LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [personal profile] kitty_cat89 

Hope you had a awesome day with lots of lovely pressies :D
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] faninohio 

Hope your having a wonderful day hun, and I hope the coming year is filled with every thing you wish for and more.

I have been very negligent in my commenting on my flist, I have been busy sorting out Christmas shopping and work has been slightly unsettled so that's my excuse, that and *cough* Merlin *cough* I am planning on going to bed early and catching up on Dexter, hopefully over the weekend I will catch up with you guys. 

I still need to set aside a weekend to make my Christmas cards, have been debating whether I will make them but I always end up doing it, not sure if I will be doing the card list this year.

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Just a quick fly by post to wish the ever so lovely [ profile] deliciousmelody  a very wonderful and Happy Birthday.

Have a great day hun, with plenty of TG fun!

On a side note I have a serious problem/addiction.  I have now read every single bit of fanfiction on [ profile] merlinxarthur  :( now I need more, why isn;t there more, guess that's always a problem when fandom is only 5 minutes old, also the standard of the fic is amazing.  I think there was only one that wasnt stunning, and by any fandom standards is was good.  Also I have been eating Daves Burning Nuts for the last two days, man these are good and live up to the name.  There actually hot enough for me so god help people who arent a fan of the burn LOL.

Hee HSM3 was just on Film 2008, yes I am that sad and I so don't care.

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I did this post a few days ago but fire-fox ate it so I couldn't be bothered doing it again.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to [personal profile] halfshellvenus for writing me this lovely birthday fic.  Is is Sam/Dean but is PG-13 and is such a gorgeous drabble, I  would  implore everyone to read it :)   Also huge *hugs* to the lovely [profile] cenea for writing me fluffy Richard/Jeremy Top Gear Slash for my birthday, its lovely and its here :) everyone go read now!

I still have a meme to do of pretty people, may get to that later.

With my big bro being up we decided to do a bit of the sight seeing thing, not that there is many sights to see  out here.  We hit John O'groats on Sunday, it was Harbour Day which meant trying to avoid the pipe band.  We dropped of Jason and Kasia so they could check out the Harbour  Day, pipe band included.   We took the dogs out around Dunnett's Head instead, at the right time of year you can see Puffins, sadly they had migrated by now.  There was plenty of Fulmars and Kittiwakes though.   After heading into  John O'Groats for some chips, running away from the pipe band and looking around the over priced shops it was time for home and Jas to cook us a lovely dinner of Chili Prawn Stir-Fry.

Today they have gone back to Aberdeen, we are planning on trying to go see Lee Evans in Glasgow in October, any of my Glasgow gals going or interested?

Yesterday at work I got presents and cake, I got a lovely necklace and a very pretty spending pot, for saving money in and then smashing when its full :) its too pretty though, I doubt any money will go in it, its too nice to smash.

Today when I got home I had a parcel, it was finally my Cd's for Jason Manns cancelled Edinburgh concert, supposedly I was sent a email, which I never got when the first lot went out.  As a apology I also got a t-shirt, two key rings, badges and Jason CD and Riley's CD I was meant to plus Jason & Jensen CD :)

Speaking of that, I haven't watched any of the Comic Con videos as I am scared of the spoiler, I will possibly watch with the sound off LOL.

Top Gear on Sunday was brilliant, very sad the series is over already but this weeks highlight had to be Hammond gracious winning of the bowler race.  Richard and Jeremy's reaction when The Stig *cough* sorry James beat Sabine and James *I was bound and gagged in the locker room* yes I bet you were *g* James made some great faces this episode.  Oh oh and the spitfires, can we get them in those flight suits a bit more often. 

I am now going to watch The F Word and swear at Gordon Ramsay as he kills puffins :(  and catch up with my flist.

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Belated Happy Birthday day to [personal profile] openskies

Hope you had a great day dear, would have wished you a fab day yesterday but I was trapped on a train :)
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Hope you had a lovely holiday dear, looking forward to catching up with you and all your posts!

[personal profile] aditu_az
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Happy Birthday to [profile] oz_obsessed , hope you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year to come full of squee and Winchester goodness. Cant wait to meet you this year :)

MySpace Glitter Graphics

Now for everyone else HAPPY NEW YEAR!

MySpace Glitter Graphics

I hope you all had a good one, I spent mines with Mal, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe, Jane etc otherwise know as Firefly, I finished the series and then went on to watch Serenity. What a brilliant film, I really cant believe that a series like this only got 14 episodes. I love Nathan Fillion now more than ever.

I normally find New Year rather depressing but this one feels different, I am optimistic that this will be a great year full of possibilities and oppurtunities, not to mention Jensen and Jared in May :) maybe thats what is different!

Oh and I got my new camera and its just amazing, I will be annoying you all with boring photos once I get them uploaded.

I think as my new year treat I am going to book my plane tickets to birmingham (once I have worked out my money situation first).

Oh god I have to go back to work on wednesday, no doubt all my optimisium will go out the window when I fall out of bed at 05:40.
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Happy Birthday [profile] deadflowerss

Have a fantastic birthday hon, and a wonderful year to come full of lots of Wincest and Captain Jack goodness :)
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I am now going to prove beyond doubt how sad I am and post pictures of my Dalek army, birthday presents *yah* and other random things like my new baby laptop.

But first am totally loving the spoilers for ep3 of SPN, not going to discuss or anything but this one I am looking forward to, might have to go to bed soon as unfortunatley I have to go back to work tommorrow but I think I can stand a 2 day week! Oh and [profile] __3amconfession my dear friend has tagged me for the meme List six things about yourself and then tag six people. I aint gonna tag anyone but if anyone on my flist feels like it go ahead.
Me, me me, its all about me )

Now onto the pics

Click me for photos )


Jul. 25th, 2006 02:22 am
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It’s sad, I am now officially 26 *sobs*, feels pretty much the same as 25.

I just have a general sense of lack of accomplishment and feeling of going nowhere, I always feel like this around about my birthday.

May also have to do with the lack of sleep due to the heat etc and I will hopefully feel better in the morning after presents etc :). Comments always cheer me up *hint, hint* If all else fails I will spend tomorrow reading scorching hot fics and watch my boys. Hopefully the next post will be back to my random fangirl squeeing goodness.


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