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God I am so tired, I hate this time of the month, I also have a sneaky suspicion I am coming down with the cold that's going.

I am trying to work out what to get signed at Asylum3, I have the 10x8 as part of my package and I will be taking some old photo shots, J & J CD plus Season Guides.  But now after seeing some of the new Richart prints I WANT, I have some of the other prints but new ones are really gorgeous.

I am tempted to get this one signed by Jensen and Jared

This one I could get signed by Amy Gumenick, Matthew Cohen, Samantha Smith and Fredric Lehne

And this one would be perfect for Mischa of course

I didn't buy the big Asylum3 print because I don't have the wall room, that and I don't know if it would fit in my case, I am tempted to measure both and see what I can get in.  It would mean I would need to take my larger case but I might need that anyway, that and as I am flying most of the way the size of the case isn't really an issue.  I was tempted to go up to three signatures each for Jensen and Jared but I think its just a bit greedy, if I get the print I might have to though.

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I think the word of today is fraught!

I knew today was going to be mad at work, Thursday is the second planning meeting of the week, my work colleague who normally does all the planning and work control stuff is off to London till Tuesday.  Meaning I am doing both jobs, one of which I don't do often making it more stressful than normal.  Otherwise I would have booked today off, no other cover so I had to work.

Add to that it being the 16TH OF APRIL, more specifically the day all Asylum attendees exploded.  I managed to use up my entire phone battery attempting to get on-line on my phone and checking my messages/twitter/googlemail.  I sent our email for Friday Autos but hadn't heard anything by home time, might have been a mistake using work email but I had no other access to email until lunch time which just wasn't going to work.  Has anyone heard yet?

Eventually got J2 photo shoot \0/, got it during the second load.  It was really hard waiting for someone else to get them, I think I prefer being in control and knowing exactly what's going rather than relying on someone else.  I almost cant believe it actually happening,

I didn't get Jared, that mainly because I decided I didn't need Jared as I am happy with my Dallas photo shoot.  Then when we were having J2 issues I decided maybe I should get a Jared one but then they sold out.  Its cool though as I don't really need one, if I decide I really want one I can get one it at Asylum3 or I may just get one at Vancouver, you can never have too many Jared pictures right.  I did get a Jared Autograph tonight, I am planning to get him to sign my Dallas photo shoots :) some of the others can sign the group one as well.

As a results of all these things I still have a stack of work on my desk I would normally have sailed through.  Meaning tomorrow probably isn't going to be any easier, good job it Friday!  I am going to watch ER and unwind :Do
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I got my Asylum confirmation letter \0/ I'm number 62, not 63 as expected but that's even better.  Now just to get our J2 photo shoot and Jared autographs, not getting a Jared Photo shoot as I am happy with my Dallas one, that and there's always Vancouver.  I got my train tickets home to get me to Inverness for my flight to Birmingham, I even printed out all my paypal receipts so far.

Is it a bit anal that I have all my travel info/tickets etc organised in piles, in order of when I am off, what can I say I like to be organised LOL

I have somehow managed to hurt my big toe today, we had a bus driver that drives like a bat out of hell today.  I was attempting to adjust my coat as you do, I pushed my foot onto the foot bar for leverage and obviouly pushed a bit too hard.  Something cracked, its not broken or anything but is painful if I straighten it or stretch it.  It was painful to walk on after I got off the bus.  I think its getting better but if it get worses tommorrow I can get it checked out at OHD.

I am slowly downloading Becoming Human, I need to get the rest of Castle and Dollhouse.  I need entertainment for the bus on Friday.  Oh I must remember to Sky+ Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Skellig plus anything else that might be of interessted ha ha.

Am so looking forward to hitting Glasgow and hanging out with [ profile] wenchpixie  for the weekend :D

Oh and I totally cant decide what phone I want, I took a shine to the Samsung Blackjack II that was on Fringe yesterday, theres so many, but I have to admit none of the smart phones are really that pretty, I love my U9 and am so not ready to part with it.  I just want something I can put online.

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I just watched the first dvd in Asylum 2 dvd set, its great, lovely to see the guests and bring back great memories. 

I do wish I could hear the questions better, I can figure out mostly what they are from the answers, I guess you cant film everything at once :)

I haven't got my confirmation letter yet :( stupid postal service, my roomie got hers.  I have booked the rest of my travel up till the end of June \0/

Supernatural this week was great once again :D

Now back to veggie in front of the tv LOL
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I have changed my flight for Asylum till Thursday 28th :D It cost me an extra £25 but its worth it.

I am still working on the hotel, I tried to change the reservation through the hotel site, it appears after some mucking about that they aren't offering the Asylum Dinner, Bed and Breakfast rate for the Thursday through the hotel site and changing the reservation through the site will loose me the Asylum rate for all nights. 

I have contacted them to see if I would be able to get the rate for the Thursday as well, I will phone them to check if I don't hear anything.  All else fails I can book Thursday separately through the site, will mean fanning around changing rooms and checking In/Out but that's nothing major as I will be living out of my case anyway's LOL.  I can get a Single Dinner, Bed And Breakfast for £132.  Next year I'm booking the extra days off the bat.

Besides that hows everyone, nothing really exciting happening here, works the same as usual ticking along.  I am having a free day out on Friday, our cars going in for a service so I get a free trip to our nearest city, free dinner and acces to shops \0/ even if I am skint thats better than being at work.
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Wow there's a lot of info relating to Asylum3 today, all of it very useful but its making me slight panicky about the Friday. 

My flight doesn't get in till
15:30 on Friday, registration will already be open by that time, we are hoping to get our Autographs in the Friday session and then there doing the J2 photo shoots, not to mention the Wine Reception.  Is it wrong to be relieved that J2 aren't doing the Wine Reception, it would have just been an absolute cattle market, probably still will be LOL. 

So I need to get from the Airport to check us in, drop off stuff, get registered and pick up our pack, make sure everything thing is there. Get in line for autos, get my J2 photo shot done and then get changed in time for the wine reception, I may be dead by this point already.  I really wish I was flying in on Thursday, am sorely tempted to get a flight but then I have nowhere to stay, my roomie is short on cash as well and cant pay for another night when she isn't even going to be there. 

I dont want to start the weekend off stressed but thats probably going to happen anyways :)  I do love [ profile] asylum_con  as I dont have to trawl through the Rogue Events forum for all the news, thank god there not selling the J2 photo shot and Jared autos till April, now wouldnt be a good time.

One of fav obsessions HANDBAGS! )

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It is highly amusing living in my house.

Last night when Jared was announced for Asylum3 (squee) I text my roomie [ profile] rosedean  to let her know the good news.

My mother was pottering about in the kitchen when the phone rang. 

The person on the other end of the phone was kinda excited shouting What and laughing. My mother being the polite soul she is said something along the lines of “Fuck off you stupid little bastard” and hung up thinking it was a nuisance call.  

As soon as she answered the phone I had a feeling it was my roomie, and then when she started ranting about the number I recognised it. I then went on the check the calls and it was [ profile] rosedean .

Meaning I had to phone her back and apologise for my family as my mother, my brother and his girlfriend were creasing themselves around me. They were in absolute hysterics. 

I have been told I sound like my mother on the phone and [ profile] rosedean  had thought it was me she was speaking too the first time. After we had our squee on the phone I collapsed in hysterics as well and couldn’t look at my mother the whole night without killing my self laughing.

My mothers phone manner leaves a lot to be desired LOL 


Mar. 12th, 2009 10:58 pm
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Just to join in with the rest of my flist


That is all :D
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Asylum 09 )
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Fringe 1X09 )

Twilight )

I like everyone else booked our Mischa Collis photoshoots for Asylum 3 \0/

I have been an awful flister, I haven't commented on anything, I'm blaming the distracting Merlin/Arthur fan fiction that is just too good.  I don't know what I am going to do in a few weeks when there's no Merlin to look forward to on a Saturday.  Now damn it BBC announce a second series, I get enough of this grief with Supernatural etc.

I plan to start making my Christmas cards tomorrow, have been told I take over the sitting room as normal so I will be able to work on them all weekend.  Then I need to start on the flash e cards, people can still sign up for card here, some people will be getting anyway whether they sign up or not LOL.  Its sad that I dont really feel all that festive yet, hopefully making cards will help with that.  I nned to get presents wrapped and sent off.

Also on a techie note, Firefox has decided it doenst like .JPG, it wont save them with there original filename, I get a stupid error message.  I have to shorten it as much as possible before it will save.  Anyone had this, I also think I have virus issues again, Avast keeps telling me theres hidden rootkits and a virus in the boot but everytime I scan the boot it finds nothing?

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Just upgraded for Asylum 09, ticket number 63 :D I went for diamond, I was totally swayed by the two free autographs and possibly the wine reception \0/
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Right, John Barrowman has officially been announced for The Hub in the Showmasters Forum.  So far we have Tosh, Captain Jack and Paul Kasey who plays a lot of aliens in Torchwood and Doctor Who.  Is anyone interessted, I know [personal profile] openskies is :).

I booked my group shot for Asylum, couldn't pass it up really.  I am working on the theory that all those awesome people in one photo will out way whatever mess I look.

Right I am getting my Glasgow hotel and travel booked for June when I get paid, anyone available for hanging out on the 04/06/08.

I am sure I had other things to say but I am tired.

Sigh :(

Apr. 2nd, 2008 10:16 pm
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Jared's cancelled Asylum, not surprised but still bummed. 

Asylum will still be awesome and its totally going to be worth it for all the great people there (and no I'm not talking about the guests :), well unless the last minutes guests are AMAZING). 

Steve and Jason make it worth it alone, why do I think I may be going for their photo shoots if possible.

What actual makes me more sad than Jared's cancelling, is his film choices. 

Its great he is working and that comes first but seriously Friday the 13th WTF. 

I love horror films but our boy can really act and should be putting his skills to much better use.  I don't really expect this to be a fabulous film that will further Jared's film career.  Hopefully I will be proved wrong.

OK I am now going to start looking forward to John Barrowman next Thursday as that will take away the sad.

Rogue Events forum is currently rather scary, will be stalking it until we get the new guests announced, wont be getting my hopes up for any major guests.  Starting to think may have to make a trip across the pond to see the boys.
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I have just been paid...

I have just booked my hotel and travel for the John Barrowman gig in Glasgow in April :) 

I can now book the leave tomorrow and then sort out my train etc for Asylum!

EDT: I have just booked my travel for Asylum, [personal profile] wenchpixie babe I will book the hotel if its not cool for Monday or if you have to work on Tuesday, just let me know for certain.  I

 am thinking it would probably be easier anyways as I wont have to get into town to get home.
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Right have booked flights for Birmingham in May, thanks [personal profile] wenchpixie  :) just need to sort out the rest of it.  I haven't booked any of the Brighton stuff yet as I have contacted [profile] glorfinniel[personal profile] unhobbityhobbit and [personal profile] aditu_az about room sharing, If all else fails and I hear nothing I will just book a double and have a nice big bed to myself,  I am sure I will only be in it to sleep, hopefully wont be abandoned there on my own.  Will hopefully get it sorted tommorrow after work, as normal I am paranoid there will be no rooms left and the bus will be full but I am sure a day will OK.

I  LOVED Torchwood, I know its not a perfect show by any means but as a long term slasher/shipper its like a fanfic come to life on the screen,  RTD can be very good to us when he wants.

I am going to go now and watch more Top  Gear, finished RH book last night.  Didn't think it was possible to love Hamster more than I did already , I was so wrong and Mindy is just amazing :D  Now I  can start on Jeremy's latest, I may need to investigate James books  as  he shouldn't be left out  ;)
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I have been thinking about holidays today, after looking at travel for Brighton yesterday I received an email from Flybe today so I though I would have a nosey for flights to Birmingham from Glasgow, there are currently ones available at £0.00 so basically you only have to pay taxes etc. 

The ones I looked at (no idea if this ones would be any use, I am just mucking about) came to £49.98 for the return before fees etc which ain't half bad.  I think I need to get my head around it and book at sometime.  Most likely will have to travel to Glasgow one day and fly out the next same as last time.  I will look into it more, then I just have to organise trip to Glasgow for John Barrowman :D

Going Out
Flight No BE7087
Thu 08 May 2008 12:10 depart. Glasgow International (GLA)
  13:25 arrive. Birmingham (BHX)

Coming Back
Flight No BE7086
Mon 12 May 2008 10:30 depart. Birmingham (BHX)
  11:45 arrive. Glasgow International (GLA)

Booking for 1 passenger
Airfare per Adult £ 0.00 (per person)
Taxes and charges per Adult £ 49.98 (per person)
For 1 Adult
Total airfare and taxes £ 49.98  
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Happy New Year!

Mines wasn't particularly exciting or anything, took it with my Mum.  Then when she went to bed I went to play on my computer and them watched some Top Gear till about 04:00 me thinks.

I really don't enjoy New Year, up here its just another weekend which gives all the drunken idiots another excuse to get rat arsed and be a bunch of knobs.  I have no problem with people enjoying a drink but drinking to get so drunk you don't know what your doing etc never appealed to me.

But never mind that, here's to a great 2008!  Must get organised, I think by this time last year I had booked the flights for Asylum.  Are we still doing Brighton in February guys, think we will need to organise travel for this trip as don't think doing it at the last minute will do.

I also need to organise my John Barrowman trip and I am sure that will just be the start of it.

The best things of 2007 was getting to meet and hang out with so many fellow fan girls, looking forward to more of the same in 2008 and of course Asylum :D

My monster torrent has finally finished downloading, I can now look forward to watching series 1 to 8 of Top Gear in all it glory *glee*
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First off why has Jason Mann changed his gig to Edinburgh, nothing against the place, I just ain't as keen on it as Glasgow.  Has anyone bought tickets yet, and you know where for?

I wasn't online at all last night, just didn't feel the need, that and I was distracted my HSM on Disney and my shiny new computer!  Its nice not to be online once in a while, I am now as a result trying to catch up with my flist but that's the normal. 

I am very sad to see that some of my flist is having a very hard time, I am sorry I wasn't around, even though there's nothing I can say to make it better I want to be there for everyone, whether its just to offer *hugs* or whatever, special hugs to the lovely [personal profile] mara_sho and [profile] _doodle, whatever you guys need I'm here. 

It also makes me feel bad for complaining about my problems, which are nothing compared to others. I try not to moan too much but we all have issues so sometimes cant help it.  Hopefully I don't go emo on you guys too much, I am guilty of bottling things so please excuse the odd outburst.

I am glad to say I received my new debit card yesterday so I have been busy updating retailers, still have some to contact yet but now I can return to my fav hobby, SHOPPING!! Just have to be more careful from now me thinks.

I feel like I am about to become obsessed by High School Musical 2, I am already on countdown till Friday when its on Disney.  Yes I could download it and watch it now but I want to do something legally for once!  Dad has also take home a copy of the old and new Hairspray which I shall claim :D

About 18 days till I hit Glasgow, this has been keeping me going this week, it will then be days till S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am already planning for next years Asylum (yes I know its sad but whatever), I want to get an autograph book so I have somewhere to gather them, now as I don't like to do things the normal way was thinking of one of these in A5

The seller is also going to design me one with Angel wings!

I am sure I had other things to post, I'll just spam you if I remember :D

Oh I remembered, I have decided on an Archos 704 or 705 when I have money, just have to decide if I want the one with WIFI or freeview TV.


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