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Woo Hoo I am just back from my blood pressure test 130/70!

which is pretty much text book perfect :) don't need to get it checked for another 6 months :D and that was me stressed and worried about it \0/ I got stuck twice for my blood test, my veins are a nightmare but eventually got blood. 

I have to phone up for the results on Friday, hopefully they will be OK, I expect my cholesterol to still be high but will deal with that.

I can now relax and enjoy what is left of my day off. 

Now onto more pleasant things, I have been absent from the Internet since Thursday evening as I spent the weekend hanging out with the lovely [ profile] wenchpixie, it was as expected an awesome weekend, good company, good food and brilliantly good and bad TV in equal amounts, what more can a girl want. Well the bloody daleks but that's another story, there will be pictures once I nab them off wench!  I doubt I will ever tire of Glasgow, if there is one place that could tempt me away from home thats it.

As a result of spending 4 days in Glasgow/Ayr, my laptop still at home in Wick, I am so behind on my flist that there is no way I am going to catch up, please link me anything I need to see.  I will try and catch up but its hard and I do have to go back to work tomorrow :(

Hee benefit of being off work, I am watching Hammonds Blast Lab.  Things I learned from my weekend, Kipling Backpacks rock and have wonderful tardis properties and buses hate me, they pick the day I am travelling to be insanely busy and people follow me at changes.  Thankfully I have booked train for next three trips \o/ which means I can travel with laptop and wheelie case if necessary, I have issues with putting luggage on the bus luggage compartment, mainly because everytime I even consider it my mother pipes up "be careful, it might get nicked".  It happened to my brother one time as well, so yeah tad paranoid.

[ profile] wenchpixie  I am compiling an email now, poke me if I don't get it sent tonight!

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I am entirely packed and organised for visiting the lovely [ profile] wenchpixie  :D the only thing to go in my bag now is my laptop and power supply. 

I have a considerable amount of munchies :), seeing as its the bus I may even take travel tablets in the morning, if it is anything like today's very bumpy, stuffy and squeaky bus I will need them.

I have like two month worth of entertainment on my lovely Archos, phone topped up, I got Jim Beavers book which may find its way into my bag.  I think I am pretty much set \0/

I going to turn on loudtwitter so expect random rants about buses till I get home, oh I need to Sky+ things don't I.

Be good lovelies, have fun, I plan to :D

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I got my Asylum confirmation letter \0/ I'm number 62, not 63 as expected but that's even better.  Now just to get our J2 photo shoot and Jared autographs, not getting a Jared Photo shoot as I am happy with my Dallas one, that and there's always Vancouver.  I got my train tickets home to get me to Inverness for my flight to Birmingham, I even printed out all my paypal receipts so far.

Is it a bit anal that I have all my travel info/tickets etc organised in piles, in order of when I am off, what can I say I like to be organised LOL

I have somehow managed to hurt my big toe today, we had a bus driver that drives like a bat out of hell today.  I was attempting to adjust my coat as you do, I pushed my foot onto the foot bar for leverage and obviouly pushed a bit too hard.  Something cracked, its not broken or anything but is painful if I straighten it or stretch it.  It was painful to walk on after I got off the bus.  I think its getting better but if it get worses tommorrow I can get it checked out at OHD.

I am slowly downloading Becoming Human, I need to get the rest of Castle and Dollhouse.  I need entertainment for the bus on Friday.  Oh I must remember to Sky+ Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Skellig plus anything else that might be of interessted ha ha.

Am so looking forward to hitting Glasgow and hanging out with [ profile] wenchpixie  for the weekend :D

Oh and I totally cant decide what phone I want, I took a shine to the Samsung Blackjack II that was on Fringe yesterday, theres so many, but I have to admit none of the smart phones are really that pretty, I love my U9 and am so not ready to part with it.  I just want something I can put online.

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I just watched the first dvd in Asylum 2 dvd set, its great, lovely to see the guests and bring back great memories. 

I do wish I could hear the questions better, I can figure out mostly what they are from the answers, I guess you cant film everything at once :)

I haven't got my confirmation letter yet :( stupid postal service, my roomie got hers.  I have booked the rest of my travel up till the end of June \0/

Supernatural this week was great once again :D

Now back to veggie in front of the tv LOL
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You remember my lost post when I said computer was fixed, HA HA you know that phrase "spoke too soon" well yeah, it started acting up soon after I posted.

I had some major virus infections but I seem to have cleared all that out now. I have managed to figure out that the random restarting is due to overheating, I wouldn't say its being entirely well behaved, to the point that I momentarily thought about buying a new one, it being purple might have had something to do with it LOL.

I hope everyone knows that I am not ignoring anyone, I will probably never catch up, I will try and keep up now, but if I vanish its most likely computer issues AGAIN so don't hold it against me.

On the plus side, I have finished arranging all my travel for Birmingham and MPH08! I booked my train and bus to get out to Inverness airport for my flight to Birmingham and have contacted the hotel for the phone number for the courtesy bus. The only negative (well apart from the 06:23 train in Friday) I have so far is when I get back to Inverness on the Sunday, I have at least 4 hours before I can get a train home, meaning I wont be in till 22:00 at night *sigh* Why do I predict a lot of time sitting in a very cold train station, unless the luggage lockers are actually open for once. Oh well its not like I haven't done it before :) Now can I get excited *bounces*

I haven't watched the latest episode of Supernatural yet, that is for later when I have peace.

I know very few people on my flist actually like Twilight, but seriously the trailer that was released yesterday is gorgeous and addictive. I sat watching a certain scene over and over for about 5 minutes.

I probably had other things to say but I have forgotten, so I will just say hey! Oh and thank fuck its friday :D
Because I like to share, wont mean much to people who havent read Twilight but OMG!! )


Aug. 19th, 2008 09:28 pm
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I went on a little spending spree, I ordered all the Top Gear books, stickers books and all :D And pre-ordered the ones that aren't out yet.  I ordered Hamsters every changing title second book, I am now wondering if he will be doing a book tour when it comes out, knowing my luck it will be nowhere near me if it is and I have next to no leave left.

Thinking of Hammond as I do *g* I was looking at my travel for MPH 08, looks like my flights are going to be just under £100 to get from Inverness to Birmingham, obviously the sooner I do it the cheaper it will be, then have to book train to get to Inverness and from there I can hop a bus around the corner to the Airport.  Just checked and my train is currently £30, may look at buses or wait till theres an apex. So without accomodation thats £130 already, what I do for my boys.

Great I have just checked out the Hilton Birmingham Metropole and its fully booked up for those dates, even better there is no rooms at the Crown Plaza or the Express By Holiday Inn :( I so knew I should have booked earlier.  Girls where on earth are we going to stay, most of the best ones seem to be sold out.

I did have other things to say but I am currently having a freak out.
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Hopefully everyone is having a very pleasant weekend :)  My computer has been on but I have been a bit distracted from the Internet and as a result LJ.   I'm totally behind, will try and catch up shortly.

I have spent a large part of the weekend attached to a book, Mum went out to visit one of her sisters Saturday afternoon so I was able to finish Eclipse, am now about 300 pages into Breaking Dawn.  I wish I had more time to read than I do, but with work and not wanting to abandon my family its not always easy.  Well that and I'm addicted to the internet, fanfic counts as reading though, right?

Does anyone have any good book recommendation's, I'd love a new series to start, I love fantasy, sci-fi, horror/romance anything with a bit of magic to it, something that will get inside my head, really anything that will suck me in.  I plan to start on the Dexter book next.

I have my Travis gig sorted now as well, my best friend from work is going to come with me.  She will drive us down so we can spend the day in Inverness, go to the gig at night and then drive us back home :)  I only asked on the off chance, she has a teenage son and her mum has eye sight problems so she wouldn't have been able to come if it was further afield so I'm delighted :D  Also on the plus side I don't have to book the train or hotel \0/

Now just have to organise travel for the trip to London for Ten Inch Hero and then travel/accommodation for MPH08.  I have all my leave booked though so that something.

I really don't have the most exciting life, so I don't have much else to say.
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Hope everyone is having a lovely Good Friday.

As you can see I am not partaking in the strike, I have a paid account and my not posting really wont change anything.

I have so far managed to actually be productive.  Got up earlier than normal when I don't have to, I was actually dressed by about 12:00 :)

I finally managed to clean out my bedroom, I got all the craft stuff put away that has been loitering since Christmas.  Cleared out my drawers, got all my travel stuff organised and found the floor after I tidied all the bags, DVDs and books. 

Next thing is to clear my computer desk so I can find it again, you can tell my father has been there, paper all over the place.

So what is everyone up to today?

I cant remember if I mentioned that I got the money back that Student Loan Company owed me, well I have been using it to buy sensible things like clothes and travelling stuff like packing cubes.  I also bought the most awesome Laptop Sleeve and charger bag by Built NY.  The laptop sleeve is now like a sleeping bag for my laptop and keeps it safe and snugly and the Charger Bag is just the best idea, I no longer have to have chargers rattling around the bottom of my bag when I go off.  You can see it all here, mines are the stripy ones, trying to stop myself from buying the Laptop Bag.

I should say something about Torchwood but I would just go on about THAT SCENE and make nonsensical noises.  I also haven't commented on the fact that I watched the Golden Compass, but apart from saying its EXTREMLY ANNOYING it wouldn't go well.

OK its quiet so I am going back to lurking on Hammond Heaven.
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I have just been paid...

I have just booked my hotel and travel for the John Barrowman gig in Glasgow in April :) 

I can now book the leave tomorrow and then sort out my train etc for Asylum!

EDT: I have just booked my travel for Asylum, [personal profile] wenchpixie babe I will book the hotel if its not cool for Monday or if you have to work on Tuesday, just let me know for certain.  I

 am thinking it would probably be easier anyways as I wont have to get into town to get home.


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