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*whimpers* Gareth-David Lloyd has just been confirmed for The Hub, John Barrowman and Gareth in the same place. 

Now I am really jealous of everyone going, I am trying really hard not to look into travel etc, there would be no hotel rooms left, nobody I know is going, I have 4.5 days left till do me till the end of february and I havent booked my extra days off at christmas.


If they announce any body else fab like James Marsters and I may cry.

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Being an impatient one, I emailed MPH a few days ago about when we were likely to hear about presenters for TG Live.  I got this reply today

"Hi Laura,

Thanks for your email,

More details will be released in the next few weeks about the presenters, please check our website ( for more information

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter where you will find all the latest news on MPH featuring Top Gear Live

Regards, Kylie"

I am hoping that means before the tickets go on sale, best mate cant come with so will be looking forward to hanging out with TGS'ers, will most likely need help navigating and a shopping buddy would be good :D

Rogue events keep trying to tempt me with more Conventions.  The problem I have with Ravens is that its October, which is when MPH 08 is, and The Hub if I get organised to go.

Normal service has resumed with the weather today, its wet and windy and as I had no hood, and there yet to make a brolly that is Caithness wind proof I got soaking wet, THREE times.  Should really do something with my hair, it will be a fright in the morning, not really having the energy to care.

Loving the new TG Belgium pics, new series is going to be soo good, roll on 22nd of June \0/
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Right, John Barrowman has officially been announced for The Hub in the Showmasters Forum.  So far we have Tosh, Captain Jack and Paul Kasey who plays a lot of aliens in Torchwood and Doctor Who.  Is anyone interessted, I know [personal profile] openskies is :).

I booked my group shot for Asylum, couldn't pass it up really.  I am working on the theory that all those awesome people in one photo will out way whatever mess I look.

Right I am getting my Glasgow hotel and travel booked for June when I get paid, anyone available for hanging out on the 04/06/08.

I am sure I had other things to say but I am tired.
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Someone please stop me, stop me from thinking about going to the Torchwood Convention The Hub

I have no one to go to Northampton with, don't even know how I would get there. 

No....I'm going to wait till they announce more guests...even though I adore Tosh...anyone else thinking about going.

 If a certain JB was confirmed, then I would be there in a heartbeat, but I have serious doubts that will happen. 

Also that's about the time, I am plotting for MPH 08...can they please announce that all three boys are doing TG Live....PLEASE!!!!

Doctor Who

Apr. 5th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Why do I do it to myself. 

I have seen the film Stepmom enough times to know how it ends and what it does to me.  

Really sobbining before trying to sleep isn't good and neither is watching Extreme Make Over: Home Edition before hand :(

Nothing much new here, am clinging to the thought that this time next week it will be the last day before John Barrowman gig :D

Also is it wrong that I am more excited about seeing everyone and hanging out at Asylum than I am about the actual con.  If there going to make an announcement I just wish they would hurry up and do it now.

Finale of Torchwood on Friday and then new Doctor Who on Saturday \0/ anyone would think they planned it :)

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Hope everyone is having a lovely Good Friday.

As you can see I am not partaking in the strike, I have a paid account and my not posting really wont change anything.

I have so far managed to actually be productive.  Got up earlier than normal when I don't have to, I was actually dressed by about 12:00 :)

I finally managed to clean out my bedroom, I got all the craft stuff put away that has been loitering since Christmas.  Cleared out my drawers, got all my travel stuff organised and found the floor after I tidied all the bags, DVDs and books. 

Next thing is to clear my computer desk so I can find it again, you can tell my father has been there, paper all over the place.

So what is everyone up to today?

I cant remember if I mentioned that I got the money back that Student Loan Company owed me, well I have been using it to buy sensible things like clothes and travelling stuff like packing cubes.  I also bought the most awesome Laptop Sleeve and charger bag by Built NY.  The laptop sleeve is now like a sleeping bag for my laptop and keeps it safe and snugly and the Charger Bag is just the best idea, I no longer have to have chargers rattling around the bottom of my bag when I go off.  You can see it all here, mines are the stripy ones, trying to stop myself from buying the Laptop Bag.

I should say something about Torchwood but I would just go on about THAT SCENE and make nonsensical noises.  I also haven't commented on the fact that I watched the Golden Compass, but apart from saying its EXTREMLY ANNOYING it wouldn't go well.

OK its quiet so I am going back to lurking on Hammond Heaven.
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Brighton is officially DONE! 

Have just booked the family room from moi, [profile] glorfinniel and  [personal profile] unhobbityhobbit, I went for the early check in as we are arriving from London at 12:30, are you guys meeting us at London or Brighton? Its only £27 each so that a bargain.  I have booked my megabus and the train down, it is an insane amount of travel in a short period but it will be worth it :D

Now I just hope there's enough money in my bank for all this, thankfully I have an overdraft I have never used so it will OK.

As I said to [personal profile] wenchpixie I will be arriving about 16:14 in Glasgow on Thursday 07 so would love to see people, otherwise I am going to be sitting in a bus/train station on my tod till 23:00

Also my Purple Shimmer DMs have  arrived, they are very pretty and hopefully will be as comfortable as I remember.

Now tomorrow I can book my leave, I love doing that.

I have one further comment on last night Torchwood, Captain John Harts boots OMFG, that  is all.[profile]
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Right have booked flights for Birmingham in May, thanks [personal profile] wenchpixie  :) just need to sort out the rest of it.  I haven't booked any of the Brighton stuff yet as I have contacted [profile] glorfinniel[personal profile] unhobbityhobbit and [personal profile] aditu_az about room sharing, If all else fails and I hear nothing I will just book a double and have a nice big bed to myself,  I am sure I will only be in it to sleep, hopefully wont be abandoned there on my own.  Will hopefully get it sorted tommorrow after work, as normal I am paranoid there will be no rooms left and the bus will be full but I am sure a day will OK.

I  LOVED Torchwood, I know its not a perfect show by any means but as a long term slasher/shipper its like a fanfic come to life on the screen,  RTD can be very good to us when he wants.

I am going to go now and watch more Top  Gear, finished RH book last night.  Didn't think it was possible to love Hamster more than I did already , I was so wrong and Mindy is just amazing :D  Now I  can start on Jeremy's latest, I may need to investigate James books  as  he shouldn't be left out  ;)
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Dude I seriously hate working, I had the most awful first day back, hectic and annoying.  I did get a gorgeous christmas card from [profile] __3amconfession when I got home, its beautiful and just what I needed to cheer me up.

The thing that got me through the day from hell, was the buzz I got from booking my flights to Birmingham, It makes it more real.  

I have also decided that I am flying to glasgow, I was dreading an 8 hour train journey on my own so flying is much more appealing and I am going to book one of the hotel at Glasgow airport so its nice and easy, I feel so much better now I have a plan, all I need to do is book the next lot of flights and hotel etc EEEEEHHHHHHH :)

I need to go to bed now, sleep is very good if I want to be any use at work tommorrow.
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Should really go to be now as I have to get up at 05:40 but I think I will go watch bones etc first.  Have to say though I watched the first half of The Hogfather, god I love it.  I have never read Terry Pratchett so it probably means more to people who have but I adored it, do I now go read the books, are they in the same vein.  Also Torchwood was sooo good again, very emotional episode, sometimes I dont really like Owen but I did in this ep.

I have to go now and finish two Anniversary cards I was commissioned to make (sounds posh doesnt it) then drool over DB etc!

Still not sure if I like the new post to journal page, took me a while to find where I change the icon the first time.

Oh and I now hopefully have a room mate for Asylum, just waiting for a reply to confirm.

One last thing TWO MORE DAYS TO WORK!!!!!!!!! Then I get to sleep till 03/01/07, 2007 thats scary!
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So was I bored last night, I thought I know I'll have a Jensen/Jared double bill so I watched Devour and then Cry Wolf. I liked both, have to say being a Jensen girl I preferred Devour, so much pretty, his voice overs almost did me in, the sex scene (oh the whimper etc *guh*), I liked the imagery and what it tried to do, could you imagine the son of satan looking like that, made me want to watch the rest of Point Pleasant :). I know I should have paid attention but which one was Jensens dad.

I really enjoyed Cry Wolf as well, it was clever but kind of predictable at the same time if that made sense, Jared was good, his character was less of an idiot than usual, I enjoyed it, why are none of these films remotely scary or even creepy any more, maybe I just watch too many supposedly scary films and tv shows!

I want to watch Dark Angel but I want to skip straight to Jensens episodes which is wrong and will take away from the enjoyment I know but he looks so damn hot, I also need to get back to Season 4 of Smallville, I have too many shows to watch.

Torchwood and Doctor Who rumours )


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