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Oh it’s too warm, I remember now why I don’t much like the sun, that and my addiction to leather jackets isn’t helping any.

I finally managed to get a set of the lost season 2 DVDs, they arrived yesterday and they work and everything. Now I just have to get round to watching them, amazing the number of times I tried to get these damn DVDs, who knew people selling pirate DVDs could be so dishonest *vgb*.

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I have had the most boring day ever, there has been pretty much no work to do since 10:00 but I did find something useful to do. I wrote up all the text for my website for my final assessment, I have gone with the Supernatural site as there is loads I can do with it.

It is really hard to create a whole site to my fav show and not rave about Slash, Wincest, Porn, how they love each other and how I fancy the pants off of both of them. I have showed amazing restraint and it is suitable for anyone, no bad language or nothing, will wonders never cease.

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I was actually good last night, I did course work for a few hours and managed to complete another assessment. I hope I’m not making these pages to simple, I must check them over to see if I can add anything.

Only two more assessment to go (although the last one is a scary mother) and then I can submit the whole thing *Yeah!!!* Now the question is do I do more tonight as mother no doubt will be watching Deal or No Deal and see if I can get started on the next assessment after I wash my hair (probably wont happen) or do I kick back and read lots of Wincest and RPS, hhmm who’s got bets on Wincest*grin*.

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God someone save me from this please, I will seriously fall asleep or go out of my mind if I don’t find something else to do shortly. Its not I enjoy being overly busy but I like enough to keep be going, I’m used to covering two peoples jobs for Christ sake and now I can hardly fill my day, I will be demented before my proper job takes off. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to make myself go to bed before 01:30 and when you have to get up at 05:40 that aint good!!!

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Right, I am officially out of things to do so time for another update. I’m sorry to say that our wee birdie was dead this morning when I got up for work. Think it died from the bacteria from where the evil cat had bitten it, it has been quite happy yesterday flapping around and chirping, but sadly today it had passed away.

I half watched Lost last night and what I paid attention to was good, still not all that fond of the new ones from the back end of the plane, hopefully they will grow on me. I just realised that most of my programmes are ending this week, there’s the series finale of ER which looks WTF, I think Bones as well, and Charmed is done forever on Thursday, The OC and Smallville finishes next week.

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Right I’ve just finished my lunch and this has been one of the longest mornings ever so bugger it all I’m writing my update. Dude seriously if someone doesn’t find me something more to do soon I am going to go mental. I meant to update last night but I got distracted as always *grin*.

Is still amazes me the amount of time I can spend on my F-List, I am in total awe of the things people can create, I love all the fic (obviously), Icons and wallpapers to name but a few. I have downloaded some amazing Supernatural fan vids in the last few days, especially some kick ass Wincest ones, you guys are way too talented and I’m so jealous.

Can I say I adore pic spams, especially Jensen ones. Cant get enough of that boy, he has really gotten better with age as in some of the younger ones he looks way to much like a girl, I assume these are ex-models shots, that pout OMG and the long hair does nothing for me. So much hotter now though. Speaking of Pic Spams there is a great one of JDM as Denny in Greys Anatomy, now I don’t watch this show but these pics are enough to make to want to, I don’t find JDM un-resistible (unless he has yellow eyes) but he looked too good in these shots and the character sounds amazing.

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