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I got my Asylum confirmation letter \0/ I'm number 62, not 63 as expected but that's even better.  Now just to get our J2 photo shoot and Jared autographs, not getting a Jared Photo shoot as I am happy with my Dallas one, that and there's always Vancouver.  I got my train tickets home to get me to Inverness for my flight to Birmingham, I even printed out all my paypal receipts so far.

Is it a bit anal that I have all my travel info/tickets etc organised in piles, in order of when I am off, what can I say I like to be organised LOL

I have somehow managed to hurt my big toe today, we had a bus driver that drives like a bat out of hell today.  I was attempting to adjust my coat as you do, I pushed my foot onto the foot bar for leverage and obviouly pushed a bit too hard.  Something cracked, its not broken or anything but is painful if I straighten it or stretch it.  It was painful to walk on after I got off the bus.  I think its getting better but if it get worses tommorrow I can get it checked out at OHD.

I am slowly downloading Becoming Human, I need to get the rest of Castle and Dollhouse.  I need entertainment for the bus on Friday.  Oh I must remember to Sky+ Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Skellig plus anything else that might be of interessted ha ha.

Am so looking forward to hitting Glasgow and hanging out with [ profile] wenchpixie  for the weekend :D

Oh and I totally cant decide what phone I want, I took a shine to the Samsung Blackjack II that was on Fringe yesterday, theres so many, but I have to admit none of the smart phones are really that pretty, I love my U9 and am so not ready to part with it.  I just want something I can put online.

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Hard Drives - HELP! )
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Well this weekend so far has been rather successful :) well apart from nearly killing my laptop by knocking it off the chair and whacking it off the table (knocking the battery out at a strange angle) but thankfully my baby is OK.  I have commented on everyone's journal and I have just ordered my copy of Ten Inch Hero, google translate is a wonderful thing, even if I did find the English version of the Swedish site afterwards, it was kinda fun figuring out how to order in a language I cant understand a word of LOL.  I also ordered The Christmas Cottage last night.

Have been trying to catch up with Heroes, am now onto episode 4 and its hurting my brain.  Still need to catch up with Pushing Daisies and Dexter, as well as try to get into Fringe.  I also want to watch Greek but I may just wait for a DVD to come out.

Supernatural was once again hilarious, there was too many class scenes to comment on, I totally wanted to hug both boys by the end, well a little bit more than usual.  And can Bobby be any more awesome :)

I shall hopefully be having an Indian shortly, am looking forward to my Madras.  Then setting down to Merlin which no doubt I will have to watch twice because of the non stop talking in our house.  Then Strictly and X-Factor.  I do love Saturday TV when its actually good.

I spied a new toy today that I may invest in sometime in the future.  I have an Archos 705 which I adore, they will be releasing the Archos 7 soon, and it looks gorgeous and there's a mention of it going up to 500GB, plus HD content.  Its like upgrading from my Ipod to my Ipod video, I will only be able to resist for so long but I hate having to buy all new accessories and add-ons, but its so shiny and sexy :D

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\0/ Internet has been bested, problems all seem to be resolved. 

Discovered that the problem wasn't just my laptop, but our whole network.  Thankfully before I decided to start all over again.  We flushed the DNS and put the router back to its factory setting and viola.  I have now removed Norton's and am currently running Avast, also loving  Malwarebytes and Spybots Search and Destroy. 

*hugs* to everyone for all your help and recommendations, have now returned my FireFox to its proper state.  My laptop has never had so many virus scans and software run on in it, on the plus side I have a removed a large amount of hidden Trojans and its running my faster with out Norton's.  Still considered AVG Internet Suite but I am happy with Avast for the minute, may even look into purchasing it if we becomes friends, although if I let it scan my incoming mail it stops anything coming in.  I can now go back to mucking about on the Internet and not pulling my hair out.

OK hows everyone, what have I missed, tell me things, should now be able to catch up with everything.

Will do post later on the Supernatural etc.
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God I love holidays, I have done absolutely nothing productive at all expect spend money :D

Had a very nice Christmas, lovely dinner with family so that was good, watched far too many Christmas movies and specials.  I have yet to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, I had it on but wasn't really paying attention and then BB phoned so I paused it and never got back to it.

Brother and his girlfriend are off at Oldest brothers in Aberdeen so it lovely and peaceful, just me, Mum (who is currently addicted to her new DS Lite) and the dogs so we have been watching films etc, watched Waitress which I loved for reasons more than the obvious.

My laptop has been on constantly since before I went on hols, I am downloading the mother of all downloads, all 28.69 GB of Top Gear Season 1 - 8 (yes I am obsessed, I don't have a problem with this) and its now done 24.34 GB so I am getting closer.  Also the tv recording on my big computer works which is just too much fun.

But the best thing has been playing with my new baby, my main Christmas present of Archos 705!  I love my gadgets and as I coveted this one for a while, its just glorious :) it does everything I could possible want, the vid quality is amazing, musics sounds great, the surfing the web in your bed is fun and being able to record off my sky with the DVR station is just great.  I cant wait to take it on my next long journey (or even on the bus to work).  Now don't get me wrong I still love my Ipod but this basically means I don't need to take my laptop with me on any of the trips I already have planned for the next year (which I need to thing about organising, especially travel for Brighton in Feb).

As its Christmas I may also have treated myself to some nice toys I am waiting on now, I bought a lovely 23" Samsung HD TV for the good people at Duck.Co.Uk, they are damn cheap I tell you, about £150 cheaper than others are for the same TV in the sales.  To go with that I just got an HD DVD Player and as I have an entire cupboard of VHS I want to convert I bought the very handy Daewoo DRVT-40 DVD/VCR Combo which will transfer them to DVD without the nasty green lines I get when I try to cheat with my set up, I think I may need a scart switcher box as that will be 6 things connect to the telly, god I have a lot of wires and technology. 

I also got vouchers and treated myself to the Torchwood DVD set along with some stuff featuring Richard Hammond among other things.

So hows everyone else, now just to survive the New Year :(

New toys

Feb. 16th, 2007 11:41 pm
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I have found a new toy to drool over, I was looking for an alternative to the Apple tv whichI have is gorge but I am not sure it does what I want.

As a result i found Multi-Media players, heres an example

I want one now, I have this thing where I cant watch the things I download on the computer, I covert and burn everything to dvd to watch on my tv.  This would mean I only have to burn the things I want to keep or that my brother and sister watch, I wouldnt have to spend hours waiting for a disc to convert and burn, I can just copy it to the multi media player. 

I could also watch the thousands of fanvids I have downloaded when ever I want, it would make a good back up for all my files as well.  Also 750gb at £399 bargain, I know what my payrise is going on.

As pretty as the Apple TV is, this is just so much better :)

I'm such a geek when it comes to technology *vbg*

Of course it friday which means I am still downloading supernatural, as I was ill I am behind on everything else too.  Hopefully I can catch up over the weekend and then join in on the squee fest!


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