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I just watched the first dvd in Asylum 2 dvd set, its great, lovely to see the guests and bring back great memories. 

I do wish I could hear the questions better, I can figure out mostly what they are from the answers, I guess you cant film everything at once :)

I haven't got my confirmation letter yet :( stupid postal service, my roomie got hers.  I have booked the rest of my travel up till the end of June \0/

Supernatural this week was great once again :D

Now back to veggie in front of the tv LOL
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Result! I have been paid early.  

I went and bought some DVD's to celebrate, I got the first 6 seasons on ER :) I have been feeling nostalgic after the last episode and they were only £9.99 each, I also managed to season Season 4 of Doctor Who, its finally come down to £39.99! I do love :)

Right, seeing as I spent three and half hours in the hairdressers, getting clipped and dipped yesterday, I need to top up my colour conserve shampoo so I best do that.  I have also made my hair appointments for the rest of the year so my hair wont be in state it was before yesterday :D

I didnt mention how much I loved this weeks Supernatural did I, It was completely awesome.  I started on Castle last night, it was really good until I feel asleep LOL, I will finish it tonight, I caught up with Lost on Sky1 as well, my brain hurts.

Not really much else happening just now, have spent the day hanging out watching TV, now to not blow all my wages, need money for flights etc :D
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Best thing about gale force winds, high ups occasionally organise lifts for the girls. 

I could easily have walked up to the bus, then again would I really refuse a lift when there's 60 mile an hour winds and its pissing rain, it makes the 10 minute walk a lot more hazardous. 

Um no don't think so, it saved my legs anyway :)

I am currently watching fringe, is it wrong I found the giant slug cold virus things cute :)

Supernatural Friday tomorrow \0/

I may have a slight addiction to twitter, and as a result spend too much money getting my phone on-line.

Today I received my Top Gear: Great Adventures Vol 2  dvd:)

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Wow there's a lot of info relating to Asylum3 today, all of it very useful but its making me slight panicky about the Friday. 

My flight doesn't get in till
15:30 on Friday, registration will already be open by that time, we are hoping to get our Autographs in the Friday session and then there doing the J2 photo shoots, not to mention the Wine Reception.  Is it wrong to be relieved that J2 aren't doing the Wine Reception, it would have just been an absolute cattle market, probably still will be LOL. 

So I need to get from the Airport to check us in, drop off stuff, get registered and pick up our pack, make sure everything thing is there. Get in line for autos, get my J2 photo shot done and then get changed in time for the wine reception, I may be dead by this point already.  I really wish I was flying in on Thursday, am sorely tempted to get a flight but then I have nowhere to stay, my roomie is short on cash as well and cant pay for another night when she isn't even going to be there. 

I dont want to start the weekend off stressed but thats probably going to happen anyways :)  I do love [ profile] asylum_con  as I dont have to trawl through the Rogue Events forum for all the news, thank god there not selling the J2 photo shot and Jared autos till April, now wouldnt be a good time.

One of fav obsessions HANDBAGS! )

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SUPERNATURAL SEASON 5!!!!!! I know everyone else has already done this but what the hell. I never doubted it for a minute, ask my Asylum roomie, I basically refused to believe even the possibility of cancellation as all the signs pointed to renewal.

Almost better news than Supernatural renewal is that ITV's Demons HAS BEEN CANCELLED :) Thanks to Phil refusing to do a second series, he looked at the reviews and realised it was bad for the career. I suffered through all 6 episodes basically just for Phil even though his character was pretty much a bastard, that was before my Life on Mars obsession kicked off, now that's dedication for you. Now I just have to wait for Ashes to Ashes to come back, ain't no Life on Mars but a girl has to take what she can get LOL.

I hate season finales, Leverage has gone and left me now, :( I have been trying to spread the love and was posting about it on a forum, everyone seems to think it sounds like Hustle, Hustle I have never watched but I know it does not have Christian Kane or Aldis Hodge or Parker!!!!! need I say more.

I have been buying crafty stuff today! I am going to make a scrapbook of my cons, gigs, fan girls experiences in general. It is what I had my large copper book made for so I may as well get on with it, I have had fun looking for photo corners, stickers, alphabets and journalling ideas.

I possibly had other things to say but I feel the call of fanfics :) mainly things that follow on from this picture :D

My current fav picture )

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How's everyone this fine Sunday, why is the weekend almost over already.

I haven't been on LJ much recently, well I have been but I haven't been commenting, I blame it on the fact that I am slowing working my way through every Sam/Gene fic on The Collator's Den. I have also spent most the weekend trying to locate LoM Screen Caps, I have found some but I think I have been spoilt by my other fandoms such as Supernatural and Merlin, where for every episode theres a zip of amazing quality caps for me to drool over.  Sadly all the LoM I have found arent availble anymore, there are ones on Sundive so I am slowing saving them one by one. 

I may be a sadist but I am condisering downloading LoM US to see if its as bad as I expect, but I honestly dont know if I can stand watching Harvey Kietel playing my Gene Genie :( I may be close to the UK version yet to actually do anything but spit and hiss at the screen. 

Has anyone who love the original watched the US remake, if so what did you think?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Leverage, I haven't seen a bad comment about this show anywhere.  Its just so much fun every week but along the way they make you fall in love with the characters.  Its sassy and smart while incredibly funny, I adore Hardison, Eliot and Parker especially :)

I have watched the first episode of The Doll House and I definatley enjoyed it, I am intrigued as to what they will do with the rest of the season, just having Joss back on the tv pretty much means I will stick with it.

I could talk about the past week at work and our Team Building Event or how one of the guys thought that I was a Country fan as Jim Beaver supposedly looks like a country star LOL but its not nearly as interssting as fandom stuff.

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I'm officially on holiday now till the 5th of January *happy sigh* I will be looking forward to sleeping in late, going to bed late and generally being surgically attached to my laptop :) this is the first time this year where I have holidays that I don't have anything to do or anywhere to go.

I am so super ridiculously excited about the Supernatural Convention that was announced for Vancouver, even more so as me and [ profile] wenchpixie  and [ profile] janglyjewels  are going, with I hope the rest of the sorority.  It doesn't even matter just now who the book for the convention.  I cant express how much and how long I have wanted to go to Vancouver, well any of Canada really.  I cant wait to see the city and hang out with my girls.  Now we just have to wait for some info on the con and you know tickets etc.

We finally have our Christmas Tree up and decorated, we did put the tree up last night and started decorating.  We had a slight problem though as its a new tree, its white with blue led lights our purple and multi-coloured tinsel just looked awful.  So after much face pulling and moaning we took off the tinsel and decided we really need silver tinsel or we would just have to use the decorations.  Thankfully we got some gorgeous thick silver tinsel and it looks amazing with all out glass decorations.  I should take pictures once I get my room decorated.  I am burning one of Yankee candles new Christmas ones, Red Apple Wreath, its very gorgeous and Christmassy.

I need to say thank you to [ profile] cenea , [ profile] charli_macboyd, [ profile] chocolatepeach, [ profile] deadflowerss  and [ profile] glorfinniel  for the lovely christmas cards, I still need to finish making my e-cards to send out to my flist, if I have your email be expecting something most likely fandom related soon, I will be sending some via private message as I think I am missing some email addresses.

Oh and I have a shiny new animated mood theme, it a lovely Merlin one courtesty of [ profile] wikked_angel_78 

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This weekend was good.

Not only did we get Jensen *grins* but Merlin's finale was beyond awesome, I may have seen it about 4 times now, during every episode I swing between thinking what a great actor Colin Morgan is to how pretty he is, Bradley is just hot but I cant take my eyes off Colin. 

Merlin, Top Gear and Christmas, now thats a good combination :) )

Hi Castiel

Dec. 7th, 2008 12:12 am
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I am accidentally watching Charmed on Living TV, Its an old episode, there Prue and everything.  Theres also a young and pretty, and kinda blonde MISCHA COLLINS, I immediately hit Record!
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Fringe 1X09 )

Twilight )

I like everyone else booked our Mischa Collis photoshoots for Asylum 3 \0/

I have been an awful flister, I haven't commented on anything, I'm blaming the distracting Merlin/Arthur fan fiction that is just too good.  I don't know what I am going to do in a few weeks when there's no Merlin to look forward to on a Saturday.  Now damn it BBC announce a second series, I get enough of this grief with Supernatural etc.

I plan to start making my Christmas cards tomorrow, have been told I take over the sitting room as normal so I will be able to work on them all weekend.  Then I need to start on the flash e cards, people can still sign up for card here, some people will be getting anyway whether they sign up or not LOL.  Its sad that I dont really feel all that festive yet, hopefully making cards will help with that.  I nned to get presents wrapped and sent off.

Also on a techie note, Firefox has decided it doenst like .JPG, it wont save them with there original filename, I get a stupid error message.  I have to shorten it as much as possible before it will save.  Anyone had this, I also think I have virus issues again, Avast keeps telling me theres hidden rootkits and a virus in the boot but everytime I scan the boot it finds nothing?

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As I am made of fail, this is late.  But in my defence I didnt forget, my computer decided to overheat and be totally sucky, when I did get online I got a bit distracted by my current favourite wizard and his prince *ducks head*.  Better late that never right.  I shall attempt to do post later on such things as Top Gear \0/ Supernatural and most likely Merlin LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [personal profile] kitty_cat89 

Hope you had a awesome day with lots of lovely pressies :D
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You remember my lost post when I said computer was fixed, HA HA you know that phrase "spoke too soon" well yeah, it started acting up soon after I posted.

I had some major virus infections but I seem to have cleared all that out now. I have managed to figure out that the random restarting is due to overheating, I wouldn't say its being entirely well behaved, to the point that I momentarily thought about buying a new one, it being purple might have had something to do with it LOL.

I hope everyone knows that I am not ignoring anyone, I will probably never catch up, I will try and keep up now, but if I vanish its most likely computer issues AGAIN so don't hold it against me.

On the plus side, I have finished arranging all my travel for Birmingham and MPH08! I booked my train and bus to get out to Inverness airport for my flight to Birmingham and have contacted the hotel for the phone number for the courtesy bus. The only negative (well apart from the 06:23 train in Friday) I have so far is when I get back to Inverness on the Sunday, I have at least 4 hours before I can get a train home, meaning I wont be in till 22:00 at night *sigh* Why do I predict a lot of time sitting in a very cold train station, unless the luggage lockers are actually open for once. Oh well its not like I haven't done it before :) Now can I get excited *bounces*

I haven't watched the latest episode of Supernatural yet, that is for later when I have peace.

I know very few people on my flist actually like Twilight, but seriously the trailer that was released yesterday is gorgeous and addictive. I sat watching a certain scene over and over for about 5 minutes.

I probably had other things to say but I have forgotten, so I will just say hey! Oh and thank fuck its friday :D
Because I like to share, wont mean much to people who havent read Twilight but OMG!! )
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I don't think I need to say anything about the new old Jensen pictures posted today expect, OH MY GOD THERE HOT!!! 

I have to share this for the benefit of all Jensen fans on my flist and for those who haven't had the pleasure yet :)

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I did this post a few days ago but fire-fox ate it so I couldn't be bothered doing it again.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to [personal profile] halfshellvenus for writing me this lovely birthday fic.  Is is Sam/Dean but is PG-13 and is such a gorgeous drabble, I  would  implore everyone to read it :)   Also huge *hugs* to the lovely [profile] cenea for writing me fluffy Richard/Jeremy Top Gear Slash for my birthday, its lovely and its here :) everyone go read now!

I still have a meme to do of pretty people, may get to that later.

With my big bro being up we decided to do a bit of the sight seeing thing, not that there is many sights to see  out here.  We hit John O'groats on Sunday, it was Harbour Day which meant trying to avoid the pipe band.  We dropped of Jason and Kasia so they could check out the Harbour  Day, pipe band included.   We took the dogs out around Dunnett's Head instead, at the right time of year you can see Puffins, sadly they had migrated by now.  There was plenty of Fulmars and Kittiwakes though.   After heading into  John O'Groats for some chips, running away from the pipe band and looking around the over priced shops it was time for home and Jas to cook us a lovely dinner of Chili Prawn Stir-Fry.

Today they have gone back to Aberdeen, we are planning on trying to go see Lee Evans in Glasgow in October, any of my Glasgow gals going or interested?

Yesterday at work I got presents and cake, I got a lovely necklace and a very pretty spending pot, for saving money in and then smashing when its full :) its too pretty though, I doubt any money will go in it, its too nice to smash.

Today when I got home I had a parcel, it was finally my Cd's for Jason Manns cancelled Edinburgh concert, supposedly I was sent a email, which I never got when the first lot went out.  As a apology I also got a t-shirt, two key rings, badges and Jason CD and Riley's CD I was meant to plus Jason & Jensen CD :)

Speaking of that, I haven't watched any of the Comic Con videos as I am scared of the spoiler, I will possibly watch with the sound off LOL.

Top Gear on Sunday was brilliant, very sad the series is over already but this weeks highlight had to be Hammond gracious winning of the bowler race.  Richard and Jeremy's reaction when The Stig *cough* sorry James beat Sabine and James *I was bound and gagged in the locker room* yes I bet you were *g* James made some great faces this episode.  Oh oh and the spitfires, can we get them in those flight suits a bit more often. 

I am now going to watch The F Word and swear at Gordon Ramsay as he kills puffins :(  and catch up with my flist.

[profile] [profile]
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I am still behind on my flist, I haven't gotten any further with my Creation Con report (also known as the adventures of the sequined chucks).  Pictures are forth coming, that may be all you can hope for.

I had a very child like afternoon, I watch Charlottes Web ( *cries* never a good idea) and then eat Butterscotch Angel Delight for the first time in years, it was like being 7 again.   I then went and read Top Gear Slash so maybe not quite 7 *g**

To continue with the food theme, I think it really sucks that I have to order ALL my favourite foods (apart from takeaway) via the net. 

So far today I have ordered lots of Indian Snacks known as Namkeens from Spices Of India.   I then proceeded to order a load of Peperami Fire-sticks as those things are like gold dust up here, since I have been able to pick them up in Glasgow I am having major cravings. 

I then proceeded to hunt down Walkers Pickled Onion crisps which are difficult to find, I successfully located them on the MOST AWESOME SITE EVER: Chocolate Buttons!  It has made me really hungry, so many sweeties :)

I feel the need to share some of the awesome new Top Gear pics, no spoilers, even though most TG fans like myself have been devouring every little detail about the new series and all the pics. LOL click for full size as normal.

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I am still trying to decide which of my Dallas photos are worth posting, will be doing a con report eventually.  In the meantime heres my photo shoots and some of the Autographs.  These are totally my favs of all my photo shoots so far.

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Hey, I'm back, have been home for just over an hour and a half.  My is currently spinning, I think its about to fly off.  I will post coherent stuff tommorrow when I have actually slept, and you know I can see :) 

Just need to say best trip ever, I love everyone :) *iz now dead*
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Right folks, I am officially all packed.  Pretty sure I have everything, updated my Archos so I have entertainment. 

I am going to watch Moonlight and then bed as I am on the train at 06:22. 

I don't know how much I will be on the net in Dallas, I will be relying on the kindness of [personal profile] wenchpixie :D

Be good everyone, see you on the other side (hopefully with pics etc)
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I think I am pretty much organised for off, have packed my suitcase, need to sort out my carry on bag but that's easy enough :)

Have managed to text [personal profile] wenchpixie in USA, so I wont be stuck :)

Last call to [personal profile] mara_sho, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [profile] smeckles90, that if you guys even see this, haven't had a reply to text or lj messages so I am assuming that's a no, a girl could start to take this personally lol.  Cinema it is then :)  You all have my mobile if you change your mind!

Will be online tomorrow once I have finished the organising.

On an unrelated note, I won this off ebay :D


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