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SUPERNATURAL SEASON 5!!!!!! I know everyone else has already done this but what the hell. I never doubted it for a minute, ask my Asylum roomie, I basically refused to believe even the possibility of cancellation as all the signs pointed to renewal.

Almost better news than Supernatural renewal is that ITV's Demons HAS BEEN CANCELLED :) Thanks to Phil refusing to do a second series, he looked at the reviews and realised it was bad for the career. I suffered through all 6 episodes basically just for Phil even though his character was pretty much a bastard, that was before my Life on Mars obsession kicked off, now that's dedication for you. Now I just have to wait for Ashes to Ashes to come back, ain't no Life on Mars but a girl has to take what she can get LOL.

I hate season finales, Leverage has gone and left me now, :( I have been trying to spread the love and was posting about it on a forum, everyone seems to think it sounds like Hustle, Hustle I have never watched but I know it does not have Christian Kane or Aldis Hodge or Parker!!!!! need I say more.

I have been buying crafty stuff today! I am going to make a scrapbook of my cons, gigs, fan girls experiences in general. It is what I had my large copper book made for so I may as well get on with it, I have had fun looking for photo corners, stickers, alphabets and journalling ideas.

I possibly had other things to say but I feel the call of fanfics :) mainly things that follow on from this picture :D

My current fav picture )

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How's everyone this fine Sunday, why is the weekend almost over already.

I haven't been on LJ much recently, well I have been but I haven't been commenting, I blame it on the fact that I am slowing working my way through every Sam/Gene fic on The Collator's Den. I have also spent most the weekend trying to locate LoM Screen Caps, I have found some but I think I have been spoilt by my other fandoms such as Supernatural and Merlin, where for every episode theres a zip of amazing quality caps for me to drool over.  Sadly all the LoM I have found arent availble anymore, there are ones on Sundive so I am slowing saving them one by one. 

I may be a sadist but I am condisering downloading LoM US to see if its as bad as I expect, but I honestly dont know if I can stand watching Harvey Kietel playing my Gene Genie :( I may be close to the UK version yet to actually do anything but spit and hiss at the screen. 

Has anyone who love the original watched the US remake, if so what did you think?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Leverage, I haven't seen a bad comment about this show anywhere.  Its just so much fun every week but along the way they make you fall in love with the characters.  Its sassy and smart while incredibly funny, I adore Hardison, Eliot and Parker especially :)

I have watched the first episode of The Doll House and I definatley enjoyed it, I am intrigued as to what they will do with the rest of the season, just having Joss back on the tv pretty much means I will stick with it.

I could talk about the past week at work and our Team Building Event or how one of the guys thought that I was a Country fan as Jim Beaver supposedly looks like a country star LOL but its not nearly as interssting as fandom stuff.

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Dear Life On Mars

I really didn't need a new fandom!

I especially didn't need to be up to 3:30 this morning reading Sam/Gene fics. 

I didn't expect to develop an unnatural affection for Gene Hunt, I already knew I would love Sam Tyler as John Simm's is awesome. 

I had just gotten over the sleep deprivation from the Merlin/Arthur fics, why are you torturing me.

Yours too far gone to actually have any choice.

P.S you know I love it really :) can I have my Season 2 DVDs now please!
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I am listening to John Barrowman's latest CD, I was hoping Angel was my Angel as in Sarah McLachlan's "In The Arms Of The Angel".  I love that it is :) 

John this goes to show how much I love (please sing this at you gig in May :)) you as every time anyone but Sarah sings this song I want to murder them, well Damien Rice could do it as well and maybe Rufus Wainwright but that is because these people along with Jeff Buckley can actually convey the adequate amount of emotion required for this song, when its sung properly it should be breath taking, yes it has been know to make my cry but that's not bad thing, being front row at a Sarah gig will do that to you. 

Music that moves me will always be my favourite, I want to connect with it and to make me feel something, even if its just happy.  They used Angel on Strictly last week and I was swearing at the TV as the women kept missing parts of the song, please don't mess with this song, I keep expecting it to appear on X-Factor next, if anyone other than Diana sings it I may want to kill some.

I was weak and bought a Permanent account today, maybe be slightly overdrawn shortly as a result but its so totally worth it, I now have 80 extra icons to play with :) I so know what I am doing tomorrow, the only question is whether I can drag myself away from icons and Merlin etc to make my cards, I have also read every piece of Merlin RPS, thanks [personal profile] euraylie  I don't think I will be escaping this fandom any time soon :) Its a great distraction when there's no Supernatural and as I have two weeks holidays coming up shortly I know how most of that time will be spent.

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I cant remember if anyone on my flist was a die hard Qui-gon jinn/Obi-wan kenobi shipper like myself, if you are you will adore the below wallpaper, if not check it out, you might just love it. 

I know I am not supposed to admit this but I love Phantom Menace, I would even say it was my favourite as it gave me Qui/Obi which I have re-visited many times over the years, there always good for my heart.

The following was created by [ profile] grapemartini , there are 4 more gorgeous ones here.

Beautiful Star Wars Wallpaper )
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LJ gone april fools mad, I dont know whats real anymore, its making me very confused!  God theres a lot of Fandom wank about at the minute, I am glad I have managed to stay on the edges as always, none of it appears on my flist really but I offer hugs to anyone on my flist who has been dragged into the mess, I'll stick to what I like and they can stick to what they like :)

Wow my flist has exploded with Doctor Who, well mainly uploads of the first episode, didnt know I was still a member of so many DW groups.  Wheres all my slash,wincest, supernatural and general porny goodness, come on loves, I need my boys :)

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I HAVE RADIO, I now have my radio at work but more importantly I have a kick ass radio one reception, god Chris Moyle’s how I missed you baby!
I haven’t really squeed over my video Ipod since I got it, that’s because I hadn’t been able to utilise it fully as I was waiting for my fab ISkin Claro case to arrive, it’s now safely encased though and looks great. 
I have now transferred all my music, a whole lot of photos and loads of Supernatural episodes and the quality is great, I even watched one of the latest episodes of House coming home on the bus and it’s so handy. 
Its also means if I get behind on the things I have downloaded I can catch up on the bus on the way home or plug it into the TV and watch it that way. Are there any sites out there that have specific Ipod version torrents so I don’t have to convert it to the right format, not that it takes long but it would be easier?
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I am still trying to defrost from being stuck outside in a false alarm fire drill, I always panic when these things go off, I waited hoping it would stop but when I heard movement I followed everyone else outside, stupidly forgetting to take my jacket. Good job it hadn’t started raining by then anyway.

I completely forget last time I posted but I now have my very own office at work, very cushy it is too and I am now enjoying listening to cds, I have to track down a radio but I can sing along now which is something I so missed. I will have to personalise the office some more, I can also do whatever I like all day, don’t have suit anybody else and I can type whatever shit I like without feeling there are people looking of my shoulder, Its great!!!!!!

I wonder if I copy a rake of MP3 onto my USB stick if they will work on my awful Windows 2000 pc in the office, it doesn’t seem to like a lot of the files I already put on a cd. I always have my Ipod if I get really bored of the cds, till I can get a radio anyway.

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This is the post that hotmail ate, hopefully it will work this time, I checked and I did send it to the right address, maybe the problem was this end or the contents of the message, lets hope I have more luck the second time.

Spoilery rambling on Lost, Supernatural, Bones, Greys Anatomy etc )
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I have been a very bad LJER as I have been trying to sort out some coding issues in my final web designer assignment, I haven’t had much time for Wincest or RPS and I know I am missing out :( I promise I will try and catch up with my flist and actually post comments and return to my favourite thread on the SPN board once I get the code beat into shape.

I am still enjoying Smallville, currently watching season 4 on DVD, Season 5 on sky (thanks to E4 I am catching the eps I missed when my skybox was replaced). I also got the first three seasons on DVD for about £70, bargain! My Supernatural part 2 DVD arrived at the weekend as well, I know I should have cancelled it as I am getting the American set with all the extras but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Its not as bad as Buffy which I have in so many formats its scary, I only ever do this with shows I completely love.

Prison Break etc eeeeehhhhhh )
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I have been a very bad and not posted for far too long. I have still been suffering with the heat and it was the torture time of the month so I wasn’t really having fun at all, I have polycystic ovaries which translates to my life being a total nightmare for a week every month, this time was even worse that normal and I just wanted to curl up and die. All better now though and more than willing to return to fangirling everything in sight.

You know the drill, follow me for birthday fic, Supernatural and Asylum discussions and general ramblings )


Apr. 20th, 2006 11:50 pm
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i just wanted the latest episode of bones and could they be any cuter, i feel a new ship coming on. i just love brennan *spelling ?* and booth, it shouldnt be allowed to look so hot while bruised and battered, DB in that blue t-shirt and denim jacket was just so hot and the dancing and singing OMG, I heart them so much, he is soo protective of her and the whole jealousy thing and she blew off her date to sit with him *sigh*, the way he rescued her, I'll say it again i love them.

oh and afterwards i watched route 666 again, i know obsessed but those boys have lips that are just obscene, they both look like there wearing lipgloss and that car the impala is a fanfic writers dream - so perfect for slash and hot mansex, now i must go to bed and watch more supernatural, hopefully the torrent will be up when i get home from work tommorrow and i will have the new episode to watch tommorrow night squeee.


Apr. 20th, 2006 08:52 pm
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Ah can i say i miss buffy, i wanted parts 1 and 2 of becoming over the last few days and even when buffy and god Josh was having a bad day it kicks most programs ass, i so wish there was more and DB as Angel guh need i say more, now where the hell is my buffy scythe, orb of thesula and vampire book, and can I say how much i love Willow, she is just too cute. I was trying to watch buffy kill angel waaahhh and my parents who so dont get these things are asking stupid questions, like what that thing behind him, did she just kill him and is this when angel splits, so insensitive OMG.

did anyone see totally Doctor Who, i only caught the end but David Tennant is soo fuzy and its not even cute fuzy, not chris fuzy is such a different story hhmmmm.

I'm currently watching charmed and can i say its so lost the point, no leo and the whole billie thing, dont know if it works, I'm just killing time till Bones hhhmm DB in suit and hot cars yeah and hopefully the torrent for the new supernatural wont be too long, vampires and my boys cant be anything but good, i just saw the new episode pics for the season finale and hurt dean shouldnt look so good, and sam with the gun pointed at his dad squee, only a few more episode to go and then i wont have hot boys to look forward to, at least there is always hot wincest and fanart to look at, Jensen/Jared art too gorgeous to be legal.

oh and its been so much fun having lorraine back in the office, we have been having random conversations as always and were heading for tea and for some reason discussing cheesy peas and cheesy peeps which is alway funny, and the other women we work with said that sometimes she thinks we are talking in our own language which i suppose to some people we are but as lorraine says we have 5 years of short hand and way too much in common the fall back on, I will so miss her when i have to drag my ass off to DFR to work, will definately have to keep in touch by phone, email and meet for lunch.

i watched the end of Scarecrow again last night and Dean "lets shag ass out of here" can be taken in so many ways and cracks me up, this show is just so slashtastic.

i am taking a night off as for the last few nights i have been doing course work, up until about midnight last night, damn frames to finish the assessment but at least that 7 out of 10 done so i am just going to surf the net and chill out


Apr. 17th, 2006 12:18 am
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I'm new at this whole graphics thing but i am trying to get the hand of my Photoshop, and the result is the following bad icons

here's what i got so far, i am currently trying to figure out brushes etc, maybe if i actually read the book it will help, while I'm here i watched Route 666 again, nope Cassie don't work for me, can we please just leave my boys to themselves, there so much better when there together alone, in a motel with a single bed, oh sorry was i saying something, mind wanders when it come to these two *grin* don't get me wrong Cassie character is fine on her own, just keep away for Sammy's Dean. two updates in one day, it would be nice to know if anyone actaully reads this thing, if not at least I'm keeping myself entertained. anyway graphics and wincest calls



Apr. 14th, 2006 11:42 pm
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Ahh, great way to spend my Friday, at the dentist getting three fillings. Only good thing is that is was cheaper then I thought, still £105 is not good. First off I hate the injections, the second one was a
bitch, right inside my cheek, still hurts like hell. The molar I needed filled, just avoided another root treatment thank god but I could feel every time she drilled in as its very much alive as I was told
afterwards, my first thought was your bloody telling me, fucking painful having your nerve endings drilled. my mouth has only stopped hurting now but eating is painful, even after 4 hours I didn't try much so I might be starving by the time tomorrow comes.

oh channel 4 is trying to torture me, they keeps showing the coming soon advert for season 2 of lost and I have only just resisted running upstairs and watching the 10 episodes I've got on dvd.

so OK I love this live journal thing, I spent ages putting all my links on and finding who created my icons so I can credit properly. I need to figure out how you get the icons in the side bar, I have seen it on various journals and it is very pretty. I must finish loading my Dean mood theme, bit of a bugger you have to load each picture individually but never mind.

right suppose I will go lurk some more, will someone please up load the new episode of supernatural Provenance, I have already drooled over the screen caps and the torrent is starting to look very tempting even if I don't have a very good history, anyhow I feel wincest calling, cant read that with the family around, mother dearest nearly caught a peak of all my live journal links and if they didn't get Brokeback Mountain aint ever gonna get slash, not to mention incest slash. Oh and the next weeks Supernatural has vampires, yeah cant wait, i know there vampires are gonna be cool, umm vampire Dean would be hot


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