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I am still trying to defrost from being stuck outside in a false alarm fire drill, I always panic when these things go off, I waited hoping it would stop but when I heard movement I followed everyone else outside, stupidly forgetting to take my jacket. Good job it hadn’t started raining by then anyway.

I completely forget last time I posted but I now have my very own office at work, very cushy it is too and I am now enjoying listening to cds, I have to track down a radio but I can sing along now which is something I so missed. I will have to personalise the office some more, I can also do whatever I like all day, don’t have suit anybody else and I can type whatever shit I like without feeling there are people looking of my shoulder, Its great!!!!!!

I wonder if I copy a rake of MP3 onto my USB stick if they will work on my awful Windows 2000 pc in the office, it doesn’t seem to like a lot of the files I already put on a cd. I always have my Ipod if I get really bored of the cds, till I can get a radio anyway.

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Can’t believe it Wednesday (oops now Thursday) and I still haven’t done my review of In My Time of Dying, well I have watched it twice now and I think I can just about be coherent about it.

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I have been so bad at updating lately, I seem to be in a phase where I cant be arsed typing, I can think of things to put in a post all day long but by the time I think about actually posting it I have to go to bed, so sorry if I missed any major post on my flist and I haven’t commented, rest assured I have probably read everything just not got round to commenting.

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I am seriously freaking out now, I just saw the announcement that Jensen doing the Starfury convention, not the same convention as Jared NNNNNOOOO *why God why* This is really evil, if they are going to be in the country they have to be here at the same time.

Even worse Starfury is also covering Prison Break and they have T-Bag who I adore. Now I don’t know what to do as I have booked my tickets for Asylum and Starfury is only like a week later but as much as I love Jared and Smallville (there guest are not so good) I love Jensen and Prison Break more *wants to go pretty* this is really bad, what do I do. I don’t even know if I can get leave for either as the person who covers me son in law has chosen that month to get married in the Caribbean but they don’t know date yet ARRRGGGHHH *Cries* JENSEN!!!!!!!

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Sep. 6th, 2006 09:27 pm
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I got my results for my web designer course today, I PASSED - WITH A DISTINCTION! I didnt think I would fail or anything but I didnt even know they did distinctions, I'm actually proud of myself! I know its not a major course like a degree or something but I put a lot of work into to and I really enjoyed it (when I could bother my arse doing it *hee*) I will take a break but I may have to see what other HTML and web pages type courses there are, I know you can become like a webmaster eventually (is that anything like an evil genius MMMWWWAAAHHHH!)

Knowing that you all have you SPN dvds is like torture, all the kind souls are uploading all the extras but I want to wait till I get them to actually watch and squee over them, I dont even know if mines has been sent yet and shipping from America takes an age, on another note my Impala has been sent SSSSQQQUUUEEE!

I watched the new Prison Break last night which was fab as always, never quite know whats going to happen next. I just hope they dont kill off any of my favourite characters. It almost like waiting for them to be picked off, Micheal and Linc were especially attractive this week and I got more of a slashy vibe off them, it may be my thing for car! porn.

My best mate is moving off on friday, she moving to Dundee which is like the other end of scotland, its not really that far by bus etc so I am sure I will land myself on her. I am happy for her and I know she wanted to move off for a while but I will miss seeing her weekly (she was always subjected to my squeeing). I have known her since like first year of high school so I refuse to loose touch, I have done that with too many friends that have moved away, it will not happen this time! I'll see her tommorrow before she goes, hopefully she will like her present. I'm sure she will get sick of me sending her emails before too long, now is she would just read LJ or even better get her own account or use MSN I could really bug her :)

Oh and I ordered my SFX, cant wait to get the pretty boys! I think its the subscription issue which means not stuff on my boys!!!!!
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I swear our supernatural boys will be the death of me, obviously I couldn’t resist looking at the screen caps for the gag reel and a day in the life of J2. I so want my DVD now, I am trying to figure out if they know about RPS and Wincest are just toying with all us fan girls or if they genuinely cant help themselves and they think there being subtle.

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I have been a very bad LJER as I have been trying to sort out some coding issues in my final web designer assignment, I haven’t had much time for Wincest or RPS and I know I am missing out :( I promise I will try and catch up with my flist and actually post comments and return to my favourite thread on the SPN board once I get the code beat into shape.

I am still enjoying Smallville, currently watching season 4 on DVD, Season 5 on sky (thanks to E4 I am catching the eps I missed when my skybox was replaced). I also got the first three seasons on DVD for about £70, bargain! My Supernatural part 2 DVD arrived at the weekend as well, I know I should have cancelled it as I am getting the American set with all the extras but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Its not as bad as Buffy which I have in so many formats its scary, I only ever do this with shows I completely love.

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I have been a very bad and not posted for far too long. I have still been suffering with the heat and it was the torture time of the month so I wasn’t really having fun at all, I have polycystic ovaries which translates to my life being a total nightmare for a week every month, this time was even worse that normal and I just wanted to curl up and die. All better now though and more than willing to return to fangirling everything in sight.

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I am finally getting close to catching up on my flist, only about 220 entries back :) I have been meaning to update since last Sunday but I got kind of distracted by Prison Break. I caught the first 5 episodes on UK gold and then stole my brothers DVDs that he got for his birthday. I have now watched the first 13 episodes and it is just too good. I love the slash tones in it and the brotherly love is so cute but I don’t see my self getting into the fandom (it sounds scary from what I have heard) or new incest fanfic *yet anyway*.

How anyone can say they are hotter than my supernatural boys is beyond me and there relationship isn’t as strong as my boys. I love T-Bag, I know I'm not supposed to as he is a vile character but I can’t help it. He is just so evil and camp and obviously gay that I am destined to love him. I need to get the rest of the season now.

Wentworth Miller so isn’t my type but I can still appreciate that he is gorgeous to look at, still trying to convince my brother that Supernatural is better but he likes shows where you can kill off characters and still have enough of a cast to keep going, as I have said already only one person can die in SPN that so doesn’t work for him, cant explain to him about the Wincest thing and all the other reasons I love is so I will just give up now :(

I also discovered that living is repeating the first season of GA which totally rocks, Sundays are now my fav TV day. Still trying to get into Lost but according to bro the season really kicks off now so I might try and watch them while I am on leave.

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I nearly forgot TOP GEARS BACK!!!!!! It was pure class on Sunday, I loved the caravan holiday, sooooo funny. I spent the first bit going where Richard and then he appeared yeah! and he argued with Jeremy about how American cars are better than European cars, obviously they are better on looks alone :) I think I may also love Pimp My Ride. The American one obviously, XXhibit (spelling ?) is just hilarious. I dont even like cars that much!


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