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I am home, I have been home for just about 2 hours, I am typing this from my bed, where I plan to spend most of tomorrow. 

I am tired, sore, still very cold from Inverness but incredibly happy.  I will do proper squee filled post tomorrow but I just want to say I am home, I am alive and I had an amazing weekend :D
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You remember my lost post when I said computer was fixed, HA HA you know that phrase "spoke too soon" well yeah, it started acting up soon after I posted.

I had some major virus infections but I seem to have cleared all that out now. I have managed to figure out that the random restarting is due to overheating, I wouldn't say its being entirely well behaved, to the point that I momentarily thought about buying a new one, it being purple might have had something to do with it LOL.

I hope everyone knows that I am not ignoring anyone, I will probably never catch up, I will try and keep up now, but if I vanish its most likely computer issues AGAIN so don't hold it against me.

On the plus side, I have finished arranging all my travel for Birmingham and MPH08! I booked my train and bus to get out to Inverness airport for my flight to Birmingham and have contacted the hotel for the phone number for the courtesy bus. The only negative (well apart from the 06:23 train in Friday) I have so far is when I get back to Inverness on the Sunday, I have at least 4 hours before I can get a train home, meaning I wont be in till 22:00 at night *sigh* Why do I predict a lot of time sitting in a very cold train station, unless the luggage lockers are actually open for once. Oh well its not like I haven't done it before :) Now can I get excited *bounces*

I haven't watched the latest episode of Supernatural yet, that is for later when I have peace.

I know very few people on my flist actually like Twilight, but seriously the trailer that was released yesterday is gorgeous and addictive. I sat watching a certain scene over and over for about 5 minutes.

I probably had other things to say but I have forgotten, so I will just say hey! Oh and thank fuck its friday :D
Because I like to share, wont mean much to people who havent read Twilight but OMG!! )
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I am such a sucky LJ friend at the minute, I apologise but I am blaming it on Twilight fanfic, Edward/Bella has slightly eaten my brain :) I may eventually catch up but I doubt it. 

I need to get organised for going to Glasgow/London over the weekend, I have many bags to try out, I may even get my new Kipling bags tommorrow *grins* yes I know I have an addiction, but I could be addicted to much worse.

I have been playing with photobox, pictures to follow when I get the results home.

Also as of yesterday I has a laptray, I LOVE MY LAPTRAY.  I no longer have legs on fire :)

Best pictures of the week are without doubt Top Gear taking over London, closely followed by them turning on Blackpool Illumations, seriously the three of them on a tank *guh* why couldnt they have waited a few days till I was in the area to start there world domination plan.  If this is how they launch the world tour I have great hopes for what there going to get up to in November.  As always the lovely [ profile] cenea has all the best pictures.

My Travis tickets also arrived \0/ need to sort out of Lorraine what the plan is for the day in Inverness.

I should really go to bed now before I start watching CSI again or something, that reminds me I saw a CSI van today, I didnt get a chance to see what the letters stood for but it amused me this morning when standing at the bus.  OK that post was longer than expected without really saying anything LOL I have skills.

I just realised there is no Supernatural in this post, thats just wrong, but as going to London for Ten Inch Hero is basically for Jensen I am sure that counts :D


Aug. 19th, 2008 09:28 pm
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I went on a little spending spree, I ordered all the Top Gear books, stickers books and all :D And pre-ordered the ones that aren't out yet.  I ordered Hamsters every changing title second book, I am now wondering if he will be doing a book tour when it comes out, knowing my luck it will be nowhere near me if it is and I have next to no leave left.

Thinking of Hammond as I do *g* I was looking at my travel for MPH 08, looks like my flights are going to be just under £100 to get from Inverness to Birmingham, obviously the sooner I do it the cheaper it will be, then have to book train to get to Inverness and from there I can hop a bus around the corner to the Airport.  Just checked and my train is currently £30, may look at buses or wait till theres an apex. So without accomodation thats £130 already, what I do for my boys.

Great I have just checked out the Hilton Birmingham Metropole and its fully booked up for those dates, even better there is no rooms at the Crown Plaza or the Express By Holiday Inn :( I so knew I should have booked earlier.  Girls where on earth are we going to stay, most of the best ones seem to be sold out.

I did have other things to say but I am currently having a freak out.
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 First off 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] frayen 

hope you have a wonderful day hun!

To my TG girls, looks like we have a Mr James May for MPH08, Yay for OT3 :)
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I will go back to working on my Dallas con report in a second, I have been wanting to shout about this since it was confirmed this afternoon, it requires capslock!

I'M GOING TO TOP GEAR LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And MPH08 obviously :), the wonderful [profile] charli_macboyd has got us FRONT ROW seats for Saturday 15th in Birmingham, so theres going to be at least 5 TGS'ers in the front, oh boy this is going to be fun :)
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Being the obsessed person that I am I was on the MPH08 site again, went to the Top Gear live page and I noticed a change :)

"Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and friends, audiences will also see
the world’s most amazing supercars put through their paces, appearances by the Stig
himself, and ‘mucking about’ on a scale to make Health and Safety Executives tremble in
their steel-capped boots. Throw in trademark banter, a bucket load of silliness, and
a passion for things that go fast and you have the recipe for a live show that will have
audiences clinging to the edge of their seats in what will be the most original theatrical
experience of the year."

Pretty sure it didnt mention Richard before or friends.  Fellow TGSers am I imagining things.
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Being an impatient one, I emailed MPH a few days ago about when we were likely to hear about presenters for TG Live.  I got this reply today

"Hi Laura,

Thanks for your email,

More details will be released in the next few weeks about the presenters, please check our website ( for more information

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter where you will find all the latest news on MPH featuring Top Gear Live

Regards, Kylie"

I am hoping that means before the tickets go on sale, best mate cant come with so will be looking forward to hanging out with TGS'ers, will most likely need help navigating and a shopping buddy would be good :D

Rogue events keep trying to tempt me with more Conventions.  The problem I have with Ravens is that its October, which is when MPH 08 is, and The Hub if I get organised to go.

Normal service has resumed with the weather today, its wet and windy and as I had no hood, and there yet to make a brolly that is Caithness wind proof I got soaking wet, THREE times.  Should really do something with my hair, it will be a fright in the morning, not really having the energy to care.

Loving the new TG Belgium pics, new series is going to be soo good, roll on 22nd of June \0/
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I am now officially on the long weekend :) four days of no work *bliss* 

Sadly when I do go back I have to be two people again.  Even worse the second job I have to cover I have very little knowledge of, I have covered it for a total of 1 day before.  I have to do it for 6 days, oh well will just have to make it up as I go along as normal.

I have for the last 3 days or so been conversing with the lovely Stevi from Hammond Heaven

She is a fellow Scot who is planning on going to MPH 08 :D  I even managed to get her to join Live journal, hello [profile] permission2say welcome to the mad house hun. She very sweetly invited me to tag along to the Queen gig in Glasgow.

Also there is gorgeous pictures of Hammond and May at the baftas, also no Jeremy, would have liked a new OT3 pic.  Hammond just looks *guh* may be slightly dead.

Courtesy of [profile] silver_stargate at Top Gear Slash

Theres nothing Supernatural related in this post, that just wrong. 

Oh I know Dean Winchester is very pretty, there thats better :D 

Omg I was wrong, just saw the awesome Kripke photos on [profile] annemiek81 journal, there so cool *squee* I must go save now :)[profile]
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I'm bored...where is everyone? 

I survived all my courses last week, have a long weekend to look very forward to and of course Easter eggs and far too much chocolate.

Highlight of last week was Sports relief, specifically the gorgeous Richard Hammond and the wonderfully funny Top Ground Gear Force, as [personal profile] openskies can testify I was pretty much in hysterics by the end, in between turning into puddles of goo. 

Speaking of why is there no animated icons of Jezza rescuing Hamster from the cement yet, I wants NOW!

I am currently working on my plan of finding folks to attend MPH08 with, have been posting on Hammond Heaven, must go about friending more TG fans on LJ.

This is a very pointless update, I am just bored and wondering what everyone is doing.

Why is it so long till new Supernatural, the Legacy pictures are all very yummy though.


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