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This is the post that hotmail ate, hopefully it will work this time, I checked and I did send it to the right address, maybe the problem was this end or the contents of the message, lets hope I have more luck the second time.

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It’s been a few days since my last post so time for another ramble, obviously it is once again the weekend so I have had time to watch Supernatural twice, I can not express how much I love our show and our boys!

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OK I have been very productive, I am totally caught up on my f-list, just have to scroll through SPN Newsletter to make sure I didn’t miss any yummy Wincest or RPS, need to go over my friends journals again and actually comment, I suck at commenting seriously and need to be punished for it *VBG* and then finally read all the longer fics I have saved to hard drive for later. That not a lot really is it, it is now 05:40 and I should really be asleep but what are holidays for if not returning to my natural sleep pattern.

I mentioned productive didn’t I, I managed to watch the last 10 episodes of Lost Season 2 around my RL BFF being over and actually getting out of my bed and dressed so yah me. I now have to discuss so if you haven’t seen and don’t like spoilers scram, go on get!

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I watched the last 20 minutes of the last episode of Season Two of Doctor Who again, nope still hate the ending. Teared up at Rose bits, I want to know how the hell Pete knew that Rose was going to get sucked into the void and when to appear to catch her. I have an urge to go and watch my doctor who again. Jude was on last night, god I love CE!

Right now apart from having to get the rest of Prison Break and watching the first season of Greys Anatomy on TV I need to decide what series I am going to tackle next, what do you guys think. I have to following on DVD which I haven’t watched yet, vote for the best and I will get right on it, in between Supernatural, Wincest and RPS of course.

Oh and I will be 26 in like 3 days *sobs*

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Oh it’s too warm, I remember now why I don’t much like the sun, that and my addiction to leather jackets isn’t helping any.

I finally managed to get a set of the lost season 2 DVDs, they arrived yesterday and they work and everything. Now I just have to get round to watching them, amazing the number of times I tried to get these damn DVDs, who knew people selling pirate DVDs could be so dishonest *vgb*.

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I have had the most boring day ever, there has been pretty much no work to do since 10:00 but I did find something useful to do. I wrote up all the text for my website for my final assessment, I have gone with the Supernatural site as there is loads I can do with it.

It is really hard to create a whole site to my fav show and not rave about Slash, Wincest, Porn, how they love each other and how I fancy the pants off of both of them. I have showed amazing restraint and it is suitable for anyone, no bad language or nothing, will wonders never cease.

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I was actually good last night, I did course work for a few hours and managed to complete another assessment. I hope I’m not making these pages to simple, I must check them over to see if I can add anything.

Only two more assessment to go (although the last one is a scary mother) and then I can submit the whole thing *Yeah!!!* Now the question is do I do more tonight as mother no doubt will be watching Deal or No Deal and see if I can get started on the next assessment after I wash my hair (probably wont happen) or do I kick back and read lots of Wincest and RPS, hhmm who’s got bets on Wincest*grin*.

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God someone save me from this please, I will seriously fall asleep or go out of my mind if I don’t find something else to do shortly. Its not I enjoy being overly busy but I like enough to keep be going, I’m used to covering two peoples jobs for Christ sake and now I can hardly fill my day, I will be demented before my proper job takes off. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to make myself go to bed before 01:30 and when you have to get up at 05:40 that aint good!!!

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Right, I am officially out of things to do so time for another update. I’m sorry to say that our wee birdie was dead this morning when I got up for work. Think it died from the bacteria from where the evil cat had bitten it, it has been quite happy yesterday flapping around and chirping, but sadly today it had passed away.

I half watched Lost last night and what I paid attention to was good, still not all that fond of the new ones from the back end of the plane, hopefully they will grow on me. I just realised that most of my programmes are ending this week, there’s the series finale of ER which looks WTF, I think Bones as well, and Charmed is done forever on Thursday, The OC and Smallville finishes next week.

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Right I’ve just finished my lunch and this has been one of the longest mornings ever so bugger it all I’m writing my update. Dude seriously if someone doesn’t find me something more to do soon I am going to go mental. I meant to update last night but I got distracted as always *grin*.

Is still amazes me the amount of time I can spend on my F-List, I am in total awe of the things people can create, I love all the fic (obviously), Icons and wallpapers to name but a few. I have downloaded some amazing Supernatural fan vids in the last few days, especially some kick ass Wincest ones, you guys are way too talented and I’m so jealous.

Can I say I adore pic spams, especially Jensen ones. Cant get enough of that boy, he has really gotten better with age as in some of the younger ones he looks way to much like a girl, I assume these are ex-models shots, that pout OMG and the long hair does nothing for me. So much hotter now though. Speaking of Pic Spams there is a great one of JDM as Denny in Greys Anatomy, now I don’t watch this show but these pics are enough to make to want to, I don’t find JDM un-resistible (unless he has yellow eyes) but he looked too good in these shots and the character sounds amazing.

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May. 4th, 2006 01:28 am
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I'm up way too late as usual but i have taken tommorrow and friday off work as i have to go to the damn dentist again as my teeth are still trying to kill be but thats not till late afternoon so i can lay in and stay up late yeah, ok so what have i been doing since the last post, well as you can tell from my journal i went slightly overboard with the user pics down the side but there so pretty and i have so many i cant help it, i have sooo many slashy ones as well, isnt it great :) ok obviously i watched lost which as always was OMG but i need to watch it again before i comment as i was distracted by tooth ache and mother wittering, only cure for which was lost of wincest, which reminds me i just read the most awesome fanfic 1040 by keikokin which is a wincest/X-files cross over, OMFG mulder and Sam/Dean in the same room and Mulder would so think there hot, i loved it made my night. I am way too obsessed by wincest at the moment and reading it with my family around is always fun as i have a tendancy to tune everything out and my mother then gets nosey as to what i am doing so i always have to have other web pages open to flick to, ones that dont have anything slashy or NC17 on them hee hee. and yeah tommorrow is thursday which means i get to wait impatiently for the season finale of Supernatural *wimper* it better be two hours long and there better by so OMG brotherly love moments, can we get a god damned hug already and is it really selfish that i can live with the fact is Daddy Winchester dont make it, i know I'm a bad bad girl but my boys are too damned hot together, I'll say it again, its all the Krips fault, why do i love shows who have evil genuis at the helm, I have said it befor and i will say it again I'm a sadist, i love to inflict pain on myself, especially emotional pain that involves hot guys and sexual tension yeah, Supernatural fic has also given me new fanfic kinks, can you say Strawberry lipgloss and pvc boots and has phone sex even been so good in any other fandom, dont think so, thats why we call it our special hell, well if your going to go for Incest may as well do it properly.

I'm rambling again aint i, I have successfully got my little brother hooked on lost, so i have converted by sister and her boyfriend and by brother and her girlfriend yeah me, now he just has to hurry up and get throught season 1 so he can get us the rest of season 2 on dvd and i dont have to pay for it or download it, speaking of torrents much check for a few albums before i go watch more supernatural, cant decided if i want to watch season 2 of lost or firefly after current run of supernatural or just admit to my self that i am going to go back to the beginning AGAIN for like the fifth time in a row, it never gets old, is that bad, its like watching chris in doctor who, will never tire of it no matter how many times i see it. its like when i watch repeats of buffy and angel at every optunity and i either get you've seen this or is this a new, no its not a new one, No THERE WILL NEVER BE NEW ONES AGAIN, breathe and your point is.

oh yeah i can tell I'm coming up to the monthly week of hell, i can cry at anything just now so its really not a good idea to watch new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition every night at 18:00 as i blubber at that show at the best of times, its the same with animal shows, and my mother will always pick these time to speak to me when my voice is shaky and i sound ridicilous.

any i have ran out of things to type and have probably scared off countless people now, does anyone like the new layout, I am still debatining the colours but i love the flexible squares and the user pics are heaven. anyway night for now, i will no doubt post tommorrow after Bones etc EEEHHHHH!


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