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I am listening to John Barrowman's latest CD, I was hoping Angel was my Angel as in Sarah McLachlan's "In The Arms Of The Angel".  I love that it is :) 

John this goes to show how much I love (please sing this at you gig in May :)) you as every time anyone but Sarah sings this song I want to murder them, well Damien Rice could do it as well and maybe Rufus Wainwright but that is because these people along with Jeff Buckley can actually convey the adequate amount of emotion required for this song, when its sung properly it should be breath taking, yes it has been know to make my cry but that's not bad thing, being front row at a Sarah gig will do that to you. 

Music that moves me will always be my favourite, I want to connect with it and to make me feel something, even if its just happy.  They used Angel on Strictly last week and I was swearing at the TV as the women kept missing parts of the song, please don't mess with this song, I keep expecting it to appear on X-Factor next, if anyone other than Diana sings it I may want to kill some.

I was weak and bought a Permanent account today, maybe be slightly overdrawn shortly as a result but its so totally worth it, I now have 80 extra icons to play with :) I so know what I am doing tomorrow, the only question is whether I can drag myself away from icons and Merlin etc to make my cards, I have also read every piece of Merlin RPS, thanks [personal profile] euraylie  I don't think I will be escaping this fandom any time soon :) Its a great distraction when there's no Supernatural and as I have two weeks holidays coming up shortly I know how most of that time will be spent.

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I have decided I am happy with John Barrowman Glasgow tickets, there are not in the arena but they are basically almost on the stage and are tiered seating so will be able to see John in all his glory, that and I tried for arena seats after my course today and it was like 12 rows back, I'm not exactly tall and I like to be able to see LOL. 

Also booked the Doctor Who Exhibition for the next day :) Anyone want to help me steals Nine's outfit.  Wont know till closer the time but may be getting abandoned by BB on the Friday night so if anyone want to hang out?  Its yonks off yet though, but that's already two trips in May 09.  

Depending on what happens next year I may not be able to make the Birmingham MPH08, this is just an idea so far but would people to willing to do a group trip to Earls Court?  I know I am looking a bit far ahead. 
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I just finished watching the first episode of Pushing Daisies and it was as wonderful as I expected. 

Didn't get to see it on Saturday as I was still on a train.  I <3 Ned and Chuck!

I don't think I can wait for the rest of them on ITV, so I may have to go download now, can anyone recommend the best place to get them.

Now I shall go back to watching The Kids Are All Right, what :) I have said it before John Barrowman can make me watch anything.
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I'm back! got home about 22:00 last night. 

Both legs of my train journey was good...but why do people always ask me questions in train stations and on trains.  Do I just look like I know everything? then random people just start conversations with me, which you know is nice but annoying when I am trying to watch Top Gear on my Archos...lots of people seemed interested in that too...had some questions as to what it was.

Right important things.... review of concert...can be summed up in pretty much one word.



I don't understand how anyone couldn't love this man, he is a wonderful entertainer, his voice is amazing, he has the whole package.  Not to mention the camp/slashiness of his shows :) 

I don't think I have laughed so much, cried and generally had such a great fun time at a gig.  And yes he is that pretty in real life!

Alas I have no pictures or videos, the seats we were in wasn't ideal for pics, that and trying to film around some woman's head while another women is spying, stopping anyone from videoing is kinda hard. 

Also I have said it before and will say it again SCOTTISH GIGS ARE THE BEST.  They have the best atmosphere and we managed to make JB cry :D a few times actually.  The sweetest bit was when he brought on his 73 year old mother up to sing...shes such a darling! 

It was even worth the hour and a half we spent outside the stage door patiently waiting for John, it was fun with all the other mental people. 

[profile] smeckles90 dear how long did you hang out for...we were there until John drove past us in his car, he peeped the horn and waved at us and one of the girls got him at the traffic lights. 

We forgive you John, they were having a family party and then he had to rush off to the next hotel,  As BB said though how stupid would we have felt if we left and he did turn up, so there we stayed till the end in our spot at the front of the queue. 

By the way if anyone at the gig saw a girl with long dark hair in a Captain Jack style RAF coat, that was my best mate :) who really wanted JB to sign her coat.

The rest of the trip was great.  I even did real well with the no spending, till I went past the window of Dower & Hall and immediately feel in love with a pair of Angel Wing earrings, so they had to come home with me.
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I'm going to FORT WORTH with the lovely [personal profile] wenchpixie

have booked major things like flight and [personal profile] wenchpixie has sorted out the hotel.

I will most likely need to book a hotel in Glasgow for travelling down on the Wednesday, will organise that closer to the time. 

So so very excited!!!!

Now I need to finish getting organised for going off to John Barrowman tomorrow!   Cant wait to see the pretty in concert, we have covert operation planned for afterwards to obtain autographs.  BB wants to get her Captain Jack style coat signed, will have to locate shop that sells sharpies.

I emailed [personal profile] wenchpixie, [personal profile] mara_sho, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [profile] smeckles90 a while ago about meeting up this Friday.

I didn't hear back so I assume everyone is busy.  I will be around from tomorrow to early Saturday so holler at me if you see me as I ain't always that observant :)

EDT:  WE HAVE GOLD PACKAGES *SQUISHES [personal profile] wenchpixie*

Sigh :(

Apr. 2nd, 2008 10:16 pm
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Jared's cancelled Asylum, not surprised but still bummed. 

Asylum will still be awesome and its totally going to be worth it for all the great people there (and no I'm not talking about the guests :), well unless the last minutes guests are AMAZING). 

Steve and Jason make it worth it alone, why do I think I may be going for their photo shoots if possible.

What actual makes me more sad than Jared's cancelling, is his film choices. 

Its great he is working and that comes first but seriously Friday the 13th WTF. 

I love horror films but our boy can really act and should be putting his skills to much better use.  I don't really expect this to be a fabulous film that will further Jared's film career.  Hopefully I will be proved wrong.

OK I am now going to start looking forward to John Barrowman next Thursday as that will take away the sad.

Rogue Events forum is currently rather scary, will be stalking it until we get the new guests announced, wont be getting my hopes up for any major guests.  Starting to think may have to make a trip across the pond to see the boys.
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Why do I do it to myself. 

I have seen the film Stepmom enough times to know how it ends and what it does to me.  

Really sobbining before trying to sleep isn't good and neither is watching Extreme Make Over: Home Edition before hand :(

Nothing much new here, am clinging to the thought that this time next week it will be the last day before John Barrowman gig :D

Also is it wrong that I am more excited about seeing everyone and hanging out at Asylum than I am about the actual con.  If there going to make an announcement I just wish they would hurry up and do it now.

Finale of Torchwood on Friday and then new Doctor Who on Saturday \0/ anyone would think they planned it :)

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I have just been paid...

I have just booked my hotel and travel for the John Barrowman gig in Glasgow in April :) 

I can now book the leave tomorrow and then sort out my train etc for Asylum!

EDT: I have just booked my travel for Asylum, [personal profile] wenchpixie babe I will book the hotel if its not cool for Monday or if you have to work on Tuesday, just let me know for certain.  I

 am thinking it would probably be easier anyways as I wont have to get into town to get home.
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Happy New Year!

Mines wasn't particularly exciting or anything, took it with my Mum.  Then when she went to bed I went to play on my computer and them watched some Top Gear till about 04:00 me thinks.

I really don't enjoy New Year, up here its just another weekend which gives all the drunken idiots another excuse to get rat arsed and be a bunch of knobs.  I have no problem with people enjoying a drink but drinking to get so drunk you don't know what your doing etc never appealed to me.

But never mind that, here's to a great 2008!  Must get organised, I think by this time last year I had booked the flights for Asylum.  Are we still doing Brighton in February guys, think we will need to organise travel for this trip as don't think doing it at the last minute will do.

I also need to organise my John Barrowman trip and I am sure that will just be the start of it.

The best things of 2007 was getting to meet and hang out with so many fellow fan girls, looking forward to more of the same in 2008 and of course Asylum :D

My monster torrent has finally finished downloading, I can now look forward to watching series 1 to 8 of Top Gear in all it glory *glee*
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What sucked today: I was chewing gum this morning and one of my molars felt strange and then the whole thing cracked.  I have had root treatment on it and it is completely filled.  Now  the entire back cracked off and came away from the tooth, I got an emergency appointment but had to get picked up at 13:00.  He just removed the broken part of the tooth that was digging into my gum and filled it, I now have a tooth like Jaws out of the Bond films.  The pain is now gone though.

What rocked today:  I AM GOING TO SEE JOHN BARROWMAN IN CONCERT SSSSSSQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUEEEEEEE.  I got tickets for me and BB for the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on April the 10th :D  Now I need to get his album but I love the man, was still my total highlight of Season 3 of DW (Sometimes the only thing that kept me watching).  The man can make me watch any program, and I heard him singing on the radio and pretty much melted into the desk.  We are Terrace A, Row E seats 3 and 4.   Now I must order the Torchwood  DVDs too :)


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