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Ok I have just finished the first draft of my Asylum Con Report, its comes to a total of 9 pages, I have to do some serious editing and maybe even expand some bits. I will post it one I have added all the pictures and bits to it, not that anyone will probably read it but I spent ages on the damn thing so I am posting it.
And I know it’s sad and pathetic but I got my replica of Dean’s ring yesterday, currently wondering if this will become a permanent feature like my Claddagh. I have worn a Claddagh ring in various forms since, well season 1 of Buffy. The one I currently wear is actually from Dublin and is basically identical to the one Angel gives Buffy. Claddagh has been a obsession of mines ever since and I have collected them in all forms. So I think my spinner ring may join my Claddagh ring permanently on my right hand (yes I know I am obsessed.)
Of course the best news of this week was Jared and Sandy flying out for Jensen performance to surprise him *squishes* How can anyone not love that, and he calls Jensen’s dad Papa Ackles :) Of course there were sweets and Jared normal enthusiastic behaviour, best bit was starting the standing ovation, also intrigued by the gold ring (Maybe Jensen gave it as a gift, in return for the watch Jared gave him) and introducing Jensen’s girlfriend to Papa Ackles as “His Sister in Law”. Can’t believe he thought he could make himself invisible by wearing a baseball cap LOL. 
Can we find out any information on the “Girlfriend” so I can figure out if I am supposed to like her (or at least feel bad for not liking her).   I know her from OTH but that’s not enough to form an opinion on, I am happy for Jensen but the J2 fan is me is sad.
Also still jealous of everyone who is getting to see Kane on tour, more jealous of the lovely [personal profile] mara_sho who exchanged actual words with the wonderful Steve Carlson, and for that fact everyone who has seen them in the past. I am firmly behind the plan to get them to Glasgow.
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I feel a new fandom addiction coming on, well not exactly new just increased.  My Firefly/Serenity obsession is kicking off (I know I am years late but whatever), I have a sudden desire to buy all the books and cds etc and I have already ordered the gorgeous signed picture below of the wonder Mal.  

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I was so hoping for this but didnt think it would happen, I have booked my tickets ages ago but now I need to try and organise hotel, flights etc and um someone to meet up with cause I have never gone to anything like this on my own and it very far away from here.

Lets hope I can now get leave, still freaked out about going on my own, was going to meet up with Morri [personal profile] eurayliebut she seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth just now.

I was on our christmas night out tonight so I havent seen Supernaturual yet and I almost missed this announcement completely!

Ok i have kept it in long enough SQQQQUUUUUEEEEEE :)
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Right I’ve just finished my lunch and this has been one of the longest mornings ever so bugger it all I’m writing my update. Dude seriously if someone doesn’t find me something more to do soon I am going to go mental. I meant to update last night but I got distracted as always *grin*.

Is still amazes me the amount of time I can spend on my F-List, I am in total awe of the things people can create, I love all the fic (obviously), Icons and wallpapers to name but a few. I have downloaded some amazing Supernatural fan vids in the last few days, especially some kick ass Wincest ones, you guys are way too talented and I’m so jealous.

Can I say I adore pic spams, especially Jensen ones. Cant get enough of that boy, he has really gotten better with age as in some of the younger ones he looks way to much like a girl, I assume these are ex-models shots, that pout OMG and the long hair does nothing for me. So much hotter now though. Speaking of Pic Spams there is a great one of JDM as Denny in Greys Anatomy, now I don’t watch this show but these pics are enough to make to want to, I don’t find JDM un-resistible (unless he has yellow eyes) but he looked too good in these shots and the character sounds amazing.

Clicky click for Wincest, Supernatural and general fandom rambling )
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Man I’m bored, bored, bored. I seriously need something to do or I will go out of my mind, why can’t I get internet access or something at work, that would keep me busy :) but no doubt half my sites would be blocked.

I have successfully managed to hook my brother on Supernatural mmmwwwwhhhaaa (evil genius laugh). He came down about tea time yesterday and said he better give me my DVD back to which I asked had he watched the rest of it, and he was wasn’t sure it was his thing, see I can get that cause Wendigo isn’t my fav episode but I told him he should really watch 3 – Dead in the Water and 4 – Phantom Traveller to give it a proper chance, knowing that he would then be hooked. He came down later and told me I was right and he would watch the rest of the episodes. He now has up to episode 11 and I told him he can get the rest of the season when he’s ready, that once he managed to pry it from my grip.

He likes Deans taste in music seeing as he is a former metal head and the car (Oh Metallicar we love you). He really liked episode 4 which is good because well that’s a favourite of mines. Wonder what he will think of the reason of the season. Now who can I turn my new power on, fingers crossed for everyone on my flist still waiting for there DVDs, I hope they come today dears.

Can you guess what behind the cut, Yep thats right Supernatural and Jensen Ackles at least )
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Can I just say that Top Gear rocks, that was one of the funniest things I have seen in my life last night, Richards’s damper van was class and Jeremy’s was so typical of him. Dad is home so I had someone to laugh along with me at them for once, mother as always just looks at us like were mad, she don’t get Top Gear. Top Gear dog is soo cute as well, the doggles cracked me up, and no way would my dogs wear those.

I watched bits of Ginger Snaps again last night, I love all three of those films, top quality horror, must buy the trilogy box when it gets released.

Jensen Ackles *Yum*, RPS, Wincest the usual under the cut )


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