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I did this post a few days ago but fire-fox ate it so I couldn't be bothered doing it again.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to [personal profile] halfshellvenus for writing me this lovely birthday fic.  Is is Sam/Dean but is PG-13 and is such a gorgeous drabble, I  would  implore everyone to read it :)   Also huge *hugs* to the lovely [profile] cenea for writing me fluffy Richard/Jeremy Top Gear Slash for my birthday, its lovely and its here :) everyone go read now!

I still have a meme to do of pretty people, may get to that later.

With my big bro being up we decided to do a bit of the sight seeing thing, not that there is many sights to see  out here.  We hit John O'groats on Sunday, it was Harbour Day which meant trying to avoid the pipe band.  We dropped of Jason and Kasia so they could check out the Harbour  Day, pipe band included.   We took the dogs out around Dunnett's Head instead, at the right time of year you can see Puffins, sadly they had migrated by now.  There was plenty of Fulmars and Kittiwakes though.   After heading into  John O'Groats for some chips, running away from the pipe band and looking around the over priced shops it was time for home and Jas to cook us a lovely dinner of Chili Prawn Stir-Fry.

Today they have gone back to Aberdeen, we are planning on trying to go see Lee Evans in Glasgow in October, any of my Glasgow gals going or interested?

Yesterday at work I got presents and cake, I got a lovely necklace and a very pretty spending pot, for saving money in and then smashing when its full :) its too pretty though, I doubt any money will go in it, its too nice to smash.

Today when I got home I had a parcel, it was finally my Cd's for Jason Manns cancelled Edinburgh concert, supposedly I was sent a email, which I never got when the first lot went out.  As a apology I also got a t-shirt, two key rings, badges and Jason CD and Riley's CD I was meant to plus Jason & Jensen CD :)

Speaking of that, I haven't watched any of the Comic Con videos as I am scared of the spoiler, I will possibly watch with the sound off LOL.

Top Gear on Sunday was brilliant, very sad the series is over already but this weeks highlight had to be Hammond gracious winning of the bowler race.  Richard and Jeremy's reaction when The Stig *cough* sorry James beat Sabine and James *I was bound and gagged in the locker room* yes I bet you were *g* James made some great faces this episode.  Oh oh and the spitfires, can we get them in those flight suits a bit more often. 

I am now going to watch The F Word and swear at Gordon Ramsay as he kills puffins :(  and catch up with my flist.

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It is Saturday, Saturday is good, my computer for the moment isn't being horrendously evil, just mildly evil which I can handle.

Also I have Dave *stroke Dave* I like Dave, Dave is my friend.  Dave has my boys in Top Gear and possibly Jeremy Clarksons Motorworld if my family stay out for long enough.

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Well I got home after 22:15 last night, its was the nosiest train EVER, there was an entire school trip, loud annoying teenage girls and a table of metal heads doing beavis and butt head impersonations which was funny at moments but after the 8th hour I had enough. 

Thank god I had my Archos, shame only one of my head phones decided to work.  I still managed to watch Supernatural, Top Gear and Torchwood all the way home and eat lots of  rubbish.

The trip was great, Jason Mann's was awesome and I had a blast hanging out with everyone.  It was even worth the 40 hours of travelling I clocked upped, not sure if that's insanity or dedication :)

I have checked my videos and they have all come out great, will see about getting them uploaded for everyone.

I sadly have work again tomorrow, I need to organised for that.  I know I have other things to post but I need to catch up on my fist first, I at skip 980 and I had still missed things, I can pretty much assume I am not going to catch up.  I will try though :)
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Right I'm packed.. I think. 

Anyways I am on the train to glasgow at 08.13 in the morning so I am heading to bed shortly.

 I will see some of you tommorrow and even more of you on Friday.  I am currently only thinking as far as glasgow, hopefully everything will go smoothly :)
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Right have booked flights for Birmingham in May, thanks [personal profile] wenchpixie  :) just need to sort out the rest of it.  I haven't booked any of the Brighton stuff yet as I have contacted [profile] glorfinniel[personal profile] unhobbityhobbit and [personal profile] aditu_az about room sharing, If all else fails and I hear nothing I will just book a double and have a nice big bed to myself,  I am sure I will only be in it to sleep, hopefully wont be abandoned there on my own.  Will hopefully get it sorted tommorrow after work, as normal I am paranoid there will be no rooms left and the bus will be full but I am sure a day will OK.

I  LOVED Torchwood, I know its not a perfect show by any means but as a long term slasher/shipper its like a fanfic come to life on the screen,  RTD can be very good to us when he wants.

I am going to go now and watch more Top  Gear, finished RH book last night.  Didn't think it was possible to love Hamster more than I did already , I was so wrong and Mindy is just amazing :D  Now I  can start on Jeremy's latest, I may need to investigate James books  as  he shouldn't be left out  ;)
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I just bought a ticket for Jason Manns gig in Edinburgh for November!!!!!

Now who else is going and how we getting there :D


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