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God I am so tired, I hate this time of the month, I also have a sneaky suspicion I am coming down with the cold that's going.

I am trying to work out what to get signed at Asylum3, I have the 10x8 as part of my package and I will be taking some old photo shots, J & J CD plus Season Guides.  But now after seeing some of the new Richart prints I WANT, I have some of the other prints but new ones are really gorgeous.

I am tempted to get this one signed by Jensen and Jared

This one I could get signed by Amy Gumenick, Matthew Cohen, Samantha Smith and Fredric Lehne

And this one would be perfect for Mischa of course

I didn't buy the big Asylum3 print because I don't have the wall room, that and I don't know if it would fit in my case, I am tempted to measure both and see what I can get in.  It would mean I would need to take my larger case but I might need that anyway, that and as I am flying most of the way the size of the case isn't really an issue.  I was tempted to go up to three signatures each for Jensen and Jared but I think its just a bit greedy, if I get the print I might have to though.

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I think the word of today is fraught!

I knew today was going to be mad at work, Thursday is the second planning meeting of the week, my work colleague who normally does all the planning and work control stuff is off to London till Tuesday.  Meaning I am doing both jobs, one of which I don't do often making it more stressful than normal.  Otherwise I would have booked today off, no other cover so I had to work.

Add to that it being the 16TH OF APRIL, more specifically the day all Asylum attendees exploded.  I managed to use up my entire phone battery attempting to get on-line on my phone and checking my messages/twitter/googlemail.  I sent our email for Friday Autos but hadn't heard anything by home time, might have been a mistake using work email but I had no other access to email until lunch time which just wasn't going to work.  Has anyone heard yet?

Eventually got J2 photo shoot \0/, got it during the second load.  It was really hard waiting for someone else to get them, I think I prefer being in control and knowing exactly what's going rather than relying on someone else.  I almost cant believe it actually happening,

I didn't get Jared, that mainly because I decided I didn't need Jared as I am happy with my Dallas photo shoot.  Then when we were having J2 issues I decided maybe I should get a Jared one but then they sold out.  Its cool though as I don't really need one, if I decide I really want one I can get one it at Asylum3 or I may just get one at Vancouver, you can never have too many Jared pictures right.  I did get a Jared Autograph tonight, I am planning to get him to sign my Dallas photo shoots :) some of the others can sign the group one as well.

As a results of all these things I still have a stack of work on my desk I would normally have sailed through.  Meaning tomorrow probably isn't going to be any easier, good job it Friday!  I am going to watch ER and unwind :Do


Mar. 12th, 2009 10:58 pm
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Just to join in with the rest of my flist


That is all :D
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I have been so bad at updating lately, I seem to be in a phase where I cant be arsed typing, I can think of things to put in a post all day long but by the time I think about actually posting it I have to go to bed, so sorry if I missed any major post on my flist and I haven’t commented, rest assured I have probably read everything just not got round to commenting.

Ok we got Mini Impala, Prison Break S2, Bones S2, Supernatural (shock), Hammond :( and general rambling )


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