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This is probably going to be brief as I dont have the energy to type out one of my normal rambling posts.  I have emails I need to reply to but cant be bothered.

Went back to work on Monday and had the day from hell, it started well whey my computer died, supposidely it happened when I went on leave and instead of getting it fixed they left it for me to come back to, cheers dude.  

So I put a call into the ever helpful IT team who a day and half later replaced it but didnt install my programs properly so I am still not working properly.  Monday morning also choose to be the day when they wanted 300 off work orders pulled out the filling, now I have issues with filling which is why there was piles of unorganised work orders on top of the filling cabinet meaning it took till Tuesday morning to finish getting the work orders.  

I did get thanked for it and sweeties so yay but now everyone is going why isnt the filling done, well I hate it, its totally boring and plus I ran out of space so now I have to archive which I hate even more.  So now I am trying put it all in order before anyone asks any more questions.  Also my printer has been eating things.

But now thankfully I have my computer back and have been spreading pictures of Jensen from the con and trying to turn as many people as possible. Trying to explain to people today at lunch what I was doing in Coventry, "no its not a play or a film, its a freaking fan convention with the god Jensen Ackles" I showed them pics and the con booklet so I think they get it.

I am hoping when I have time to skive at work to type up a full Asylum report, need to get my memories down for the record.

I watched the finale of Heroes OMG eek *cries* sorry thats about all I can manage.

I am going to go and lurk and attempt to catch up on downloads.

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This is the post that hotmail ate, hopefully it will work this time, I checked and I did send it to the right address, maybe the problem was this end or the contents of the message, lets hope I have more luck the second time.

Spoilery rambling on Lost, Supernatural, Bones, Greys Anatomy etc )
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Can I say how much I love Heroes, I watched episodes 3 and 4 last night, it just gets better and better. I love Hiro and Peter, and all of them really. That three little words "To Be Continued" will get very annoying if they appear every week. I hope this will be one show that will survive the rating wars.

I also watched the first 2 episodes of Series 3 of Veronica Mars and its as great as ever, I like how they are continuing to deal with the issues from last season, I have a question though which may be spoilery so here goes VM Season 3 )

Oh and I totally dont want to go back to work next week, must find a job that involves sleeping in, staying up all night and surfing the net!
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It’s been a few days since my last post so time for another ramble, obviously it is once again the weekend so I have had time to watch Supernatural twice, I can not express how much I love our show and our boys!

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