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Flyby post!

Just a quick post to see thats me all packed and ready for SPN Fen Scottish Posse party, you guys are going to be so totally feed up with me come Wednesday. I am going to log off shortly and probably wont be online properly till early Wednesday when I eventually get home.

Before I go though, New Priestly pic is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED, come wednesday I will two years older than you (thats wrong)!


Nearly time for bed but before I go SSSSSQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEE and SSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Flails OMFG Amazon have just dispatched my Adult edition of Harry Potter and The Dealth Hallows SSSSQQQQQUUUUUEEEEE Is it too much to hope for early delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*giggle snort* that my dears is just wrong, the example text makes me laugh even more LOL.  I could think of some dirtier ones though :)

Am still tempted by this

Doubt I would use it much but it is pretty and would possible be good for cons *cough* Asylum2008 *cough* and other such events.

I have been utterly lazy today, sat in my PJs watching Live Earth which has been pretty fab, anything that has Damien Rice, David Gray, Snow Patrol and the Foo Fighters on one bill is good, plus John Barrowman and David Ten Inch sorry Tennant and the god Chris Moyles floating about is good.

I missed parts as I was distracted by three hours of Kipling bags, I have a results have 4 news bags, a purse and may be getting a bag for my birthday.  I am a bag lady I dont deny it, also have an addiction to luggage which is expensive.

I am wondering if I should share my knowledge of Sams Supernatural knife with the rest of fandom, would any of  [community profile] spnfencentral be interested, I went to a lot of effort finding (almost a whole damn year) it so I feel the need to share.

I received my Glasgow bus tickets yesterday :)  and I watched JK Rowlings interview last night and the behind the scenes for HP5 today, if I get any more excited about HP7 I may burst. 

So just a warning to the Scottish Fen Posse Party you may have to subdue me when it hits midnight, I will probably be very gittery and annoying till I get my grubby paws on it!
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OMG just watched the trailer and 4 min preview for Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, why tease me now when I have to wait until the 13th of July. So not fair, I want my christmas film back. Still no news on the publish date of book seven, I thought it was supposed to be around July next year, would we really get the last book *cries very loudly* and the fifth film so closely together.

Damn it prison break finish downloading so I can go upstairs and burn you.

I am trying to figure out whether to make hand made cards for thoses on my flist that want them, I want to theme them, maybe angels so I will have to raid my stamp collection.

I'm tired now so I think I will go!


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