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First off:

Happy Birthday to the awesome [ profile] snarkyrainbow !!

I thought the picture was kinda apt LOL

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I have sorted my Asylum hotel for the 28th, its been added to my booking but its gonna cost me, suppose that's what's happens when your staying at the Hilton.  Nothing else major happening, tomorrow is free shopping trip, does mean getting up at 05:14 but that's no a new thing really, typical thats its supernatural day and I am going to spend it 200 miles away from my computer, at least I will have it to look forward to when we get home.
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Happy Birthday to the very lovely[ profile] hopeless_cynic 

Hope your having a great day, filled with lots of fangirly fun and much awesomeness!

Piccie for you :) )

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OK Hopefully this will work the second time, this would have been done yesterday but I spent the day on buses, plans and trains getting home so I have a valid excuse :)

I'm sure you wont mind that its late as you are busy in Chicago with fabulous fan girls and pretty boys, I wish I was there with you to celebrate your birthday with the rest of the girls. Your a genuinely lovely person and I am so glad to have meet you. I know your having an awesome time anyway but I want to pass on my birthday wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] roguegambit26Happy Birthday! )
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Happy Birthday to the wonderful [personal profile] wenchpixie !

Your awesome and I am so glad I can count you among my friends.

Hope you have had an awesome day babe, sadly I have no pretty to offer you but I think everyone else has it covered :D

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Happy Birthday to the lovely  

I hope you have great day hun, full of lots of pretty TG.


[profile] cenea
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 First off 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] frayen 

hope you have a wonderful day hun!

To my TG girls, looks like we have a Mr James May for MPH08, Yay for OT3 :)
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I am not really here, just a fly by post to say Happy Birthday to the lovely [profile] hopeless_cynic!

Hope you have had a wonderful day:)
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Happy Birthday to the wonderful [personal profile] wenchpixie

Hope you a have had a great day babe

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Happy Birthday to the lovely [personal profile] kitty_cat89   



Have a great day dear :)
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Happy Birthday to the lovely [profile] deadflowerss  

hope you have a wonderful day sweetie!
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Happy Birthday [profile] __3amconfession

Happy Birthday to the wonderful [ profile] __3amconfession Have a wonderful day hun! enjoy your birthday fics and have a wonderful year to come full of supernatural and wincest goodness!!!

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