Aug. 19th, 2008 09:28 pm
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I went on a little spending spree, I ordered all the Top Gear books, stickers books and all :D And pre-ordered the ones that aren't out yet.  I ordered Hamsters every changing title second book, I am now wondering if he will be doing a book tour when it comes out, knowing my luck it will be nowhere near me if it is and I have next to no leave left.

Thinking of Hammond as I do *g* I was looking at my travel for MPH 08, looks like my flights are going to be just under £100 to get from Inverness to Birmingham, obviously the sooner I do it the cheaper it will be, then have to book train to get to Inverness and from there I can hop a bus around the corner to the Airport.  Just checked and my train is currently £30, may look at buses or wait till theres an apex. So without accomodation thats £130 already, what I do for my boys.

Great I have just checked out the Hilton Birmingham Metropole and its fully booked up for those dates, even better there is no rooms at the Crown Plaza or the Express By Holiday Inn :( I so knew I should have booked earlier.  Girls where on earth are we going to stay, most of the best ones seem to be sold out.

I did have other things to say but I am currently having a freak out.
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See whats happens when I get started, not fabulous but I like them.

I should be commenting on things like the wonderful news of Jared & Sandy's engagement but everyone already has (it did make me squee ridiculously).

I could post about the wonderfulness that was the Friday Night Project and The Who Porn but that about covers it.

The only other thing I was going to speak about was Jeremy Clarkson not getting charged for using a mobile while driving.  This will just highlight how the man can do no wrong in my eyes and I am under his evil demon powers so I wont :)

I haven't read any of the con reports or watched the videos yet. I will save them for later. In the mean time here is what I have been doing!

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Hope everyone is having a lovely Good Friday.

As you can see I am not partaking in the strike, I have a paid account and my not posting really wont change anything.

I have so far managed to actually be productive.  Got up earlier than normal when I don't have to, I was actually dressed by about 12:00 :)

I finally managed to clean out my bedroom, I got all the craft stuff put away that has been loitering since Christmas.  Cleared out my drawers, got all my travel stuff organised and found the floor after I tidied all the bags, DVDs and books. 

Next thing is to clear my computer desk so I can find it again, you can tell my father has been there, paper all over the place.

So what is everyone up to today?

I cant remember if I mentioned that I got the money back that Student Loan Company owed me, well I have been using it to buy sensible things like clothes and travelling stuff like packing cubes.  I also bought the most awesome Laptop Sleeve and charger bag by Built NY.  The laptop sleeve is now like a sleeping bag for my laptop and keeps it safe and snugly and the Charger Bag is just the best idea, I no longer have to have chargers rattling around the bottom of my bag when I go off.  You can see it all here, mines are the stripy ones, trying to stop myself from buying the Laptop Bag.

I should say something about Torchwood but I would just go on about THAT SCENE and make nonsensical noises.  I also haven't commented on the fact that I watched the Golden Compass, but apart from saying its EXTREMLY ANNOYING it wouldn't go well.

OK its quiet so I am going back to lurking on Hammond Heaven.
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I am now officially on the long weekend :) four days of no work *bliss* 

Sadly when I do go back I have to be two people again.  Even worse the second job I have to cover I have very little knowledge of, I have covered it for a total of 1 day before.  I have to do it for 6 days, oh well will just have to make it up as I go along as normal.

I have for the last 3 days or so been conversing with the lovely Stevi from Hammond Heaven

She is a fellow Scot who is planning on going to MPH 08 :D  I even managed to get her to join Live journal, hello [profile] permission2say welcome to the mad house hun. She very sweetly invited me to tag along to the Queen gig in Glasgow.

Also there is gorgeous pictures of Hammond and May at the baftas, also no Jeremy, would have liked a new OT3 pic.  Hammond just looks *guh* may be slightly dead.

Courtesy of [profile] silver_stargate at Top Gear Slash

Theres nothing Supernatural related in this post, that just wrong. 

Oh I know Dean Winchester is very pretty, there thats better :D 

Omg I was wrong, just saw the awesome Kripke photos on [profile] annemiek81 journal, there so cool *squee* I must go save now :)[profile]
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I have just turned over to watch Sport Relief, I have to say one thing.... 

Hammond fixed his hair :)

I may be slightly gleeful over how good he looks, cant wait for 22:00 *bouncy* 

There may be more spamming on how gorgeous Hamster is later. What I have no new Supernatural to watch, I need to squee over the pretty I do get. 

I also now have irrational hatred for all the Hammond girls that got tickets *grr*

The bad news...Top Gear waiting list is supposedly 18 YEARS!!!!! *WAILS* my friends took great delight in telling me this at lunch, I had been in course all day so knew nothing.

I am soo hitting Top Gear Live at MPH now.


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