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Woo Hoo I am just back from my blood pressure test 130/70!

which is pretty much text book perfect :) don't need to get it checked for another 6 months :D and that was me stressed and worried about it \0/ I got stuck twice for my blood test, my veins are a nightmare but eventually got blood. 

I have to phone up for the results on Friday, hopefully they will be OK, I expect my cholesterol to still be high but will deal with that.

I can now relax and enjoy what is left of my day off. 

Now onto more pleasant things, I have been absent from the Internet since Thursday evening as I spent the weekend hanging out with the lovely [ profile] wenchpixie, it was as expected an awesome weekend, good company, good food and brilliantly good and bad TV in equal amounts, what more can a girl want. Well the bloody daleks but that's another story, there will be pictures once I nab them off wench!  I doubt I will ever tire of Glasgow, if there is one place that could tempt me away from home thats it.

As a result of spending 4 days in Glasgow/Ayr, my laptop still at home in Wick, I am so behind on my flist that there is no way I am going to catch up, please link me anything I need to see.  I will try and catch up but its hard and I do have to go back to work tomorrow :(

Hee benefit of being off work, I am watching Hammonds Blast Lab.  Things I learned from my weekend, Kipling Backpacks rock and have wonderful tardis properties and buses hate me, they pick the day I am travelling to be insanely busy and people follow me at changes.  Thankfully I have booked train for next three trips \o/ which means I can travel with laptop and wheelie case if necessary, I have issues with putting luggage on the bus luggage compartment, mainly because everytime I even consider it my mother pipes up "be careful, it might get nicked".  It happened to my brother one time as well, so yeah tad paranoid.

[ profile] wenchpixie  I am compiling an email now, poke me if I don't get it sent tonight!

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I am entirely packed and organised for visiting the lovely [ profile] wenchpixie  :D the only thing to go in my bag now is my laptop and power supply. 

I have a considerable amount of munchies :), seeing as its the bus I may even take travel tablets in the morning, if it is anything like today's very bumpy, stuffy and squeaky bus I will need them.

I have like two month worth of entertainment on my lovely Archos, phone topped up, I got Jim Beavers book which may find its way into my bag.  I think I am pretty much set \0/

I going to turn on loudtwitter so expect random rants about buses till I get home, oh I need to Sky+ things don't I.

Be good lovelies, have fun, I plan to :D

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I got my Asylum confirmation letter \0/ I'm number 62, not 63 as expected but that's even better.  Now just to get our J2 photo shoot and Jared autographs, not getting a Jared Photo shoot as I am happy with my Dallas one, that and there's always Vancouver.  I got my train tickets home to get me to Inverness for my flight to Birmingham, I even printed out all my paypal receipts so far.

Is it a bit anal that I have all my travel info/tickets etc organised in piles, in order of when I am off, what can I say I like to be organised LOL

I have somehow managed to hurt my big toe today, we had a bus driver that drives like a bat out of hell today.  I was attempting to adjust my coat as you do, I pushed my foot onto the foot bar for leverage and obviouly pushed a bit too hard.  Something cracked, its not broken or anything but is painful if I straighten it or stretch it.  It was painful to walk on after I got off the bus.  I think its getting better but if it get worses tommorrow I can get it checked out at OHD.

I am slowly downloading Becoming Human, I need to get the rest of Castle and Dollhouse.  I need entertainment for the bus on Friday.  Oh I must remember to Sky+ Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Skellig plus anything else that might be of interessted ha ha.

Am so looking forward to hitting Glasgow and hanging out with [ profile] wenchpixie  for the weekend :D

Oh and I totally cant decide what phone I want, I took a shine to the Samsung Blackjack II that was on Fringe yesterday, theres so many, but I have to admit none of the smart phones are really that pretty, I love my U9 and am so not ready to part with it.  I just want something I can put online.

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I am such a sucky LJ friend at the minute, I apologise but I am blaming it on Twilight fanfic, Edward/Bella has slightly eaten my brain :) I may eventually catch up but I doubt it. 

I need to get organised for going to Glasgow/London over the weekend, I have many bags to try out, I may even get my new Kipling bags tommorrow *grins* yes I know I have an addiction, but I could be addicted to much worse.

I have been playing with photobox, pictures to follow when I get the results home.

Also as of yesterday I has a laptray, I LOVE MY LAPTRAY.  I no longer have legs on fire :)

Best pictures of the week are without doubt Top Gear taking over London, closely followed by them turning on Blackpool Illumations, seriously the three of them on a tank *guh* why couldnt they have waited a few days till I was in the area to start there world domination plan.  If this is how they launch the world tour I have great hopes for what there going to get up to in November.  As always the lovely [ profile] cenea has all the best pictures.

My Travis tickets also arrived \0/ need to sort out of Lorraine what the plan is for the day in Inverness.

I should really go to bed now before I start watching CSI again or something, that reminds me I saw a CSI van today, I didnt get a chance to see what the letters stood for but it amused me this morning when standing at the bus.  OK that post was longer than expected without really saying anything LOL I have skills.

I just realised there is no Supernatural in this post, thats just wrong, but as going to London for Ten Inch Hero is basically for Jensen I am sure that counts :D

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Just managed to book the Quality Central Hotel in Glasgow for £48 for 4th of June :) 

And even better I got my train for £13.80, now just got to order currency and some light weight trousers and I think thats me done \0/
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Feck.....the price of hotels in Glasgow in June have sky rocketed, I assume something is on.  I grudge having to pay over £100 for one night *grumbles*

That reminds me, are [personal profile] mara_sho, [profile] smeckles90 and [personal profile] kitty_cat89 available to hang out on the 4th of June?

 I will be down on my tod, before flying out on the next day.  Want to keep me company, and save me from a night of hotel tv *shudders*
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Right, John Barrowman has officially been announced for The Hub in the Showmasters Forum.  So far we have Tosh, Captain Jack and Paul Kasey who plays a lot of aliens in Torchwood and Doctor Who.  Is anyone interessted, I know [personal profile] openskies is :).

I booked my group shot for Asylum, couldn't pass it up really.  I am working on the theory that all those awesome people in one photo will out way whatever mess I look.

Right I am getting my Glasgow hotel and travel booked for June when I get paid, anyone available for hanging out on the 04/06/08.

I am sure I had other things to say but I am tired.
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I'm back! got home about 22:00 last night. 

Both legs of my train journey was good...but why do people always ask me questions in train stations and on trains.  Do I just look like I know everything? then random people just start conversations with me, which you know is nice but annoying when I am trying to watch Top Gear on my Archos...lots of people seemed interested in that too...had some questions as to what it was.

Right important things.... review of concert...can be summed up in pretty much one word.



I don't understand how anyone couldn't love this man, he is a wonderful entertainer, his voice is amazing, he has the whole package.  Not to mention the camp/slashiness of his shows :) 

I don't think I have laughed so much, cried and generally had such a great fun time at a gig.  And yes he is that pretty in real life!

Alas I have no pictures or videos, the seats we were in wasn't ideal for pics, that and trying to film around some woman's head while another women is spying, stopping anyone from videoing is kinda hard. 

Also I have said it before and will say it again SCOTTISH GIGS ARE THE BEST.  They have the best atmosphere and we managed to make JB cry :D a few times actually.  The sweetest bit was when he brought on his 73 year old mother up to sing...shes such a darling! 

It was even worth the hour and a half we spent outside the stage door patiently waiting for John, it was fun with all the other mental people. 

[profile] smeckles90 dear how long did you hang out for...we were there until John drove past us in his car, he peeped the horn and waved at us and one of the girls got him at the traffic lights. 

We forgive you John, they were having a family party and then he had to rush off to the next hotel,  As BB said though how stupid would we have felt if we left and he did turn up, so there we stayed till the end in our spot at the front of the queue. 

By the way if anyone at the gig saw a girl with long dark hair in a Captain Jack style RAF coat, that was my best mate :) who really wanted JB to sign her coat.

The rest of the trip was great.  I even did real well with the no spending, till I went past the window of Dower & Hall and immediately feel in love with a pair of Angel Wing earrings, so they had to come home with me.
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I'm going to FORT WORTH with the lovely [personal profile] wenchpixie

have booked major things like flight and [personal profile] wenchpixie has sorted out the hotel.

I will most likely need to book a hotel in Glasgow for travelling down on the Wednesday, will organise that closer to the time. 

So so very excited!!!!

Now I need to finish getting organised for going off to John Barrowman tomorrow!   Cant wait to see the pretty in concert, we have covert operation planned for afterwards to obtain autographs.  BB wants to get her Captain Jack style coat signed, will have to locate shop that sells sharpies.

I emailed [personal profile] wenchpixie, [personal profile] mara_sho, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [profile] smeckles90 a while ago about meeting up this Friday.

I didn't hear back so I assume everyone is busy.  I will be around from tomorrow to early Saturday so holler at me if you see me as I ain't always that observant :)

EDT:  WE HAVE GOLD PACKAGES *SQUISHES [personal profile] wenchpixie*
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Well I got home after 22:15 last night, its was the nosiest train EVER, there was an entire school trip, loud annoying teenage girls and a table of metal heads doing beavis and butt head impersonations which was funny at moments but after the 8th hour I had enough. 

Thank god I had my Archos, shame only one of my head phones decided to work.  I still managed to watch Supernatural, Top Gear and Torchwood all the way home and eat lots of  rubbish.

The trip was great, Jason Mann's was awesome and I had a blast hanging out with everyone.  It was even worth the 40 hours of travelling I clocked upped, not sure if that's insanity or dedication :)

I have checked my videos and they have all come out great, will see about getting them uploaded for everyone.

I sadly have work again tomorrow, I need to organised for that.  I know I have other things to post but I need to catch up on my fist first, I at skip 980 and I had still missed things, I can pretty much assume I am not going to catch up.  I will try though :)
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Right I'm packed.. I think. 

Anyways I am on the train to glasgow at 08.13 in the morning so I am heading to bed shortly.

 I will see some of you tommorrow and even more of you on Friday.  I am currently only thinking as far as glasgow, hopefully everything will go smoothly :)
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Brighton is officially DONE! 

Have just booked the family room from moi, [profile] glorfinniel and  [personal profile] unhobbityhobbit, I went for the early check in as we are arriving from London at 12:30, are you guys meeting us at London or Brighton? Its only £27 each so that a bargain.  I have booked my megabus and the train down, it is an insane amount of travel in a short period but it will be worth it :D

Now I just hope there's enough money in my bank for all this, thankfully I have an overdraft I have never used so it will OK.

As I said to [personal profile] wenchpixie I will be arriving about 16:14 in Glasgow on Thursday 07 so would love to see people, otherwise I am going to be sitting in a bus/train station on my tod till 23:00

Also my Purple Shimmer DMs have  arrived, they are very pretty and hopefully will be as comfortable as I remember.

Now tomorrow I can book my leave, I love doing that.

I have one further comment on last night Torchwood, Captain John Harts boots OMFG, that  is all.[profile]
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I have been thinking about holidays today, after looking at travel for Brighton yesterday I received an email from Flybe today so I though I would have a nosey for flights to Birmingham from Glasgow, there are currently ones available at £0.00 so basically you only have to pay taxes etc. 

The ones I looked at (no idea if this ones would be any use, I am just mucking about) came to £49.98 for the return before fees etc which ain't half bad.  I think I need to get my head around it and book at sometime.  Most likely will have to travel to Glasgow one day and fly out the next same as last time.  I will look into it more, then I just have to organise trip to Glasgow for John Barrowman :D

Going Out
Flight No BE7087
Thu 08 May 2008 12:10 depart. Glasgow International (GLA)
  13:25 arrive. Birmingham (BHX)

Coming Back
Flight No BE7086
Mon 12 May 2008 10:30 depart. Birmingham (BHX)
  11:45 arrive. Glasgow International (GLA)

Booking for 1 passenger
Airfare per Adult £ 0.00 (per person)
Taxes and charges per Adult £ 49.98 (per person)
For 1 Adult
Total airfare and taxes £ 49.98  
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I'm home.....well more accurately I got home at 22:08 last night, by which point I was good for nothing.  I watched Supernatural this afternoon :D I cant really form any thoughts apart from I loved it, OUR BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!

I may comment further after a second watch, if not I will leave the in depth reviews to those more eloquent than I. 

I had a lovely time in Glasgow, had a great dinner with my fangirls, just wish I had more time to hang out with you all.  Hopefully in November for Jason Mann's gig.  Speaking off Scot rail, they have kindly decided to close the Inverness to Perth track for 9 days during the time of the Jason Mann's gig so it likes like to my City link bus time for me again.

The Damien Rice gig was STUNNING, I may even have to say my fav gig ever.  Without a doubt the loudest, he certainly has the rawr down.  I think this would surprise people who haven't listened to all of Damien Rices music. 

When we were sitting we were six rows back right in the the centre of the stage, I had a perfect view of Damien, he looked very dapper, he has cut his hair which I loved and was smartly dressed.  He had good banter, was funny, sweet and charming and the voice *sigh*  I could feel the base guitar in my chest, like my mate said it was like to shook your heart.  The music took my breath away and gave me goosebumps, I felt completely chilled and slightly euphoric by the end.  We got the train from central station and arrived after 19:30. 

I had received an email before I left saying the support act would be on at 20:00 and Damien Rice would be on at 21:00 so we were there in plenty of time.  We were a tad surprised when we got to the hall to hear music and someone singing.  They had obviously gone back to the original arrangement so the support act had started at 19:30, no long after we had sat down Miss Vyvienne Long announced this was her last song and that the people who hadn't turned up could stick it.  I felt sorry for her as it was pretty deserted, hopefully someone will have told her about the scheduling conflict.  We then had to endure the worst, pain inducing, my eyeballs are bleeding music at the most horrendous sound levels imaginable, to the point I could feel my brain liquefying.  Thankfully not  long after 20:30  the lovely Damien Rice appeared but half way through the first song he stopped saying.

"Is everyone late tonight, all I can see is security showing people to there seats.  I will be back in 5 once everyone is seated"

When he came back a lot more was in there seats but people were still arriving till about 22:00 which really is just rude and people getting up during the performance to get drinks etc. 

I just ignored them and concentrated on Damien, the stage was amazing as well, the lighting and sound affects were amazing.  We even had snow!  He does a very funny Scottish impression as well. 

The best bit was when he said they were finishing soon and we could move closer if we wanted, after a little hesitation we bolted to the stage and I got the front of the barrier directly in front of Damien Rice :D he did Blowers Daughter, Cannonball and Cheers Darling that I can remember, just amazing.  He didn't finish until about 23:30 and we stumbled back to the train.

The next day we had nothing planned so braved the underground and I followed BB around Kelvingrove Museum so she could look at the sharp and pointys.  I wandered around patiently but after looking at too many stuffed animals I found a seat and let her wander the rest of the place alone.  We then did the usual shop/eat/sleep thing until it was home time.

She braved the 2 hour bus trip, while I faced the 8 hour train ride, including the 4 hour train on the final leg where the lights went out every 10 minutes and the idiots on bored whooped EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Why is it that all the trains I get have SPECIAL people on them, whether they are just loud, obnoxious or drunk.

But apart from that trip was great, if you don't include the fact I got so wet on my lost wanderings on the Wednesday night my trousers still haven't dried out.

Oh and TOP GEARS BACK, ah my hamster how I have missed you (continues chant of cut your hair).

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Right, I'm organised, everything is packed and those things that need charged are charging.

I may have an early night once I catch up with my flist, I do have to be up again about 05:30.

Looking forward to seeing you all tommorrow, trying not to think about the 8 hour train journey with all its changes.

I will be availble on my mobile tommorrow if anyone needs me :)
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I am watched the Grey's Anatomy recap on LivingTV presented by JDM :D  He looks V Pretty!

I did have a point....I know not all folks on my flist likes Indian food but I do A LOT.  Can anyone recommend a good Indian Restaurant in central Glasgow I will actually be able to find, or one in Glasgow anywhere I can find. 

With all the trips I have made to Glasgow me and BB have never managed to find one let alone eat in one.  We are obviously on the wrong streets :(

I would appreciate any advice and you know directions if necessary.
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 Its saturday and I am being driven slowly insane....more on that later if I can muster the energy.

More important thing and fun things....still trying to sort out what we are doing on wednesday.  

Right I know [personal profile] kitty_cat89 isnt finished till 18:00, [profile] smeckles90 mentioned being finished at 17:00 and poor [personal profile] wenchpixie has to work till 19:30.  Havent heard anything from [personal profile] mara_sho so dont know if she will be joining us.  

Ok the two options for Wednesday are:

- Meet up somewhere once finished uni/work and 

[personal profile] wenchpixie will meet us once she is finished and we can go for food.


- Meet at 19:30 when everyone is hopefully availalbe and go get something to eat.

I am relying on you guys to suggest somewhere I can find easily.  My knowledge of Glasgow pretty much extends to the main street and I live in a small town so these big places tend to freak me out, not to mention my terrible navagation skills.

I will be around from 14:15 (once I locate my hotel) so if you guys let me know where and when!

I am currently watching HSM2 again.....hopefully this will improve my mood and relieve some stress. 




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First off why has Jason Mann changed his gig to Edinburgh, nothing against the place, I just ain't as keen on it as Glasgow.  Has anyone bought tickets yet, and you know where for?

I wasn't online at all last night, just didn't feel the need, that and I was distracted my HSM on Disney and my shiny new computer!  Its nice not to be online once in a while, I am now as a result trying to catch up with my flist but that's the normal. 

I am very sad to see that some of my flist is having a very hard time, I am sorry I wasn't around, even though there's nothing I can say to make it better I want to be there for everyone, whether its just to offer *hugs* or whatever, special hugs to the lovely [personal profile] mara_sho and [profile] _doodle, whatever you guys need I'm here. 

It also makes me feel bad for complaining about my problems, which are nothing compared to others. I try not to moan too much but we all have issues so sometimes cant help it.  Hopefully I don't go emo on you guys too much, I am guilty of bottling things so please excuse the odd outburst.

I am glad to say I received my new debit card yesterday so I have been busy updating retailers, still have some to contact yet but now I can return to my fav hobby, SHOPPING!! Just have to be more careful from now me thinks.

I feel like I am about to become obsessed by High School Musical 2, I am already on countdown till Friday when its on Disney.  Yes I could download it and watch it now but I want to do something legally for once!  Dad has also take home a copy of the old and new Hairspray which I shall claim :D

About 18 days till I hit Glasgow, this has been keeping me going this week, it will then be days till S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am already planning for next years Asylum (yes I know its sad but whatever), I want to get an autograph book so I have somewhere to gather them, now as I don't like to do things the normal way was thinking of one of these in A5

The seller is also going to design me one with Angel wings!

I am sure I had other things to post, I'll just spam you if I remember :D

Oh I remembered, I have decided on an Archos 704 or 705 when I have money, just have to decide if I want the one with WIFI or freeview TV.
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I received my train tickets for Glasgow in October today!  I have my Damien Rice tickets and the hotel is all booked so I am officially sorted :)

I have been listening to Damien Rice for the last week on the bus, just bliss.  I didnt realise I had 94 Damien Rice on my IPOD.  

Need to pin down BB to figure out what bus she is coming through on from Dundee hopefully on the 3rd and get her to book it, if she leaves me stuck in Glasgow by myself I wont be impressed to say the least.  

Still hoping to get together with my Scottish SPN Fen Posse, if you guys let me know how your fixed closer to the time or whatever, you all have my mobile etc and the email with the details, I wont pester you about till nearer the time I promise :)  Cant miss an opportunity when I dont get to Glasgow that often, will have to gear myself up for the 8 hour train journey once more!

I need to go and catch up with all you guys on my fist, also I am super jealous of those who are going to the chicago con, I would give nearly anything to make it to the states. 
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I set a new record today, by 08:02 this morning I had officially done all my work for the day, granted I started at 07:45 when I got to my desk but still ITS BLOODY RIDICULOUS!  I spent the rest of the day filing, clearing out rubbish in prep for office move and archiving.  In other words being bored out my tiny mind.

Can I say how much I LOVE public transport, earlier this week I managed to get wet INSIDE THE BUS, when it wasn't even raining outside, I didn't notice until I was woken up by it dripping on my head.  The same bus them very nearly died on the run way coming into work, we were coasting and very nearly conked out half way over the road, blocking everyone coming in and anyone trying to get out.  It was amusing, don't really mind if it breaks down on the way to work.  Even better yesterday we had a different bus driver who decided it was a good idea to go past about 06:15 when no one was actually out yet and then leave us standing in the cold until 06:50 when he decided to come back in.  As I said I love public transport or maybe its just he home to work travel scheme that has this problem :D

I am having shoe issues again, the boots that I replaced just after Asylum have started to leak, they are comfy but obviously not up to the daily trek to DFR.  May have to go back to wearing Doc Martins, I spied lovely purple metallic ones online, the only reason I stopped wearing them was they stopped the funky designs.  There not the smartest looking things for work but seeing as half the work force wear safety boots it don't really matter.

I have emailed the Scottish fen posse regarding October so

[personal profile] wenchpixie, [profile] smeckles90, [personal profile] kitty_cat89 and [personal profile] mara_sho if you don't get emails let me know, as I have mucked up :)


I want to offer *hugs* to the members of my flist who are having a hard time or have been dealing with fandom wank, everywhere I look someone seems to be getting attacked for there opinion and I hate it.  I am sorry I haven't commented on most people post, I seem to be having issues keeping up with my flist and pretty much everything.

 I am sure I had other things to say, I will be back if I remember.


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