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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] mara_sho , and happy birthday to [ profile] smeckles90 

Hope you both had/have an awesome birthday :)

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And for all the non Scot's on my flist HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I hope 2009 is a wonderful year, if 2008 wasn't so great for you hopefully 2009 will be vast improvement!

Personally I think the good out weighted the bad for me in 2008 and I am already looking forward to 2009 :)
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The day is nearly upon us, so its seems the best time to wish my lovely flist a Merry Christmas!

Free Graphics - MySpace/Xanga/Friendster

I hope you all have a great day, filled with the things you want.  I will be around tomorrow, no doubt after eating too much food and having had enough family cheer :)

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] faninohio 

Hope your having a wonderful day hun, and I hope the coming year is filled with every thing you wish for and more.

I have been very negligent in my commenting on my flist, I have been busy sorting out Christmas shopping and work has been slightly unsettled so that's my excuse, that and *cough* Merlin *cough* I am planning on going to bed early and catching up on Dexter, hopefully over the weekend I will catch up with you guys. 

I still need to set aside a weekend to make my Christmas cards, have been debating whether I will make them but I always end up doing it, not sure if I will be doing the card list this year.

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I have basically been off-line for the last two days...I have been busy making Christmas cards :) 

I have now made 30 which should do it, will need to make the big special ones for my family etc but I can do that sneakily upstairs.  Next thing it to update Christmas card list, which reminds me I still need address for at least [profile] smeckles90 and [profile] hopeless_cynic, that if you guys want cards of course.  I hopefully wont be to late in posting them, I will apologise now to anyone out with the UK as the might be late. 

Also there are people who I sent card to last year that I haven't really heard from, so unless I hear otherwise I wont be sending a card this year.

I have also ordered at least 5 Christmas jumpers, I can be festive the whole month of December.  I will get to writing the cards shortly and then its wrapping time, hoping to get my tree home shortly and get up decorations.

If you haven't signed up for cards yet, this years one is here : Christmas Cards
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Right darling flist I have finished all your cards, written them and they should hopefully we winging there way to you tomorrow, which is good as the last posting dates to USA and Canada is 11/12/06. They are all angel themed as well so I hope that is ok of with everyone.

The Christmas decorations have started going up so we now have a twinkly sparkly conservatory :) and will be working on the rest of the house over the next few days.

The most important thing I had to say was MY IPOD HAS COME, its sitting at home now waiting for me but of course I am stuck at work and these last few hours are going to drag. Dad and Mum phoned to tell me it had come with some other bits, I didn’t even recognise my dad on the phone, I answered it like normal as I though it was an internal work related call and he didn’t think it was me and I didn’t twig who it was till he said “Its Dad” he must have been using his phone voice.

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Right I am copying this idea from some other people on my flist, it just seemed like a great idea.

It is once again aproaching my favourtie time of year and as I love christmas cards and love to send them, if you want a christmas card, birthday card etc please leave a comment with your name and address.

This is open to everyone on my flist, your on my flist cause I like you and enjoy reading your journal and anything you might create, I'm useless at commenting but I always read so feel free to leave your address. When it come to birthdays I sometimes need a prod as I can be a bit forgetful. If you want to receive mail from bonny scotland please comment, dont worry all comments are screened.

My address as obviously I'm looking for cards as well *Grin*

Laura MacLean
43 Willowbank


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