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Result! I have been paid early.  

I went and bought some DVD's to celebrate, I got the first 6 seasons on ER :) I have been feeling nostalgic after the last episode and they were only £9.99 each, I also managed to season Season 4 of Doctor Who, its finally come down to £39.99! I do love :)

Right, seeing as I spent three and half hours in the hairdressers, getting clipped and dipped yesterday, I need to top up my colour conserve shampoo so I best do that.  I have also made my hair appointments for the rest of the year so my hair wont be in state it was before yesterday :D

I didnt mention how much I loved this weeks Supernatural did I, It was completely awesome.  I started on Castle last night, it was really good until I feel asleep LOL, I will finish it tonight, I caught up with Lost on Sky1 as well, my brain hurts.

Not really much else happening just now, have spent the day hanging out watching TV, now to not blow all my wages, need money for flights etc :D
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Thursday nights are totally TV heaven, VM, GA, Without a Trace and Bones all in the same night, I would have tried and squeezed in House as well but thats possibly pushing it.

Veronica Mars was good; it was very funny this week. I still dont quite get the enter freak out over this show, its is good and I like all the characters but I wouldnt ship any of them, Buffy it certainly aint.

Have to admit I only vaguely paid attention to Without a Trace, I still followed it and it seemed as good as ever, just some episodes catch my attention more than others.

Greys Anatomy was fab, I was in tears at various parts. The poor couple who had the pole going through them (still trying to figure out where I know the woman from) I think I could ship Meredith/Derek and I just adore Christina.

I think I actually like this more than ER now, its like the heyday of ER where I loved all the characters and they mattered. ER now isnt the same as when we had gorgeous Doug Ross (I miss Mr Clooney), Mark Green, Carol Hathaway (I was a total Doug/Carol shipper), John Carter before the whole Africa thing. ER now is still good and I like the characters and the season ender was great but its never been the same.

Bones ahh I am so glad your back, season 2 premier was just fab, I really like the new boss (took me minute to figure out she is Walts mum from Lost) and is it me or was the UST heating up between Bones/Booth. I love this show so much and DB was so HOT as normal, cant wait to see how it progresses.

I have now see two episodes of House and I adore it, I am so going to track it down on DVD, not sure what season I am watching but it doesnt seem to matter!
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Eeeeeehhhhhhh its Friday and I only have to endure a 2 day week next week as we have Monday and Tuesday of as public holidays then I get to take Friday off to go get my second root treatment *cries*. I foresee far too much time spent on the computer over the coming days, lets see how many fanfics I can read in that time *bg*

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I'm still far too hyper over yesterdays fantastic announcement, I spent the whole of last night grinning like an idiot, squeeing to myself and doing the happy dance whenever I was on my own, soo happy in case you cant guess.

Even better was that every channel I watched last night had the advert for the Supernatural DVD, I still think they would sell a lot more if they used the fan girl favourite "Dads on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days" *uh* how anyone could resist that is beyond me.

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Before I start on the inevitable Supernatural squeeing can I have a little tiny Doctor Who rant, I am really trying to like this series but some weeks it is sooo hard and I do honestly like David Tennant, I no longer want to stab him with sharp pointy things but this is so far away from the Doctor
Who I feel in love with. This series seems to have people very divided, did that happen last time cause mainly I just remember everyone loving it or should that be everyone at Time and Chips loved it. I know lots of people love it (I think most of them just fancy DT or are traditional *bla* Doctor Who fans) and then there's the people like me, I will admit it, I wasn't a Doctor Who fan before Chris, I was intrigued but I wasn't overly excited when it came back but Chris and Billie changed all that me.

Now most weeks it hardly holds my attention and that makes me sad. Some people seem to prefer David to Chris WTF, I know Chris isn't your typical Doctor Who and David is more so (which makes all the Whovians sooo happy) but I don't like typical, I fell for this show cause of the charisma of Chris and the relationship between him and Rose, I cant just watch a show that has pretty faces in it, I need to feel something for the characters and right now I don't, not even much for Rose cause she has been rather
annoying. I know my best friend is so much more in DT and is delighted with the new series but I swear some times I am watching a different show than everyone else. OK rant over, I will say it again maybe Saturdays show can prove me wrong, I really do want to love this series as much as the last but currently not happening.

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