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I have decided I am happy with John Barrowman Glasgow tickets, there are not in the arena but they are basically almost on the stage and are tiered seating so will be able to see John in all his glory, that and I tried for arena seats after my course today and it was like 12 rows back, I'm not exactly tall and I like to be able to see LOL. 

Also booked the Doctor Who Exhibition for the next day :) Anyone want to help me steals Nine's outfit.  Wont know till closer the time but may be getting abandoned by BB on the Friday night so if anyone want to hang out?  Its yonks off yet though, but that's already two trips in May 09.  

Depending on what happens next year I may not be able to make the Birmingham MPH08, this is just an idea so far but would people to willing to do a group trip to Earls Court?  I know I am looking a bit far ahead. 
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Currently enjoying the The National Television Award, TOP GEAR WON!!!! Stiggy was hilarious, no boys but they are rehearsing for MPH and filming Sundays ep so they are forgiven. 

Doctor Who info from NTA: Spoiler for 2010 series )

Doctor Who

Jul. 5th, 2008 08:41 pm
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Doctor Who

Apr. 5th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Why do I do it to myself. 

I have seen the film Stepmom enough times to know how it ends and what it does to me.  

Really sobbining before trying to sleep isn't good and neither is watching Extreme Make Over: Home Edition before hand :(

Nothing much new here, am clinging to the thought that this time next week it will be the last day before John Barrowman gig :D

Also is it wrong that I am more excited about seeing everyone and hanging out at Asylum than I am about the actual con.  If there going to make an announcement I just wish they would hurry up and do it now.

Finale of Torchwood on Friday and then new Doctor Who on Saturday \0/ anyone would think they planned it :)

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See whats happens when I get started, not fabulous but I like them.

I should be commenting on things like the wonderful news of Jared & Sandy's engagement but everyone already has (it did make me squee ridiculously).

I could post about the wonderfulness that was the Friday Night Project and The Who Porn but that about covers it.

The only other thing I was going to speak about was Jeremy Clarkson not getting charged for using a mobile while driving.  This will just highlight how the man can do no wrong in my eyes and I am under his evil demon powers so I wont :)

I haven't read any of the con reports or watched the videos yet. I will save them for later. In the mean time here is what I have been doing!

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LJ gone april fools mad, I dont know whats real anymore, its making me very confused!  God theres a lot of Fandom wank about at the minute, I am glad I have managed to stay on the edges as always, none of it appears on my flist really but I offer hugs to anyone on my flist who has been dragged into the mess, I'll stick to what I like and they can stick to what they like :)

Wow my flist has exploded with Doctor Who, well mainly uploads of the first episode, didnt know I was still a member of so many DW groups.  Wheres all my slash,wincest, supernatural and general porny goodness, come on loves, I need my boys :)

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Well that was incredibly stressful, I am obvioulsy talking about getting the photoshoot tickets for Jensen for Asylum Con!  I took the day off especially as I was paranoid I would miss out, I had to get mines and my roomies so I was extra freaked out.  I stayed up till 02:00 AM just in case they went up early, I left my laptop on and set up on the page so I could check it at intervals during the night, which I did from 05:40 onwards (every hour or so) until I got up at 09:00.  

I then basically spent the whole day glued to my laptop with my finger stuck on refresh, I and everyone else was well feed up as the day went on, when they finally came on line after 21:00 I have never moved so fast.  So thats two down, 1 to go, hopefully Jareds will be up next friday as I already have the day off due to easter, lets hope its less stressful and a mite earlier than this on :)  

Jensens worth it though, I can go to sleep happy now, and tommorrow we get new Doctor Who, continues with chant *I will be positive and not hate new companion on sight, I will not bitch about "not my doctor" every five minutes either*  see I am trying *VBG*

The only plus side of my wasted day off work (well any day off work isnt wasted in my opnion) was that it was Silver Day on QVC and one has just been paid so I might have done some spending, I also ordered a heap of clothes and finally ordered actually copies of all the Steve Carlson and Kane cds, I have them in MP3 format  but I want to support my boys, will get Jason Manns when it comes back in stock.  [personal profile] wenchpixieyou were so right about CDBabys emails, just too cute!

I am sure I have other things to post but I am lazy and sleep deprived so I will go and try not to spend more money as Silver Day comes to an end!

I apologies for any awful spelling, blame it on the fact my eyes have gone strange from staring at computer screen since 05:40 after just over 3 hours sleep.
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So was I bored last night, I thought I know I'll have a Jensen/Jared double bill so I watched Devour and then Cry Wolf. I liked both, have to say being a Jensen girl I preferred Devour, so much pretty, his voice overs almost did me in, the sex scene (oh the whimper etc *guh*), I liked the imagery and what it tried to do, could you imagine the son of satan looking like that, made me want to watch the rest of Point Pleasant :). I know I should have paid attention but which one was Jensens dad.

I really enjoyed Cry Wolf as well, it was clever but kind of predictable at the same time if that made sense, Jared was good, his character was less of an idiot than usual, I enjoyed it, why are none of these films remotely scary or even creepy any more, maybe I just watch too many supposedly scary films and tv shows!

I want to watch Dark Angel but I want to skip straight to Jensens episodes which is wrong and will take away from the enjoyment I know but he looks so damn hot, I also need to get back to Season 4 of Smallville, I have too many shows to watch.

Torchwood and Doctor Who rumours )
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OK I have been very productive, I am totally caught up on my f-list, just have to scroll through SPN Newsletter to make sure I didn’t miss any yummy Wincest or RPS, need to go over my friends journals again and actually comment, I suck at commenting seriously and need to be punished for it *VBG* and then finally read all the longer fics I have saved to hard drive for later. That not a lot really is it, it is now 05:40 and I should really be asleep but what are holidays for if not returning to my natural sleep pattern.

I mentioned productive didn’t I, I managed to watch the last 10 episodes of Lost Season 2 around my RL BFF being over and actually getting out of my bed and dressed so yah me. I now have to discuss so if you haven’t seen and don’t like spoilers scram, go on get!

LOST SEASON 2 - Seriously Dude WTH )

I watched the last 20 minutes of the last episode of Season Two of Doctor Who again, nope still hate the ending. Teared up at Rose bits, I want to know how the hell Pete knew that Rose was going to get sucked into the void and when to appear to catch her. I have an urge to go and watch my doctor who again. Jude was on last night, god I love CE!

Right now apart from having to get the rest of Prison Break and watching the first season of Greys Anatomy on TV I need to decide what series I am going to tackle next, what do you guys think. I have to following on DVD which I haven’t watched yet, vote for the best and I will get right on it, in between Supernatural, Wincest and RPS of course.

Oh and I will be 26 in like 3 days *sobs*

[Poll #775455]
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Ok you can expect major rambling, ranting, swearing etc in the post as I have had a week of beating my new laptop into submission *ggrrrr* making me seriously behind in my f-list, also I watched doctor who last night obviously and one is not happy then there are the new supernatural spoilers that I just have to rant about, so you know the drill.

Below the cut is Supernatural spoilers, Doctor Who ranting about series finale and the usual rambling, oh and POTC )
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eeeeeeoeoooooooo Doctor Who )
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I had quite a productive weekend, I think I have pretty much finished my final assessment, spent most of Friday night building the site (took till about 04:00 AM) so I just need to tweak it and check it over before getting it on the internet and submitting it.

I successfully managed to get the rest of BB birthday present sorted, now just have to figure out what to buy my little bro and Dad for there’s before its time for mines. And as of 02:00 this morning I was completely caught up my f-list, it still amazes me the amount of fic people can churn out in a few days. I’m really starting to flag now, that’s what happens when you are still awake at 03:30 and need to be up for 05:40 :(

Doctor Who, Supernatural what more do you want )


Jun. 20th, 2006 09:23 pm
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I’m getting closer to the end of my course, I managed to complete another assessment last night, might have to re-jig it a bit yet, not sure about the layout or the size of the page. I was looking at the last assessment again and I don’t think it is as bad as I first thought. It recommends creating a 5 page website of something that is of personal interest to you.

Can I get away with doing a supernatural website? Or I may fall back on the old favourite and create a site dedicated to the music of Sarah McLachlan. I will read through it properly and see what I can come up with.

Supernatural including that awful spoiler and other mutterings )
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Ok, I know its almost 04:00 AM and I should be asleep but hey what are weekend for *VBG*, that and its been too many day since my last update.

I watched the two episodes of Greys Anatomy tonight that I had tapped, I think I'm in love. This show is great and if I can think that after just one episode it must be soo good. It’s very rare to care about all character instantly and for me to actually like them. I feel the emotional connection already; it was the episode right after Meredith found out Doctor Mcdreamy is married. I amazed at how this show has grabbed me in two episode, I'm sure there are things I would have understood more if I had seen the previous episodes but I really like it. I think I have found my new show, I also watched my second episode of Veronica Mars but not having the same reaction, all I keep thinking is *hmm Duncan is cute* which is a good reaction just not the right one, I like it but its not grabbing me yet, maybe I will just hunt both these shows down and overload, see which one wins.

Doctor Who, Desperate Housewives and Supernatural behind cut )
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I’m taking a wee break before I put my filling in order and have a look at archiving (soo exciting). I don’t think I have update since like Tuesday which is an age for me. I forgot to say before no Top Gear for 5 weeks, which sucks all to hell, stupid world cup.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family but there are times I want to strangle every single one of them. I got no peace at all this weekend, if they weren’t nipping at each other, they were speaking to me, hovering behind my chair or wondering in and out, then my sister was down with her mental dog both days. I am now as a result behind on my F-List, I just wish they would either leave me in peace or go out some days. I would just sit up the stairs on my big computer but then I would get bitched at for being anti-social. Maybe I am, so what, I can be perfectly happy with my own company especially as I spend all day surrounded by people at work. All I ask is a bit a peace so I can read my wincest, trying to read it with people talking and wondering about just gave me a cracker of a headache come Sunday night.

TV ramble covering the usual Supernatural etc )
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Can I just say I was sooo right not to trust the British public, they did it again, how could you put Chris out of X-Factor *cries*. Bunch of bloody morons, don’t you know Chris is the savour of Radio 1 and is more famous than all the other competitor combined. He looked so sad and shocked when they said he wasn’t through, I love how he didn’t lie that he expected to be in the finale. Don’t have to bother watching it tonight though at least cause I don’t care who wins out of the other two.

Normal TV rambling and ranting )


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