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I may have downloaded and paid for (shock!) my favourite piece of software ever, Bulk Image Downloader. 

I only stumbled on it by accident when looking through Firefox add-ons.  I saw the words "Download full sized images from almost any thumbnailed web gallery, including web forum attached images." and thought I am having some of that, it stated I need to have BID installed first, I went and investigated.  The software was easy to come by, but only the trial version.  After downloading I basically decided it would save me from the dreaded Right Click and Save As till my hand falls off. 

As a result I decided I had to have a registration code, the only way to do this was to pay for it.

I am really not disappointed, it saves the full size images at a speed I can not compete with.  Best bit is you can download two pages at once and then queue up as many more as you wish.  Now when it comes to great con images I dont have to go from page to page saving and clicking to get the full size image before saving.  All i need to do in firefox thanks to the add-on is right click and choose the right option or shift+d to download the current page and shift+q to queue it up.  Sounds like am selling this dont it LOL, I am just excited to have found it :D

I have other things to post about like awesome shoes but I am too busy playing.
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You remember my lost post when I said computer was fixed, HA HA you know that phrase "spoke too soon" well yeah, it started acting up soon after I posted.

I had some major virus infections but I seem to have cleared all that out now. I have managed to figure out that the random restarting is due to overheating, I wouldn't say its being entirely well behaved, to the point that I momentarily thought about buying a new one, it being purple might have had something to do with it LOL.

I hope everyone knows that I am not ignoring anyone, I will probably never catch up, I will try and keep up now, but if I vanish its most likely computer issues AGAIN so don't hold it against me.

On the plus side, I have finished arranging all my travel for Birmingham and MPH08! I booked my train and bus to get out to Inverness airport for my flight to Birmingham and have contacted the hotel for the phone number for the courtesy bus. The only negative (well apart from the 06:23 train in Friday) I have so far is when I get back to Inverness on the Sunday, I have at least 4 hours before I can get a train home, meaning I wont be in till 22:00 at night *sigh* Why do I predict a lot of time sitting in a very cold train station, unless the luggage lockers are actually open for once. Oh well its not like I haven't done it before :) Now can I get excited *bounces*

I haven't watched the latest episode of Supernatural yet, that is for later when I have peace.

I know very few people on my flist actually like Twilight, but seriously the trailer that was released yesterday is gorgeous and addictive. I sat watching a certain scene over and over for about 5 minutes.

I probably had other things to say but I have forgotten, so I will just say hey! Oh and thank fuck its friday :D
Because I like to share, wont mean much to people who havent read Twilight but OMG!! )
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God I love holidays, I have done absolutely nothing productive at all expect spend money :D

Had a very nice Christmas, lovely dinner with family so that was good, watched far too many Christmas movies and specials.  I have yet to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, I had it on but wasn't really paying attention and then BB phoned so I paused it and never got back to it.

Brother and his girlfriend are off at Oldest brothers in Aberdeen so it lovely and peaceful, just me, Mum (who is currently addicted to her new DS Lite) and the dogs so we have been watching films etc, watched Waitress which I loved for reasons more than the obvious.

My laptop has been on constantly since before I went on hols, I am downloading the mother of all downloads, all 28.69 GB of Top Gear Season 1 - 8 (yes I am obsessed, I don't have a problem with this) and its now done 24.34 GB so I am getting closer.  Also the tv recording on my big computer works which is just too much fun.

But the best thing has been playing with my new baby, my main Christmas present of Archos 705!  I love my gadgets and as I coveted this one for a while, its just glorious :) it does everything I could possible want, the vid quality is amazing, musics sounds great, the surfing the web in your bed is fun and being able to record off my sky with the DVR station is just great.  I cant wait to take it on my next long journey (or even on the bus to work).  Now don't get me wrong I still love my Ipod but this basically means I don't need to take my laptop with me on any of the trips I already have planned for the next year (which I need to thing about organising, especially travel for Brighton in Feb).

As its Christmas I may also have treated myself to some nice toys I am waiting on now, I bought a lovely 23" Samsung HD TV for the good people at Duck.Co.Uk, they are damn cheap I tell you, about £150 cheaper than others are for the same TV in the sales.  To go with that I just got an HD DVD Player and as I have an entire cupboard of VHS I want to convert I bought the very handy Daewoo DRVT-40 DVD/VCR Combo which will transfer them to DVD without the nasty green lines I get when I try to cheat with my set up, I think I may need a scart switcher box as that will be 6 things connect to the telly, god I have a lot of wires and technology. 

I also got vouchers and treated myself to the Torchwood DVD set along with some stuff featuring Richard Hammond among other things.

So hows everyone else, now just to survive the New Year :(
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Right guys I got the majority of my Christmas cards posted earlier in the week...was slightly more expensive than expected.

As all my cards are hand made they tend to be 3d which makes the envelope slightly bulkier.  They wouldn't go through the first slot so had to pay large letter post  for a lot of them, never mind though.  Have to send off [profile] hopeless_cynic and [profile] smeckles90 cards still but everyone else's should be arriving soon. 

I so far have got cards from [personal profile] frayen, which is gorgeous with our boys on it and lovely doctor who card from [profile] prawn658,  I have my lovely new white fibre optic tree up and it looks gorgeous with the purple led lights I got etc, now I just have to organise the rest of the decorations.  There will no doubt be pictures once I am finished.

Also finally got the TV card working on my new computer, now I can get it set up properly finally :)

I shall return to watching X-factor and making bitchy comments about the two acts I don't like lol.

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First off why has Jason Mann changed his gig to Edinburgh, nothing against the place, I just ain't as keen on it as Glasgow.  Has anyone bought tickets yet, and you know where for?

I wasn't online at all last night, just didn't feel the need, that and I was distracted my HSM on Disney and my shiny new computer!  Its nice not to be online once in a while, I am now as a result trying to catch up with my flist but that's the normal. 

I am very sad to see that some of my flist is having a very hard time, I am sorry I wasn't around, even though there's nothing I can say to make it better I want to be there for everyone, whether its just to offer *hugs* or whatever, special hugs to the lovely [personal profile] mara_sho and [profile] _doodle, whatever you guys need I'm here. 

It also makes me feel bad for complaining about my problems, which are nothing compared to others. I try not to moan too much but we all have issues so sometimes cant help it.  Hopefully I don't go emo on you guys too much, I am guilty of bottling things so please excuse the odd outburst.

I am glad to say I received my new debit card yesterday so I have been busy updating retailers, still have some to contact yet but now I can return to my fav hobby, SHOPPING!! Just have to be more careful from now me thinks.

I feel like I am about to become obsessed by High School Musical 2, I am already on countdown till Friday when its on Disney.  Yes I could download it and watch it now but I want to do something legally for once!  Dad has also take home a copy of the old and new Hairspray which I shall claim :D

About 18 days till I hit Glasgow, this has been keeping me going this week, it will then be days till S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am already planning for next years Asylum (yes I know its sad but whatever), I want to get an autograph book so I have somewhere to gather them, now as I don't like to do things the normal way was thinking of one of these in A5

The seller is also going to design me one with Angel wings!

I am sure I had other things to post, I'll just spam you if I remember :D

Oh I remembered, I have decided on an Archos 704 or 705 when I have money, just have to decide if I want the one with WIFI or freeview TV.


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