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Dude I shoudnt go on to Forbidden Planet ever, I went to check if I could order the latest Buffy and Supernatural comics and up popped this baby, DuLac Cross Replica, why do they do this to me, I always had a thing for this one, I have several with my actions figures.  

I have a huge collection of crosses and a growing number of weapons, I am so going to be weak and pre-order one.

There are many more useful things I could be doing like speaking to my flist but I am going to continue to watch House and look at pretty things.

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I dont know how many people will be interessted in this but I know lots of you are as obsessed with Supernatural as I am and I am sure I have heard of other people wanting Sams curved knife.

Just in case anyone isnt sure what I am talking about, we saw it very briefly in the pilot and it is on the promo shot which is used on the dvd, poster etc as seen below

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Anyway my wonderful best mate knows pretty much everything about swords and knifes and knows I am obsessed with Supernatural, I had mentioned on a blades board that I wanted to get my hand on it and being the wonder she is she recognised it and is now happily winging it way to me. I have posted a pic below and if anyone knows where to get it from let me know, see this is what Supernatural does to me, I would buy anything related to this show.

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I also now want faiths Jackal knife from Buffy, I think I might have started something here, my poor mother is going to get worried. I is really a good job I lock my bedroom door at night as I like to sleepwalk, sleep talk and do stupid things so I think I will put them in the craft room!
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Before I post the pics I have to discuss a few little things, I have been away from LJ for the last couple of nights as I have been trying to finish off my webdesigner course. As the final assessment I have created a little Supernatual website, its nothing startling but I am rather proud of it, please poke around and let me know what you think

I have to say that I am so in love with Supernatural Fic Podcast - EVP 2: slash edition
EVP: SPNFIC Podcast, of course I prefer the slash editions, its wonderful to be able to listen to all the wonderful fic, in this issue I have to say [profile] starsouls1013 reading was wonderful and has a gorgeous voice, I also adorded [profile] jdsampson reading and have loved this fic for ages. I look forward to listening to slash on the bus home from work, oh if people knew how I spend my time *hg*

Lots and lots of pics of my buffy goodies )
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I watched Superman Returns last night and I completely loved it, I loved the overall style of it and the twists had me smiling, I could relate a lot of it to Smallville, a lot of people in cinema didnt really seem to have a lot of prior Superman knowledge and kept making stupid comments but thats nothing new.

Brandon Routh is totally superman, I still love my Smallville more but I so adored Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. The Pom owns me as well. Kate Bosworth was ok as Lois Lane but I found her a but unaffecting, she certainly isnt my Lois Lane but then again Terry Hatcher has been my Lois Lane since my days as a New Adventures of Superman addict, even Erica Durance hasnt grown on me that much but I think that was cause I was a Lana/Clark fan for long till it got ridiculous and annoying, now I prefer Lois/Lex or even better Lex/Clark :) which I can see myself becoming addicted to!

I love Saturday as FX shows about 5 episodes of Buffy and today we got the first appearance of Spike and Dru *sigh* these are totally some of my favourite episodes. It still amazes me after the amount of times I have watched each episode that I can still laugh at the jokes and get caught up in the emotion, guess that is down to the genuis of Joss Whedon. Oh and speaking of Buffy ~*MY SCYTHE IS COMING, MY SCYTHE IS COMING*~ I have wanted one since I first laid eyes on it in season seven, cant wait to hang it on my wall with Angelus sword, also the Orb of Thesula *cries Angel* is on its way and the gorgeous Vampyr book. I know I am such a geek hee. speaking of geek, I got so excited when I saw the pre-order for the Supernatural Trading cards, I have been waiting on these for months and I ordered them as soon as I knew they were coming out, with a few other sets.

I think I have done the impossible and over did it on the fanfics, I have a compulsion to read everything on my flist and its become a bit of a chore, not mention impossible. even if I spend all night, every night on the computer I still get behind. I think I will take a few days off and use the Supernatural Newsletter to catch up when I'm ready, I dont think it will be too long before the Wincest/RPS/Slash bug is itching again. my f-list could possibly rec me some fics to get me back in the mood :)

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May. 4th, 2006 01:28 am
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I'm up way too late as usual but i have taken tommorrow and friday off work as i have to go to the damn dentist again as my teeth are still trying to kill be but thats not till late afternoon so i can lay in and stay up late yeah, ok so what have i been doing since the last post, well as you can tell from my journal i went slightly overboard with the user pics down the side but there so pretty and i have so many i cant help it, i have sooo many slashy ones as well, isnt it great :) ok obviously i watched lost which as always was OMG but i need to watch it again before i comment as i was distracted by tooth ache and mother wittering, only cure for which was lost of wincest, which reminds me i just read the most awesome fanfic 1040 by keikokin which is a wincest/X-files cross over, OMFG mulder and Sam/Dean in the same room and Mulder would so think there hot, i loved it made my night. I am way too obsessed by wincest at the moment and reading it with my family around is always fun as i have a tendancy to tune everything out and my mother then gets nosey as to what i am doing so i always have to have other web pages open to flick to, ones that dont have anything slashy or NC17 on them hee hee. and yeah tommorrow is thursday which means i get to wait impatiently for the season finale of Supernatural *wimper* it better be two hours long and there better by so OMG brotherly love moments, can we get a god damned hug already and is it really selfish that i can live with the fact is Daddy Winchester dont make it, i know I'm a bad bad girl but my boys are too damned hot together, I'll say it again, its all the Krips fault, why do i love shows who have evil genuis at the helm, I have said it befor and i will say it again I'm a sadist, i love to inflict pain on myself, especially emotional pain that involves hot guys and sexual tension yeah, Supernatural fic has also given me new fanfic kinks, can you say Strawberry lipgloss and pvc boots and has phone sex even been so good in any other fandom, dont think so, thats why we call it our special hell, well if your going to go for Incest may as well do it properly.

I'm rambling again aint i, I have successfully got my little brother hooked on lost, so i have converted by sister and her boyfriend and by brother and her girlfriend yeah me, now he just has to hurry up and get throught season 1 so he can get us the rest of season 2 on dvd and i dont have to pay for it or download it, speaking of torrents much check for a few albums before i go watch more supernatural, cant decided if i want to watch season 2 of lost or firefly after current run of supernatural or just admit to my self that i am going to go back to the beginning AGAIN for like the fifth time in a row, it never gets old, is that bad, its like watching chris in doctor who, will never tire of it no matter how many times i see it. its like when i watch repeats of buffy and angel at every optunity and i either get you've seen this or is this a new, no its not a new one, No THERE WILL NEVER BE NEW ONES AGAIN, breathe and your point is.

oh yeah i can tell I'm coming up to the monthly week of hell, i can cry at anything just now so its really not a good idea to watch new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition every night at 18:00 as i blubber at that show at the best of times, its the same with animal shows, and my mother will always pick these time to speak to me when my voice is shaky and i sound ridicilous.

any i have ran out of things to type and have probably scared off countless people now, does anyone like the new layout, I am still debatining the colours but i love the flexible squares and the user pics are heaven. anyway night for now, i will no doubt post tommorrow after Bones etc EEEHHHHH!
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Hey its been days since I've updated, every night i came home with intent of updating but then got sucking in by wincest, tv, course work etc but now everyones gone to bed and i have just treated my self to a user pic upgrade so i feel good, I've just been paid and tommorrows friday, it could only get better if i got to back to my own office and supernatural was already up for download. this post may get rather randoms as i have various issues to cover.

first i have had a sucky week as teeth as still trying to kill me and my new office isnt good, its a horrible open plan office with lots of people who have nothing to do with my job therefore dont speak to me. all i can hear is there conversations and obviously when I'm on the phone to Lorraine etc they can hear me which might freak them out :) that and there is no radio so i am going insane, i have come so close to sticking my ear phones in and listening to my Ipod, that and this job was normally covered in a few hours a day so I'm stuck there all freaking day and i am going to go out of my mind with boredom. i miss my friends upsite but they email me constantly and lorraine is always on the phone, usually by the time i hang up my hand is killing me but at least it is fun, more fun than the 10 minute walk to the bus every night. i really hope i get a office on my own of with my new line mangager who at least seems cool and i know the guys from the operations side so thats something. and tommorrow i get to trek to PFR to learn how to cover that so i can get dropped in it on monday, why do i always get stuck with the shit. anyway who cares about work.

I have watched some SQUEE worthy stuff since i last updated, i got around to watching doctor who again but unfortunatly i feel asleep before the end and havent got around to watching it again, see if it was Chris there is no way i would fall asleep, that and as someone says about the whole ten/rose relationship there is no passion there at all, with nine/rose it was there the whole time, in every look, every time they held hands but there is not intensity with ten. at least i will get ASH on saturday, eeehhhh cant wait.

i watched the latest episode of supernatural before this, the vampires were disapointing, teeth were awful and really not sexy enough, i loved the episode, there were some great sam/dean slashy moments and as much as i love daddy winchester i so want it to just be the boys together athough it does mean great slash about the boy sneaking around with the father next door, i know i have a problem but is so hot. the next episode looks amazing and i so hope its a 2 hour finale, what am i going to do then :(

speaking of hotness i finally watched Solaris on sunday, NEKKID George, must get on dvd so i can freeze frame Georges ass, he looked soooo good in this film, and it was strange in a good way. oh oh and did anyone watch smallville, OMG 4 James Marsters i nearly had a heartache, there will so be slash fiction written about that, smallville has now been corrupted for thanks to all the Clark/Lex manips going around, i can so see it which is bad.

oh i watched the first episode of medium which was ok, i know it improves as i have seen later episodes. i love sci-fi just now the repeats of early Angel where he looks GOOD, that and buffy just now is season 3 and we just got Angel chained up again, i so have a kink for DB beaten up and restrained. speaking of Bones was good tonight, when bones was rummaging about in Booths belt for the cuffs i wanted to Squee so load, i love them. thursday nights so rock and we have Without A Trace again, i love sky, havent watched ER yet though but it is so not fun without George so who cares.

oh and i watched or kinda watched prison break this week, i have no idea and those brothers as so not as hot as the winchesters but wentworth miller does look good, sounded every better on the radio.

right i think i can squeeze in some wincest before bed, then over the weekend i am going to see if can reach my limit of 105 icons eehhhhh. before i go will people please stop writing wincest that has original characters or where it AU and i have to read a whole book worth before we get to Sam/Dean and i have a confession Daddy wincest doesnt squick me nearly as much as it should, dont get me wrong i dont go looking for it but i can understand it from Deans side anyway, havent seen any Sam stuff yet an i so dont want to. i wonder if supernatural has been on in america, yet lets see any screen caps i can drool over or reviews, knowing my luck no, i will say it again thursdays so kick ass although fridays are better as i can stay in front of the computer as late as i want reading inappropriate material that makes me so happy


Apr. 20th, 2006 08:52 pm
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Ah can i say i miss buffy, i wanted parts 1 and 2 of becoming over the last few days and even when buffy and god Josh was having a bad day it kicks most programs ass, i so wish there was more and DB as Angel guh need i say more, now where the hell is my buffy scythe, orb of thesula and vampire book, and can I say how much i love Willow, she is just too cute. I was trying to watch buffy kill angel waaahhh and my parents who so dont get these things are asking stupid questions, like what that thing behind him, did she just kill him and is this when angel splits, so insensitive OMG.

did anyone see totally Doctor Who, i only caught the end but David Tennant is soo fuzy and its not even cute fuzy, not chris fuzy is such a different story hhmmmm.

I'm currently watching charmed and can i say its so lost the point, no leo and the whole billie thing, dont know if it works, I'm just killing time till Bones hhhmm DB in suit and hot cars yeah and hopefully the torrent for the new supernatural wont be too long, vampires and my boys cant be anything but good, i just saw the new episode pics for the season finale and hurt dean shouldnt look so good, and sam with the gun pointed at his dad squee, only a few more episode to go and then i wont have hot boys to look forward to, at least there is always hot wincest and fanart to look at, Jensen/Jared art too gorgeous to be legal.

oh and its been so much fun having lorraine back in the office, we have been having random conversations as always and were heading for tea and for some reason discussing cheesy peas and cheesy peeps which is alway funny, and the other women we work with said that sometimes she thinks we are talking in our own language which i suppose to some people we are but as lorraine says we have 5 years of short hand and way too much in common the fall back on, I will so miss her when i have to drag my ass off to DFR to work, will definately have to keep in touch by phone, email and meet for lunch.

i watched the end of Scarecrow again last night and Dean "lets shag ass out of here" can be taken in so many ways and cracks me up, this show is just so slashtastic.

i am taking a night off as for the last few nights i have been doing course work, up until about midnight last night, damn frames to finish the assessment but at least that 7 out of 10 done so i am just going to surf the net and chill out


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