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Well I got home after 22:15 last night, its was the nosiest train EVER, there was an entire school trip, loud annoying teenage girls and a table of metal heads doing beavis and butt head impersonations which was funny at moments but after the 8th hour I had enough. 

Thank god I had my Archos, shame only one of my head phones decided to work.  I still managed to watch Supernatural, Top Gear and Torchwood all the way home and eat lots of  rubbish.

The trip was great, Jason Mann's was awesome and I had a blast hanging out with everyone.  It was even worth the 40 hours of travelling I clocked upped, not sure if that's insanity or dedication :)

I have checked my videos and they have all come out great, will see about getting them uploaded for everyone.

I sadly have work again tomorrow, I need to organised for that.  I know I have other things to post but I need to catch up on my fist first, I at skip 980 and I had still missed things, I can pretty much assume I am not going to catch up.  I will try though :)
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Right I'm packed.. I think. 

Anyways I am on the train to glasgow at 08.13 in the morning so I am heading to bed shortly.

 I will see some of you tommorrow and even more of you on Friday.  I am currently only thinking as far as glasgow, hopefully everything will go smoothly :)
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Brighton is officially DONE! 

Have just booked the family room from moi, [profile] glorfinniel and  [personal profile] unhobbityhobbit, I went for the early check in as we are arriving from London at 12:30, are you guys meeting us at London or Brighton? Its only £27 each so that a bargain.  I have booked my megabus and the train down, it is an insane amount of travel in a short period but it will be worth it :D

Now I just hope there's enough money in my bank for all this, thankfully I have an overdraft I have never used so it will OK.

As I said to [personal profile] wenchpixie I will be arriving about 16:14 in Glasgow on Thursday 07 so would love to see people, otherwise I am going to be sitting in a bus/train station on my tod till 23:00

Also my Purple Shimmer DMs have  arrived, they are very pretty and hopefully will be as comfortable as I remember.

Now tomorrow I can book my leave, I love doing that.

I have one further comment on last night Torchwood, Captain John Harts boots OMFG, that  is all.[profile]
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Right have booked flights for Birmingham in May, thanks [personal profile] wenchpixie  :) just need to sort out the rest of it.  I haven't booked any of the Brighton stuff yet as I have contacted [profile] glorfinniel[personal profile] unhobbityhobbit and [personal profile] aditu_az about room sharing, If all else fails and I hear nothing I will just book a double and have a nice big bed to myself,  I am sure I will only be in it to sleep, hopefully wont be abandoned there on my own.  Will hopefully get it sorted tommorrow after work, as normal I am paranoid there will be no rooms left and the bus will be full but I am sure a day will OK.

I  LOVED Torchwood, I know its not a perfect show by any means but as a long term slasher/shipper its like a fanfic come to life on the screen,  RTD can be very good to us when he wants.

I am going to go now and watch more Top  Gear, finished RH book last night.  Didn't think it was possible to love Hamster more than I did already , I was so wrong and Mindy is just amazing :D  Now I  can start on Jeremy's latest, I may need to investigate James books  as  he shouldn't be left out  ;)


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